Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wars are Now Won on the Basis of Regular Supplies of Viagra

Imagine a pack of blue pill doing the wonders for war mongers, isn’t it an awesome tool, a tactical weapon to ensure war victory.

I am sure sun tzu along with Machiavelli would laugh, shy and feel amazed to hear about the tricks of trade of modern warfare used during the period of Mr. BUSH.

Come on guys I am not joking, when one of my fellows shared the story, published in Washington Post “Little Blue Pills Among the Ways CIA Wins Friends in Afghanistan” I thought It might be a joke or funny read, but it was damn serious story.

Report says “The Afghan chieftain looked older than his 60-odd years, and his bearded face bore the creases of a man burdened with duties as tribal patriarch and husband to four younger women. His visitor, a CIA officer, saw an opportunity, and reached into his bag for a small gift.
Four blue pills. Viagra.

"Take one of these. You'll love it," the officer said. Compliments of Uncle Sam
The enticement worked. The officer, who described the encounter, returned four days later to an enthusiastic reception. The grinning chief offered up a bonanza of information about Taliban movements and supply routes -- followed by a request for more pills.
I lament, these stupid oldies are selling prime information in exchange of one pack of Viagra, simply absurd.

I am sure Hakeem Sahib ‘using traditional herbal stuff to revitalize the sexual energy’ would be in demand in Pakistan; Pakistani agencies could ask them to come up with Desi NUSKHA to win over the war lords and Taliban in FATA.

Come on guys if it works for Americans in Afghanistan, cant this do wonders in our wild mountains’ give it a thought.

These oldies may find Viagra, an Ego Booster, Chill Pill.

BB We Miss You…..

BB is one of the charismatic leaders, at least for my generation. First I saw BB, when I was in school, she came over to our town to address the crowd and support Hakeem Baloch’s election campaign.

My first ever direct interaction took place at Beach Luxury Hotel in the year 2000; she was invited by SZABIST as guest speaker. I was one of the organizers so I had brief interaction with her, as well as got a group photo. Her communication skills, the way she used to present, was simply awesome. I don’t see any other political leader having those skills.

Her personality was attractive and dominating, the cool part was she was heading the political party, having roots deep down in villages. She was managing all those Waderas and Sardars, being a woman it was courageous.

She was symbol for Pakistani women; she introduced and initiated women rights related legislations. She was the hope for women, what ever brief period she ruled; women rights were center of focus.

Her struggle was recognized across the globe, UN awarded her prestigious Human Rights Prize.

BB, we still miss you, we know you were brutally removed from political scene but what ever you did in short span of time we value all.

We will miss you; horror of 27th Dec will haunt Pakistani society and ask why a mother was brutally killed, and society does not have any answer.

Guardian writes around 200,000 attended BBs first anniversary.

I believe, for BB it was the best moment to make her exit, for her people the worst. She became a symbol of hope for dictatorship after thirty years of struggle and sacrifice, triumph and tribulation.

BB of the legend is far more powerful than the 54 year old politician some foolish criminals tried to destroy.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Who Owns Pakistan?

Today over lunch, numbers of colleagues were critical of Mr. Zardari ‘even I am not an ardent follower of him’ however I fail to understand, why people simply are blind to real source of power, plundering country’s resources on permanent basis since the birth of the country. Real source lead by Military, followed by civil bureaucracy ‘permanent institution’ along with corrupt businessmen, mullahs and feudal. Hope educated class gets inquisitive and try to find out the truth rather than forming perception through unfiltered media trash.

This months Herald magazine shares an interesting report, it says during Musharraf period around Rs 100 billions worth of loans ‘issued by NBP, IDBP, ADBP’ were written off. Top ten defaulters who were the beneficiary were retired army officers, list also includes crony capitalists and government sponsored politicians 'Chaudhry Shujat, Pervaiz Ilahi, Jam Yusaf' (sorry A** for mentioning your uncles name, but it was published in Herald).

During last 15 years of democracy ‘Junejo, BB and Nawaz’ written off loans were half the value as compared to Musharraf regime. During, both PPP tenures, written off loans were just 8% as compared to Musharraf era loan write off.

Military Inc, A Case of Exploding Mangoes, two books are worth reading, and give good account of power politics of Pakistan.

What???? Taking Cell Phone to Grave, Height of Gadget Love!!!

Whenever I read history of ancient civilization, I come across intriguing information about culture and ancient life, people burying various things along with the dead body. In case of women, gems and jewelry or anything human adored, took them all the way to grave.

Taking cell phones to grave is the norm, being set by modern creatures. If ancient Greek and Egyptian can do all that why not modern person…hmmm tit for tat.

I was aware modern creature used to take along with them the dinner table, the bedroom, even the bathroom stall. But in recent years, some of us have started taking our beloved cell phones someplace really startling: the grave.

MSNBC shares an interesting report it says “It seems that everyone under 40 who dies takes their cell phone with them, it’s a trend with BlackBerrys, too, even one guy was buried with his Game Boy”.

Anecdotal evidence suggests being buried with a favorite tech device is on the upswing. The Future Laboratory, a London-based think tank, has commented on the behavior, noting it in places like the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa. But experts are seeing it happen in the United States as well.

People have even heard of cases where people are being buried with their iPod. But it’s the cell phone, in particular, that seems to be the burial gadget of choice.

Why, exactly, are people going to the grave with their gadgets? Experts say there are a number of reasons.

Some do it for the same reason people have always tucked mementos into a casket (or tomb, as in the case of King Tut). People want to surround themselves (or their loved ones) with the things they hold dear, whether that’s their cell phone and headset or some family photos, a fishing rod, a piece of treasured jewelry.

Report further says “A lot of people say the phone represents the person, that it is part of their legacy, It’s an extension of them, like their class ring.”

Modern era is getting us acquainted with intriguing norms, changing at fast pace….i still remember my conversion with my LUMS fellow ‘Ahmed Murad’ wish we were born in future ……….

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Will I ever see Pakistani society celebrating or to be part of religious celebrations of Hindu, Parsi, Christian brothers & sisters living in Pakistan. Also making all other religious groups to be part of Muslim celebrations.

Waiting for the day when we rise above religious and ethnic complexes.

Merry Christmas to all.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Religion is not all About Rituals……Follow Rituals or Burn in Hell!!

My religious perspective mostly generates discussions with range of people across society. Lately, one of our friend “he is one of the leader in the largest Political Party’ was blamed that he drinks alcohol, its Haram etc.

I hardly do the religious rituals yet claim to be a Muslims or rather good human being and at times people comment that you guys will be burn to hell. I won’t mind social drinking, having deep down respect for Hindus, Jews, and Christians rather for humans.

I am completely skeptic of Pakistani society, a twin faced, people wearing mask, using religion to look pious and do moral policing yet deep down living a monstrous life.

People do all kind of rituals, mosques are full, Umrah & Haj rituals are not missed yet our society is turning ugly, crime, corruption, tax evasion, exploitation of labor, brutality against women, killing in the name of religion & honor, sectarianism is witnessing rising trend.

Does anyone care? Or we are blinded by rituals or turned into unthinking ritualistic society!!
Lately I was reading Nadeem Paracha “NAKED LUNCH: To Burn or Not to Burn in Hell” in daily dawn, he initiates an interesting discussion. People emphasize religious rituals yet society is turning ugly.

People emphasize on offering prayers “its essence is to stop and remind Muslims that curtain things are bad, to be avoided” rather prayer is way forward to becoming a good human being and social person. However, the essence is practically missing from our acts and dealings rather as a society we are too focused on rituals ‘focus is, how to hold hands during prayers, what should be length of shalwar ….. Shalwar takhnoon say kitni oopar honi chahiyeh etc’

He asks an interesting question “don’t you think had Muslims spent more time philosophically and rationally determining and investigating the message of the Qu’ran instead of reducing the intellectual discourse in this regard to the basic levels of ritual and dogma handed down to us by some rigid old men, the sight of mosques full of worshippers could have really meant something more than mere ritualism?”

He further writes “Quran needs interpretation according to the needs of Muslims in every day and age. It is full of metaphors. It is meant to be interpreted, isn’t it? That’s what most rational Islamic scholars have been trying to do for so long.”

He laments that there is no awakening happening among young Muslims, it seems like, we are collapsing inwards with outdated talk about laws made hundreds of years ago by Ulema of their times and their followers who would now like to see Muslim groups turn into static, unthinking totalitarian societies.

This discussion makes me think that science, philosophy and reason is need of the hour to rationally interpret religion rather pushing people into rituals.

No Fourth Warning; Pakistan; Get Ready for War!!!

Today’s Dawn says Dr Rice “US Secretary of State” warned Pakistan to understand the gravity of situation. Three warning already communicated; there won’t be any fourth.

It seems world is losing patience and want to push Pakistan to do more, even Times of India quotes US defense intelligence sources that war clouds are rising in India. It seems alarming; hawks are playing their cards for a final showdown.

Report says “You need to deal with the terrorism problem,” said the top US diplomat when asked what her message was to Pakistan. “And it’s not enough to say these are non-state actors. If they’re operating from Pakistani territory, then they have to be dealt with.”

According to US and diplomatic sources a much stronger message was conveyed to Pakistan at a meeting Ms Rice had with Islamabad’s national security adviser, Mahmud Ali Durrani.

“The curt message that Mr Durrani and the Pakistani team received from the Americans was: this is not 2002 and you cannot do what President Musharraf did after 9/11,” said a senior diplomatic source familiar with the talks. “In the past, you swept everything under the carpet while the problems were allowed to fester. No more.”

The Americans, according to these sources, told the Pakistanis that the Mumbai attack was no ordinary event and the tendency in Pakistan to deal with this as a minor incident was going to hurt the country.
The Americans insisted that they had enough evidence to prove that Lashkar-e-Tayaba and Jamaat-ud-Dawa were involved in the Mumbai attacks and they wanted concrete action against all such groups, the sources said.

“They told the Pakistanis to understand the gravity of the situation and the seriousness of the evidence that exists to Pakistan’s links to this event,” said one such source.

“The message the Americans gave was: this is the third time, we are saying such a thing. We may not be able to bail you out the fourth time,” the source said. “Global terrorism is not just an India-Pakistan dispute. We see LeT and Jamaat-ud-Dawa at par with Al Qaeda. Pakistan should stop thinking of this as just another round of India-Pakistan altercations.”

It seems tough time ahead for Pakistan, it seems the gravest moment in the history of sub continent is looming, hope sanity prevails before dooms day. Lastly, it is the responsibility of Pakistan to assure world & India that concrete steps are being taken to wipe out menace of terrorism....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Women in 40s Gives Birth to her 18th Baby; Uff Increasing Christians Population; Hmmm But Mujahid Bachay Jitnay Hooon Achay!

I still remember when I was passing by some railway station in Lahore I came across anti population control marketing tag line on the wall, “Mujahid Bachay Jitnay Hooon Achay” to promote more baby production.

We also lament that it’s the western conspiracy esp. the Polio Drops; everyone is geared against Muslims so we could not produce Mujahid Kids and west could surpass Mujahid population.

I came across an interesting news in Guardian ‘UK Paper’ ‘Women in 40s Gives Birth to her 18th Baby’, I am sure our Mujahid fellow would go deep in depression and may think of giving them tough time ‘tit for tat’….maulvi friends, damnit, go ahead and produce Mujahids, we are falling behind.

Report says “Officials in Russia and Italy, who bemoan their countries' low birth rates, must be casting envious eyes at Michelle Duggar, a 42-year-old Arkansas woman who has given birth to her 18th child”.

The Duggars have their own official website where they tell the world of how they gave up the pill because it was un-Christian. Hmmmmm guys, you also get rid of un Islamic pills and give Duggar family a tough competition…oooooh I forgot Muslims are allowed to have four wives, hmmm more chance of producing Mujahid: P

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hey Confused Pakistani Fellows, Stop Faking; Be Original!!

Whenever I have a look at my home library books esp. “The Indus Saga” written by Aitezaz Ahsan, one question comes in my mind, who is Pakistani, what is Pakistani identity??

Wherever I see, it seems, as we are a confused nation, don’t know who we are? What is our identity? Are we Indians ‘South Asian’, Muslims with Arabic cultural influence or an unknown creature?

I am glad ‘without prejudice’ at least Baloch culture is clear about its identify & every one says “ It has been over 5,000 years we are Baloch, 1,400 years we are Muslim, around 60 odd years we are ‘forcefully’ Pakistanis”

It seems everyone is wearing a social mask.

We hate Hindus, all our wedding culture is inspired by Indian society, we adore Indian movies, soap operas, Indian food, it seems there is not much difference, yet we hate India! Ironic. Everyone tries to connect their past to some weird place, some one claims to be having Afghan heritage, others link up to Central Asia and at times to various places in Iran such as Shiraz etc. but deep down historically most of the Pakistanis are either convert Muslims or Jat tribe ‘ later split into Punjabi speaking Hindu, Sikh & Muslims’.

On the other hand especially in Sind, who so ever you talk esp. having surname of Syed “claiming that they have roots all the way to Arabia” Bukharis claim to be from Bukhara…at times I wonder if everyone is from Arabia then who is Sindhi ???

Our brown families, they try to be more English then Englishmen, these days they are testing the BABY SHOWER Rituals & they lament that they can not be part of Christmas because ‘Christians over here are looked down upon”. My fellows at LUMS are busy with Halloween “at times not knowing the background & Plague story behind it”. At times people feel good to have fake English accent, take the pride…weird.

People try to look modern ‘not having modern thoughts i.e. lack openness of mind & heart, having lots of confusion, completely filled with perceptional & judgmental errors.

No wonder we are a confused nation, completely hollow nation…..Maulvi from mind and heart yet wearing modern attire…ridiculous.

What???? Girls Buying Slim Body Without Losing Weight…Oops Its Magic Knickers…Sounds Weird!!

No more bulges babes, no more strenuous workout…..instant slim body.

Guardian “UK Paper” writes, gone are the days when you think of lengthy weight losing exercise and gaining confidence, it is the magic dress ‘control pants’ makes you instantly fit for the party.
The thong looks suitably revolting - cheese wire attached to a fleshy cummerbund to absorb all fat. All of the control pants make you sit up straighter, cant move much here and there. It's also fairly obvious that you're not going to be able to eat a four-course meal in any kind of control underwear without seriously unpleasant results heheheh
Eliminating bulges is control pants reason for existence. Pants go right up to your chest and a little way down your legs, so you're seamless and bulge-free along your entire mid-section (sort of like a sausage). There is brand called ‘Charnos’ is good for those with smaller bums and big tummies, as it tends to cut into your cheeks but leave the rest of you sucked in. The other bonus is that you can wear it with strapless dresses and feel thoroughly supported, thanks to its built-in bra.

All fat babes, give it a try, expert believe it’s worth it to regain confidence instantly. How fast life gets, we want everything instantly without making any effort, eat a lot, no workout yet dying to buy slim body. Wow…round of applause for modern age.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh Really!!! Beauty Lies in the Eyes of Beholder….Big Butt, Thick Ankles, & Small Nose!! Wow

I wonder what exactly beauty is, never been able to solve that riddle! Frankly, to me beauty is one of the important aspects in personal self esteem; I believe one should guard it closely with efforts.

When I have cross cultural interaction regarding beauty, I always get mesmerized with different definition of beauty.

Lately I was watching Oprah Winfrey show on Beauty Around the World, it shared cool stories and insight to help in understanding the beauty.

How do you define beauty? Is it a small waist and large breasts? A perfect smile and straight hair? When I get into fashion magazines I find beauty is narrowly defined. Oprah show shared that people defined beauty from thick ankles to small noses and women from five continents revealed what’s considered beautiful in their countries.

It reminds me my beauty talk with a Japanese girl in Tokyo, she defined that their skins is key to true beauty, ideal skin is fair, smooth and everyone goes crazy for that. I remember she also informed that instead of American style Botox injection to fight wrinkles they consume healthy and rich food “Collagen infused food and lots of water for sexy skin” hey girls it’s a hint for you to have gorgeous skin: P They also use chemicals and heat to straighten their hair for gorgeous look. Hmmm straight hair…

I was surprised to see face slimming belt at one of the GINZA store in Tokyo, over here all my friends only know about sauna belt to fight fatness. If anyone is concerned that her face may be too puffy or chubby or whatever, there is a belt that they can wrap around face. It makes face thinner….I was informed that it is kind of thing with sauna properties.

Interesting stuff regarding beauty goes around the world; National Geographic once showed girls at the age of 5 on Burmese & Thai to Kenyan region start wearing brass rings around neck to enhance beauty, giraffe like neck is considered gorgeous. Whereas indigenous people in various tropical region believe that women with tattooed blue lips look sexy.

Oprah show also shared that Indian Desi babes are known across the world for their beautiful skin and hair, they mostly rely on turmeric lemon and honey on skin, herbal secrets are behind beauty.

No wonder I fall for desi babes, they are attractive esp. the ones with semi dark complexion with big eyes.

In Brazil, people are weight conscious, they use weight reduction pills as well as plastic surgery to achieve beauty, no wonder they look gorgeous, hmm lots of effort behind beauty. Most girls have curly hairs; they spend hell lot of time and money to achieve straight hair. Brazilian women also go through pressure to have big breast, blonde hair to look gorgeous.

Iran is becoming the nose job capital of world, surgeon are minting money. Nose is considered the sign of beauty.

In Mauretania beauty is all about having big butt, bigger is better is acceptable. Women are expected to be fat and guys to be skinny…wow. Girls are willing to do anything to have fuller figure, all the way going through using animal pills….that’s bizarre, isn’t it?

In France, slimness is the key; girls spend a lot of time in getting slim body after that lingerie comes second along with range of body and personal care products. In France turning 60 is sexy….wow….sexiness is eternal !!

It seems beauty is more of a cultural phenomenon and lies in the eyes of beholder. Hey guys and girls, focus on beauty aspect that beholder values heheh good tip, isn’t it??

Killing in the Name of Religion- Hatered Everywhere - Hey World, Stop Immaturity!!

Today I was watching HBO, came across a movie on Saudi terrorists rocking USA, and killing innocent civilians. Then turned to Time & Newsweek magazine it was all about Mumbai killings & post attack crackdown. Dawn newspaper also contained most of the news related to Jihadi crackdown and possible nuclear war.

If I look back my history class books, all the way I find score of religious wars, Muslims vs. Christians or Jews to impose religious superiority of one group over other. In response, most of the time ‘the will’ of one group was forcefully imposed over others, however in the back of all, economic and political interests along with hegemonistic desires of one group was hidden.

On the one hand, all religions ‘mainly Semitic’ talk of same GOD, preach the same philosophy of Love, Peace, Brotherhood and on the other hand religion have been used for division, hatred and war. History is witness of crusade and holy wars etc

Material instincts of human being along with male dominating ego are catalyst in using the religion as a tool to further their personal and group goals. This brings me to conclusion that human being progressed materially all the way marching from dark ages to modern and post modern age but yet basic instinct of greed and dominance still thrives.

This brings me to another question, does world lack maturity? Is couple of thousand of years not sufficient for human generation to learn and move forward as human being instead of material being? Is Utopian society is an impractical dream? Do we need religion to be good human? Will ever in this world people stop thinking as Jew, Muslim, Christian or Hindu? Will ever in this world, people experience human connection instead of socially imposed dividing bullshit??

I am completely lost on my way in the search of the answers to above questions …..

Monday, December 8, 2008

Maradona Mania Still Alive; We Love You.

Diego Maradona is one of the person I adored since childhood, he is my hero, my icon, my ideal; he is one of the most adorable character I have ever come across in my life.

While growing up, to me he was the person used to bring smile on my face, early 90s world cup loss against Germany & Maradona’s cry, made me burst into tears & sleepless.

His relationship with Hugo Chavez, Castro and political ideals simply sets him apart from the rest of the football heroes.

He is people’s hero, people call him GOD, & he is!

I am glad his legacy still thrives and mania and frenzy still alive. His recent Indian visit attracted 100,000 people. People forget about Mumbai terror attack & Maradona brought healing smile on the face of ordinary public.

BBC reports “Hordes of autograph-hunters and photographers broke the police cordon at the stadium and mobbed Maradona before he ran on to the field to display his ball skills. Hundreds of young footballers, doubling up as ball boys, rushed in to touch his feet or embrace him”.

"He is God for us, so we touch his feet," said schoolboy footballer Kajal Das.

Maradona was showered with gifts - a golden boot, a golden ball, a full statue of him in his blue-and-white Argentina jersey and much else.

Amazing thing happened was, he set Calcutta on fire, what one would expect Football, Politics & Maradona Flamboyance :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shobhaa Attacks Male Chauvinist Pigs “Yes, I do wear lipstick. But no powder”

Shobhaa De is one of the writer with marvelous thoughts is always on the top of my mind. She is the symbol for females in male chauvinist world. I thought Indian democracy has been catalyst in producing best political brains with mature open minds and hearts but it was sad to see male chauvinist Mukhtir Naqvi & his personal bashing of a female.

At times I think we South Asian are moving one step forward but two steps backward.

I am impressed the way Shobhaa fights back the stupid thoughtless Male Chauvinist Pig) politician, she is the South Asian hope……wish we had more female activists like Shobhaa.

She writes “Yes, Mr.Mukhtir Naqvi. I do wear lipstick. But no powder. And I do live in South Mumbai in what is considered an ‘elite’ locality ( though ‘elite slum’ is a more accurate description). I also frequent 5- Star hotels close by, notably the magnificent Taj Mahal. I unashamedly refer to it as my second home – for that it what it has always been.

My lifestyle can be loosely described as a privileged one, by most standards. So bloody what?? I have worked long and hard for these perks. I have earned them through honest means. I did not inherit a fortune and was raised in a middle class home. Like every Indian, my parents dreamt of giving their children a better life by educating them. We fulfilled their dreams…. and a few of our own. Is that a crime??I proudly pay my taxes…. and my bills. Which is more than can be said for most of your tribe - the real ‘elite’ today - politicians with zero accountability and all the advantages they criticize in others.

I refuse to be apologetic for the way I live. As they say, living well is still the best revenge! Unlike a lot of so-called netas, I do not have a criminal record. When I leave home, it is in a nice car, but not a mobile fortress with a cavalcade of state-paid gunmen to protect me. Traffic is not diverted along the routes I take, inconveniencing others. And I am frisked at airport, like everybody else. So…. Mr. Naqvi, how dare you put me (and other women) down by making such an impertinent and uncalled for remark ?We are professionals doing our jobs to the best of our abilities. Can you claim the same? Whether we apply lipstick, cake our faces with powder, wear wigs or fake eyelashes – that is our exclusive prerogative and business. It does not concern anyone else.

This remark only displays your pathetically biased attitude towards women – particularly a class of urban careerists who defy the stereotype as determined by the likes of you.The subtext of your remark ( and the remarks of other self-styled intellectuals who have discovered a new sport - ‘elite bashing’ ) comes at a time when our attention should be on more vital matters – survival under a siege.

To target people who belong to a more affluent\educated segment of our society, is to display a perverse narrow mindedness. My voice is as valid as the voice of the anonymous vegetable vendor – we are both citizens of India. Are you trying to say tv anchors sans lipstick\powder are better at their jobs? Should women in politics shun cosmetics in order to be taken more ‘seriously’ (by men, of course!) ? Should female public figures dress down so they can add to their credibility factor and look the part assigned to them by society?? Does lipstick take away from their contribution\competence? Must ask Condileeza Rice (a woman who tops the world’s ‘Most Stylish’ lists year after year). Must also ask Sonia Gandhi, who is nothing if not impeccably turned out at all times, and definitely wears lipstick. Oh…. and how can I forget my new best friend , Jayanthi Natarajan??

It is a great pity Naqvi brought gender into the present crisis and trivialised the issue . George Fernandes lost the plot when he decided to wage war against a cola. Perhaps Naqvi’s battle is against poor lipstick??

A pity that the nightmare suffered by Mumbai has been reduced to some sort of a class war, in which the elite are supposed to ‘defend’ themselves and say, “ No, no, no…. we are really not like that…. we feel equally for the lives lost at CST.” Come on…. grow up. Tragedy IS like that – it is personalized and intense when it hits home as ferociously as these attacks did.

Tragedy too, needs a ‘face’…. or an ‘image’ that encapsulates collective grief. It so happens, the Taj Mahal Hotel became that image…. that icon, symbolizing the horror of this incomprehensible tragedy that has left the nation reeling in its wake.Why bring class divides into it? Don’t our politicians insist on the best rooms (gratis), at 5-star hotels?At least, the rest of us pay the hefty tariffs ourselves. Don’t India’s unwashed, scruffy jholawala intellectuals quaff gallons of moofat Scotch, whenever and wherever?? First pay your own booze bills, guys, then save the world. It is believed Narayan Rane’s sons drive around in a Bentley with eight commandos to ‘protect’ them. Who pays?? Suckers like us . It is our Billionaires and Bollywood stars we flaunt internationally when we need to boost our country’s image.

It is also the elite who donate generously towards rehabilitation efforts in a crisis. I am sick of being told off by the likes of Naqvi. I am sick of attempts to somehow make me feel ‘guilty’ for being who I am, looking the way I do.

Sorry, Mr. Naqvi. Read my lips : Much more lipstick! Darker and brighter! You are welcome to borrow some…"

Friday, December 5, 2008

Paki Guys, Oh Please, Don’t Pee on the Road, Stop Voyeurism !!

Today I was going to the car parking along with friends, we reached the parking gate, saw a guy peeing on the main road along side the parking lot wall. It was disgusting to see a peeing guy in public, its height of messy voyeurism.

It is understood that Karachi lacks public toilets, hmmm but still, one can find a better hidden place to have leak. Ohhh this brings me to another thought, city’s Nazim has been declared number two in the world “I guess source is some rating agency in Namibia, Niger, Togo or Burkina Faso ;-) ”, am sure Tokyo, London, Paris, New York, Seoul, Moscow Mayors would get mesmerized to see Karachi competing with global cities... wow ;-)

My friend had a point, she was so right that we lack manners, she was about to kick on the guys butt but we stopped her. Now I understand why she hates men esp. Pakistani men, if she were Queen Cleopatra of Pakistan, she would have killed all men in Pakistan except few ‘that includes me and few others :)

Let me conclude on funny note; one of my friend from Quetta, shared that there are various public places where guys frequently pee in public, to deter or to stop he saw this sentence on one of the wall;

"yeh dekho gaadha peshab kar raha hai –look here, donkey is peeing"

OMG heheheheh very very funny.

To add more, I thought pee voyeurism is just Paki phenomenon, once I posted my blog after one wek, I received various comments. My cousin saw girls and guys peeing in public in London esp. over weekend when they are usually drunk, people gone to an extent, utilizing tall red phone booth for sex. He also mentioned that guys in Pakistan pee in a descent way but British girls pee in an awkward sex position :P yuckkkkkkkkkk.

I also received another comment from a friend who lives in France ‘near Swiss border” he has seen pee voyeurism in Switzerland & he shared a pic and asked me to post on the blog, instead of bashing Paki guys :-)

I guess I have been bit harsh on Paki guys, it seems pee voyeurism is a global phenomenon, somewhere common and at places rare :P

“Hang Out With Happy People; It Transfers into You… Avoid Unhappy lot, Its Contagious”

Hey all my unhappy friends, plzzzzzzzzzz avoid interaction with me, else you become happy to enjoy my companionship.

At times I interact with people having negative and pessimist thoughts , I feel it really transfers into me, and I also start having negative perspective vis a vis life. I just came to know it’s contagious, hang out with unhappy people, you also become unhappy….. Seriously, I came across an interesting research it says “Happiness is contagious”. The more happy people you know, the more likely you are yourself to be happy. And getting connected to happy people improves a person's own happiness; this was reported in the British Medical Journal. Harvard Medical School Professor believes that "What we are dealing with is an emotional stampede

Study suggests “People with the most social connections -- friends, spouses, neighbors, relatives -- were also the happiest, the data showed. “Each additional happy person makes you happier”.

Study also discovered that happiness is more contagious than unhappiness.

"If a social contact is happy, it increases the likelihood that you are happy by 15 percent and a friend of a friend, or the friend of a spouse or a sibling, if they are happy, increases your chances by 10 percent”. Study also reveals, a happy friend is worth about $20,000…… All my happy friends you are worth $20,000 each to me “not being materialist here :P” my new year resolution is to have an account of happy friends and maximize my friends’ worth “value $ one million”. How about you doing the same, will help me, as well as to you and all others who are connected to you.
Lets make happiness web ;-)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Paris Goes Bust...London Goes Bust”

Paris goes bust...London goes bust...Tokyo goes's clearly the economy, silly...making everyone go bust…these are thought came in my mind while browsing Sun newspaper & coming across following picture: P

Leave Office....Go Home & Produce Babies!!

Today I was browsing UK paper Guardian, came across an interesting title “Go Home & Produce Babies!!
I started wondering what if it gets published in Pakistan for Pakistanis; I guess there won’t be any space left to breathe esp. in Karachi.
Anyways, it is for Japanese, article says, Japan’s workers are being urged to switch off their laptops, go home early and use what little energy they have left on procreation, in an attempt to avert demographic disaster.

The drive to persuade employers that their staff would be better off at home than staying late at the office comes amid warnings from health experts that many couples are simply too tired to have sex.

A survey of married couples under 50 found that more than a third had not had sex in the previous month. Many couples said they didn't have the energy. A study by Durex found that the average couple has sex 45 times a year, less than half the global average of 103 times.

Japan's birth rate of 1.34 is among the lowest in the world and falls well short of the 2.07 children needed to keep the population stable. If it persists, demographers say the population will drop to 95 million by 2050 from its 2006 peak of 127.7 million.

It is so true, even during my trip I came across many oldies all around…..let us see how Durex & Japanese government would induce couples to produce more & spend less time at work….

If nothing works, they should advertise in Pakistan .......(Pakistani Labor Required to Increase Birth Rate in Japan, Productive Person would Get Extra Bonuses ;-)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

No Country Takes Toilets as Seriously as Japan !!

Lately I was sharing my Japanese trip experience with few of my friends, I shared one thing “when it comes to lavatories, Japan is step ahead of the rest of the world, no country takes toilets quite so seriously as Japan”.

Today I was browsing BBC news for an update on post Mumbai showdown, I came across an interesting article titled “The art of the toilet in Japan” it reminded me of my stay at Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. Toilet having flat screen satellite TV along with many many other weird digital options: P At times I also joke around with friends that if any guest needs massage in Japan, a lady comes out from a pipe fixed nearby the changing area hehehe.

The surprising thing I experienced was machines with heated seats, built-in bidets and a dynamic range of flushing options are almost ubiquitous in homes and public buildings.

BBC article shares an interesting story, it says in general life is fast, esp salaried men are stressed in Japan, one such guy recently published poetry, he says "The only warmth in my life is the toilet seat," he mourned heheheh.

The interesting thing which I never shared with friends, these lavatories can do much more than keep you warm. One even sends a tiny electrical charge through the user's buttocks to check their body-fat ratio. Hey my weight conscious friends, you count on import option & it’s worth it: P

Over here, we are just aware of Panasonic consumer electronics but in Japan well known master of the modern loo convenience is the Panasonic Corporation.

BBC guy shared his interesting visit to Panasonic showroom; he saw, there was a loo that glowed in the dark and another that had built-in loudspeakers.

Surprisingly the booming market for luxury loo is ageing women, never knew women could fall in love with luxury tetchy loo, I thought they only love shopping for personal care & dresses. However, these days guys also in personal care stuff :P

Another interesting fact BBC guy shared that there is also a dark underground trade in DVDs filmed in ladies' toilets by hidden cameras, and only last week a man was arrested for placing "spycams" in the lavatories of a girls' school.

He also shared that most of the time, though, the Japanese are happy to think of a toilet as their comfort and their friend.

Friends, lastly, let me share another fact through this blog post, I also experienced an interesting loo greeting, when I slowly walked towards a loo, it automatically raised its lid to greet, and that was awesome.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fearful Mumbai Pigeons; Facing Terrorist Wrath

It has been few days everybody is focusing on Mumbai ordeal, I was sad to read the ordeal poor pigeons had to go through. It is well known that Taj Hotel is the gate way of India, just in the front area, pigeons welcome the incoming people & people love to take pictures with friendly pigeons along with historic Taj in the background. Every day, lots of people feed these friendly pigeons.

Pigeons were the ones who witnessed the killing spree from close, sound of blast, fear, blood, anger, cry, they witnessed all. Once the Operation Cyclone was complete, there were dead pigeons all around along with injured ones. It is not the people of Mumbai faced the wrath; Pigeons are also going through the ordeal, pain, fear and loss.

People were surprised to see fearful & grieved pigeons, for once everyone realized it is not the people who go through the pain but animals and birds are also sensitive.

I just wonder, these pigeons may start assembling in front of Taj so will people; all will forget the horror and move on. However, one question really bothers everyone, this time fear will remain in the minds of people for a long time.

Pigeon are the ambassadors of peace, yet they had to face the terror, isn’t it ironic?

Pakistan; A Global Taboo, an Outcast, Will be Forced to Act Decisively!!

Everyday passes with any terrorist event anywhere in the world, blame goes to Pakistan and all links connected to Pakistan. It seems Pakistan is becoming a global taboo and it is feared that US & world power would further pressurize & force Pakistan to act decisively.

As per media, Indian captured terrorist has revealed that a group of terrorist entered in Indian Gujarat from Karachi, trained by LASHKAR E TAIBA in Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister asked Pakistan to send ISI chief & our Foreign Minister has already cut short Indian trip.

Here are news heading in Indian Urdu papers......

Pakistan always dreamt about having Afghanistan its subsidiary, subservient, providing strategic depth.

US blame Pakistan infiltrating into Afghan & neighboring India through supporting proxy terrorists.

I just wonder, as a nation “if involved or not” can we really afford such adventures all across the region.

What will be impact of Indian nightmare on Indian Muslims???

Can Pakistan afford to respond to Indian & US military might??

Every blame affects ordinary Pakistani, who travels across the globe; it seems we as a nation are becoming a global outcast.

I fear Indo Pak relations will touch nose down, future of Pakistan in the midst of regional power pressure seems bleak. Hope sanity prevails before it is too late.

On the other hand US & Indians have to play a productive role in vanishing the insecure feeling of Pakistan so that a trust could be built for a better DAWN.

Anyone cares? Anyone thinks?

Lastly, i just want to share my lament, i always adored Tata dynasty, one of my favorite book is also about Tatas "Creation of Wealth". Sad to see 1880s great monument burning & bleeding.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hoping for Hope…Do We Have Right to Hope?

Yesterdays' Mumbai attacks terrorized everyone across the globe; people are in shock and awe…….traumatized!! Horrific to see, the way innocent people were murdered by cruel and inhuman animals.

Today, while reading Times of India I came across an interesting article, question was how long it does take people to get normal after a disastrous ordeal? Do people have right to hope??

Article says “Under normal circumstances, it's natural to lose and regain hope, because no one mood can last eternally in any of us. But what happens when you are a victim of a terrorist attack? The angst of losing a loved one, the trauma of being a hostage or the apprehension that your family may or may not come home tonight ...some experiences are so painful that it seems as if all hope is lost.

"But nobody can live without hope, even if it were only for the smallest things which give us satisfaction, even under the worst of conditions. Without hope, the tension of our life towards the future would vanish, and with it, life itself.

So, do we have a right to hope?
Is there justified hope for each of us, for nations and movements, for mankind and perhaps for all life?
Do we have a right to hope, even, against hope? Even against the reality of death?

You may be living through a terrible trial right now, but even though you feel as if darkness has defeated you, there is a way to regain your and it is only positive thoughts & HOPE itself….

Hoping for the hope in the dust of disaster is need of the hour……

I just want to say to people “hope makes us reach out to family and friends and to make plans for
the future. Hope is energy, so don't let it go!".
I pray, God gives our Indian brothers courage to accept the loss & move on with hope for new & prosperous DAWN.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crotch Groping Security Search & Weapons of Mass Destructions!!

Today I went through the weirdest crotch groping security search at Faisalabad Airport, I was furious and disgruntled with the security search experience. The way they were doing the crotch groping search, for one minute I thought they probably suspect and believe that I might be carrying weapons of mass destruction in my underpants to blast the Airplane.

When I first entered the airport, went through initial security search, on the left side there was toilet with no Urinals, after using, I was again asked to go through same security search , that was the first weird encounter.

Believe you me, you will get surprised, airport lounge had separate space for pets: P I came across cats, it reminded me of Japanese Airport. I thought I may see some puppies and dogs around but could only see Haji Sahibs all around.

Waisay, everybody is Haji Sahibs in Faisalabad, it is the trend, if one does one thing, and everyone follows…hmmm societal pressure. In terms of business dealing its funny, they keep aside their Knighthood “Haji Title” and start doing all kind of unethical things, they need not to be blamed, and it is our national character “Twin Faced, Mask Wearing Pakistani Nation”.

I was disgruntled with airport lounge experience, just before landing I went to toilet for face wash, closed the doors, here comes the weirdest bang on the door, one bang, second bang and last was big, I thought guy may break the door, so I opened the door, I guess guys was dying to get the oxygen through using the occupied toilet with force. Hmmm, its not his fault that’s what army does, they bang with force and grab the prime lands all around even though those lands may be public property.

Crotch groping experience made me wonder, if I had to land in Peshawar, security search may start with deep down butt search :P after all its security, one can not argue, irrespective, they grope your crotch or finger deep down arse to make sure weapons of mass destructions are not hidden.

Funny country , funny people & all this only happens in Pakistan.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stop Judging! Stop Bitching !

Lately I had an interesting discussion on relationship, one of my friend shared interesting thought “if one summarizes all interpersonal problems, he or she ends up with one word “communication gap”.

For sure, talking and listening are probably the most important ingredients in healthy relationship. There'll always be tensions and disagreements, but if one communicates well, he or she can overcome almost any problem.

In terms of relationship I classify myself the failed person yet aspiring to learn with every mistake and failure.

Furthermore, an interesting discussion we had in one of the behavioral sciences interactive session, important thing I always consider is that we people always have our judgments about people and situations. These judgments are always subjective perceptions, mostly wrong and usually results in complicated thoughts, lethal & poisonous for healthy relationship.

At times I think how come people have so much time to Bitch & back bite …isn’t it true “life is too short to be nostalgic” !!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pakistan is Facing One Real Danger, You Know What????

Pakistan is facing one real danger; it is one of the replies of the Lebanese origin French participant of 25th World Performing Arts Festival held in Lahore, he mentioned “Who so ever “GIRL” you see you fall in LOVE…wow ...that was scintillating, dazzling and awe inspiring reply.

Lahore beauty and charm has always mesmerized me, my LUMS visit always make me engrossed, lots of distracting & killer beauty all around, make you visit Lahore again and again.

Apart from Lahori girls, Lahore’s historical preserved buildings always make you fall in love, especially in the surrounding of old walled city.

Cocco's Den Restaurant, food, ambiance, bold paintings are one of its kind, it gives you the flamboyance of past of Diamond Market “Mughal Era Brothel”.

The owner Iqbal, always adds his creative pieces and thoughts to make the visitors fall deeply in love with the place. Mughal era architecture especially the Badshahi Mosque along with Lahore fort are so grandeur and inviting , one just can not avoid the scenic beauty from the top of the restaurant.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

People in Pakistan Love Poking Their Nose in Others Affairs, WHY !!!

I have written in the past and feel like writing again; we Pakistani never learn to mind our own business. Poking nose into others affairs seems to be the best available hobby and time pass.

In every other thing we bring the religion, talk of morality but when it come to human connection, we forget everything and start moral policing, passing judgements & envy of others.

It reminds me of another story, Stephan Covey shared, he says, “There are two kinds of people, Deficient Mentality DM & Sufficient Mentality SM. DM people think that every resource is scare in the world, if someone gains something, he or she may be the victim or loser, seem like a Zero Sum Game, other people are SM, they believe that planet is bestowed to human being with abundance, if someone gains, it has nothing to do with his or her gain or loss, everybody runs their own race”.

At times I just think for a moment, if one starts noticing or getting influence from people, start acting the way sick society want every human being to act, people would stop having their control over their destiny, the way they want to live, complete loss of freedom.

I am glad that God has given us thoughts, or upbringing, that we tend to enjoy the freedom, live the way we want, keep blind eye to sick society.

On my drive back home, I was sharing the same thoughts with my friend, her thought really inspired me and for a moment I thanked God that I am glad and lucky that I have got such awesome friends, with complete belief in personal freedom of thoughts and action.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ladies Dream Boy, Seductive John Dominates Planet Bollywood

Guys, enough of serious topics, I am already strained due to hectic LUMS, today i thought of writing something for girls. None other but John could attract more blog traffic esp. for female readers.

I do browse bollywood spicy stuff once in a while. I was surprised to read that John Abraham is the girls craze these days; every other web site posting hot pictures of John, ultimate eye smoothing sight for girls.

In the past Jacky Sheroff was known to be ladies men, that was the last seductive craze I came across but John has extreme seductive appeal for girls as I browsed spicy readings. At times I wonder there are so many girls used all over the world to provide respite to hungry male libido. Here comes the bollywood creativity with ultimate girls focused stuff, surprised to read about his showing off the BUTT Cracks. Am sure girls & gays would have watched the movie back and forth with quick and constants rewinds.

Be honest, haven’t you watched back & forth: P

I was having talk with my Lahori friend, she told me that she goes to bed early so that she could fantasize about John, see him in her dreams. Wow, that’s the ultimate craze, guy is lucky, am sure days are not far when he would be the girls’ kings of planet Bollywood.

Today I heard two females saying “John is the Gods creation for world peace” & “John is the best eye candy” ….

John don't come here, female will bite to death.