Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What???? Taking Cell Phone to Grave, Height of Gadget Love!!!

Whenever I read history of ancient civilization, I come across intriguing information about culture and ancient life, people burying various things along with the dead body. In case of women, gems and jewelry or anything human adored, took them all the way to grave.

Taking cell phones to grave is the norm, being set by modern creatures. If ancient Greek and Egyptian can do all that why not modern person…hmmm tit for tat.

I was aware modern creature used to take along with them the dinner table, the bedroom, even the bathroom stall. But in recent years, some of us have started taking our beloved cell phones someplace really startling: the grave.

MSNBC shares an interesting report it says “It seems that everyone under 40 who dies takes their cell phone with them, it’s a trend with BlackBerrys, too, even one guy was buried with his Game Boy”.

Anecdotal evidence suggests being buried with a favorite tech device is on the upswing. The Future Laboratory, a London-based think tank, has commented on the behavior, noting it in places like the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa. But experts are seeing it happen in the United States as well.

People have even heard of cases where people are being buried with their iPod. But it’s the cell phone, in particular, that seems to be the burial gadget of choice.

Why, exactly, are people going to the grave with their gadgets? Experts say there are a number of reasons.

Some do it for the same reason people have always tucked mementos into a casket (or tomb, as in the case of King Tut). People want to surround themselves (or their loved ones) with the things they hold dear, whether that’s their cell phone and headset or some family photos, a fishing rod, a piece of treasured jewelry.

Report further says “A lot of people say the phone represents the person, that it is part of their legacy, It’s an extension of them, like their class ring.”

Modern era is getting us acquainted with intriguing norms, changing at fast pace….i still remember my conversion with my LUMS fellow ‘Ahmed Murad’ wish we were born in future ……….

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