Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Who Owns Pakistan?

Today over lunch, numbers of colleagues were critical of Mr. Zardari ‘even I am not an ardent follower of him’ however I fail to understand, why people simply are blind to real source of power, plundering country’s resources on permanent basis since the birth of the country. Real source lead by Military, followed by civil bureaucracy ‘permanent institution’ along with corrupt businessmen, mullahs and feudal. Hope educated class gets inquisitive and try to find out the truth rather than forming perception through unfiltered media trash.

This months Herald magazine shares an interesting report, it says during Musharraf period around Rs 100 billions worth of loans ‘issued by NBP, IDBP, ADBP’ were written off. Top ten defaulters who were the beneficiary were retired army officers, list also includes crony capitalists and government sponsored politicians 'Chaudhry Shujat, Pervaiz Ilahi, Jam Yusaf' (sorry A** for mentioning your uncles name, but it was published in Herald).

During last 15 years of democracy ‘Junejo, BB and Nawaz’ written off loans were half the value as compared to Musharraf regime. During, both PPP tenures, written off loans were just 8% as compared to Musharraf era loan write off.

Military Inc, A Case of Exploding Mangoes, two books are worth reading, and give good account of power politics of Pakistan.


Faraz said...

we own this land dude the youth!
liked ur blog
pay a visit to mine 2

Imran Baloch said...

Hey Faraz..Thanks...

Your blog is also cool.


moetesum said...

Imran has a strong love for the military and mullah............. i guess there is more into it then what we have come to know after interacting with you............while i saw hang till death any one who has stolen a penny from this land be it the COAS, COAirS or even CJCSC or the CNS, even the PM or president.............but for a moment just let me think its the same herald that posted a story (and i will bring it for you IMran)...............that paid rich tribute to the land amassed by the lords of the underworld in Sindh by them it would take you minutes and i have done u want snaps of your lords in baluchistan hunting grounds and how they have dozen carparkings for the vigo's, cruisers and so please the solution is to hate it and not just point finger in one direction of generals and mullahs only as Fazluhhhh is also from ur province........and also all other big shots who would live in Karachi like bhuttos and zardaris and let their land burn..............All i say is that in this messedup situation we all are party to it me, may be you all of us have a hand in spoiling it now its our turn to make it better..............HOW thats a big question............that is why for a change i have joined hands with IMRAn Khan for a moment his hands are clean and agin its against the rules and regulation of the forces............but what the hell nothing is more sacred then the country of ours that we have to protect from these people...........move away from the saradars and waderas and all that crap they have forced upon us..............

Imran Baloch said...

I agree that Sardars, Waderas are the rogue elements; we have tested them they are no use. Feudal are bad......I have also mentioned the name of Baloch leader Jam Yosuf ‘although he is the uncle of one of my friend’ in my blog.

Our hope is middle class it bureaucracy 'military is also educated ' but I don’t see any light in the darkness.

I have respect for every soldier, who loves this country and die for the country...I am just blaming the top brass of military 'which is reported in Herald'

I agree that collective responsibility lies on the shoulder of young educated class… like us...

At least I am trying to play my role and bringing awareness through writings.

Lastly, I enjoy reading your comments, always logical; however, in our society most of the people are emotional.

Imran Baloch said...

Furthermore, Moetesum,

If you look at the blog picture, two of them clearly depicts feaudals....along side others.