Friday, October 31, 2008

Women Thrown to Dogs, Sheer Barbaric Killing; who’s Honor is this???

The sanctity of human body has never been valued in medieval society in dark ages. It seems world has moved ahead but medieval dark ages still looms over the so called Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Over 90% population is Muslims yet they don’t know what Islam is all about, as it used to be known as the religion of PEACE. Killing in the name of religion and social values is always justified.

I wonder, why every victim is women???????

Seems, male chauvinist pigs rule this part of territory with actions that suits their ego. Self made social rules are disgracing the sanctity of human body esp. female body.

Few months back Taslima Solangi was brutally killed in Pirgoth area near Hajna Shah in Khairpur district. It is believed that she was thrown in front of dogs before killing

She was another victim of alleged sexual relationship, she hurt the male ego and male dominated society . Her husband Ibrahim decided to kill her because she allegedly had sexual relations with other guy.

To teach others a lesson, it was best suited that first she be thrown to dogs then let her hug bullets.

Whose honor is this? Is this Islam?

Another email story I received today , it made me sad, furious, disgusting, a family was moving for dinner at BBQ in Karachi, they just parked their car, they were looted, gangster , after looting, grabbed one of women around 30s, took her by force. Her husband smashed his head with stone and died on spot and no body knows the whereabouts of the poor lady.

These gangster could have bought sex ‘easily available’, why this sheer frustration and brutality.

Aren’t we still in Dark Ages? Why women have to suffer?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Islamabad Calling; Diplomatic Enclave, Serene Serena, Afghan Jirga, Playboy Mullah in Land Cruiser, Saidpur Village & Sexy Hot Spot

People may wonder Mullah abhor US & other Western powers but I was taken aback when I saw cheerful mullah, excited after getting to know that his visa application had been accepted by one of the Western embassy. Well, religious people hate WEST yet love to go there, strange love hate relationship.

Well, I had an appointment in an Embassy in Diplomatic Enclave, when I was done, headed to serene Serena Hotel, when I entered the hotel I saw scores of bearded afghan men with exotic turbans. When I entered the lobby I found there was mini jirga being held, headed by Abdullah Abdullah “Afghan Foreign Minister”. When I saw all these guys, horror stories of Marriott Islamabad came in my mind, thought; it would be right place for bombers to explode.

Well, I got out of the lobby and sat on green open top coffee shop, enjoyed my delicious Double CHEST Margalla Burger, got pleasure from the scenic beauty of green mountains and loved the fresh air and sun.

After a while my LUMS fellow who is also a NAVAL PILOT joined me at Serena, we headed for ice-cream, he introduced me to one of the sexiest place in Islamabad, it is called The HOT SPOT, located in sector F-7. Parlor is surrounded by lush green trees, wooden bamboo entrance welcome you along with cool breeze. It is in a compact place as if one is in an empty BUS body, decorated with loads of painting and pictures; it also gave a look of an old American suburban PUB.
Then we headed to Saidpur model village, it is not very far away from the Constitutional Avenue as well as diplomatic enclave. Place gives a village look, just across modern Islamabad; it is simply a modern village just in the arms of green Margalla Hills.

My friend, shared an interesting story about all those big fat mullahs, they have got the most expensive fleet of vehicles. Imagine Fazal Rehman, with loads of beards and big fat tummy living a PLAYBOY life in ISLOO, cheer for Paki politics. Mullah’s historical lust for power, money & “guys ;-)” doesn’t end.

Let’s see what comes ahead in fearful Isloo; will political climate remain hazy or clear sky stay longer? Time will tell, but I foresee, dusty weather with black clouds may contain a strong gale force, powerful enough to shatter the status quo “wishful thoughts ;-) maybe”

Monday, October 27, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

When I Took Off Shalwar……..Then I Got to Know, It is Bloody Hindu Conspiracy!!!!

Hey don’t get strange ideas about the title; it is recent blogpost of Muhammad Hanif, the author of the book “A Case of Exploding Mangoes”.

It was very interesting & intriguing blog, I thought of sharing the crux.

He writes, when every other news predicts the future & current affairs program starts inviting astrologists, then how an ordinary person would think!!

Obviously people will come up with conspiracy theories and blame Jews for the pitfalls of Muslim and furthermore they believe that in every Jew there is a staunch Hindu resides deep inside his thoughts, rather they try to find out shrewd Hindu inside every Jew.

He refers that an old man in Karachi believes that “people who are killing on the name of religion, are not Taliban. How could people, who offer five time prayers, with long beards, kill their brother Muslims?”

He believes that who so ever is killing the Army in Fata are not Taliban. It is actually Indian conspiracy!!!!

That old man further says “when army kills those Taliban’, obviously army scrutinize the dead body, when they take off Shalwar, they find, Oh Gosh, they are Hindus”!!!!!!!!

He further says that “History give evidences, that such nasty things could only be the brain child of a bloody Hindu!!!”…… he ends the talk.

Well, frankly speaking, I found these thoughts common over here, blaming everything on others, at times its Jewish Conspiracy and mostly it is Indian/Hindu Conspiracy.

I personally feel, believe me, in present state of affairs, we don’t need any enemy……there are enemies within to do the wonders!!!

Waisay, haven’t we stopped thinking, we always come up with conspiracies, rather than addressing the root cause. We are blind, dumb, and thoughtless or we have become too much individualistic and no time to think about society and poor people all around.

Give it a thought, you will find conspiracies every where… every discussion.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pirates of the Caribbean; Axis of Hope

Lately everyone was talking about the Axis of Evils, here comes Tariq Ali with his new book title Pirates of the Caribbean; Axis of Hope.

Recent global financial crisis has started a discussion among political economist; last night few friends posed following questions;

Was Marx right?
Is Capitalism teetering at the brink of disaster?
Socialism is the answer!
Greedy Capitalism dying natural death!
Interesting discussion, fruit for thoughts.

Well, anyways, Tariq Alis book is about Cuba, Venezuela and Bolovian leaders, he writes "Since 1998, the Bolivian revolution in Venezuela has brought Hugo Chávez to world attention as the foremost challenger of the neoliberal consensus and American foreign policy. While Chávez's radical social-democratic reforms have brought him worldwide acclaim among the poor, he has attracted intense hostility from Venezuelan elites and Western governments.

Tariq Ali draws on first-hand experience of Venezuela and meetings with Hugo Chávez to analyse the Bolivarian revolutionary process. He discusses the influence of Castro on Chávez, Bolivia’s Evo Morales and Ecuador's Rafael Correa, the latest addition to the 'Axis of Hope’."

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sex on Zamzama Street, Oohhhhhh, Sounds Liberal Pakistan

Tonight I was getting bored at my apartment; my coolest Arab friend offered me coffee. We ended up at CIAO, on Zamzama Street, Clifton. While parking my car, we guys saw a black tinted car, with AC on, a couple making out in the parking lot just near CIAO.

It has hardly been a week I wrote about Sex on the Beach in Dubai, here comes Paki guys losing their sexual vigor on the street.

Well, as long as they were not bothering us, at least I ignored. But at CIAO I ended up with an intellectual discussion with my Arab friend.

He was noticing the car from upper window of CIAO; to distract him I started asking lots of questions. My questions were;

1) Was it right to do it public?
2) If it were Saudi what would have been the reaction.
3) Should society stop all with force?
4) Or we should feel ok as long as they are not bothering us.

At least we both agreed that personal freedom has limits, public places should be spared, and they can do whatever they want elsewhere in privacy “within limits of freedom”

Question comes, who is to decide the limit or interpret the limits of freedom!

I pushed on one point, isn’t it the duty of society to not to shy away, shouldn’t we educate our kids socially, shouldn’t we break the taboo of sexual discussion within the family????????

Why we always think about lashing kids or youngsters, why do we always find brute force as only answer, justified by religion.

My friend made me laugh, he shared, if there were Saudi “Mutawa; the religious police” on Zamzama, he would have lashed the couple and kicked them outside the city for one year.

Imagine if Pakistan had Mutawa, lashing couple naked in front of Costa Coffee on Zamzama Street and kicking them out to TANDO ADAM or GUJRAT ;-)

Anyways, I always push for opening up, discussing, speaking up….sex is natural…let’s not shy away, at least from healthy discussion. We can only get rid of pitfall of sexual revolution through educating our kids about right and wrong.

But I am afraid, our society is wearing social mask, media influence will lure kids or youngsters to explore sexual terrain, get intoxicated with toxic pleasure of sex.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baloch; Refugees on Their Own Land, Why??????

It has been three years army operation started in Dera Bugti & Kohlu areas of Baluchistan. It resulted in internal displacement of 80,000 people. Men and women along with children found refuge on barren land in various places in Sind, Punjab & Baluchistan.

Since then, these people are forgotten by state, political parties and so called NGOs. These internally displaced refugees are living in temporary shelter/hut, facing harsh weather.

Little to eat, clean clothes is a distant dream, water and enough food is missing.

Irony is that last year international donor agencies wanted to help these people but state did not allow them to rescue malnourished children and impoverished families.

Why it is so?
Aren’t they Pakistani?
Aren’t they Human?
What is their crime?

Is anybody listening…..…can anyone tell me, why??????

Friday, October 17, 2008

"Beyond Women Body", Respect the Sanctity, Its Not for Pleasure

The female body is very delicate thing. In a conservative and patriarchal society like Pakistan, it is often used as a commodity. It is used is a symbol of desire plastered on vibrant billboards. And it is a force that can give birth to new ideas and change.

Nausheen Saeed, a professor of sculpture at the National College of Arts, Lahore, presented her sculptures “Beyond Body”, an exhibition of six casted full body sculptures of women that opened at the Canvas Art Galley .

Each sculpture mesmerised me, sculptures speaking volumes about abuses and discrimination against women in our society. Here are few;

Thanks to our friend Abro for sharing thought provoking arts.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dubai Says No Sex-on-Beach Please!!!!!

Today I was browsing bbc for news update, came across news on acceptable behavior in Dubai. It says a British man and woman have been sentenced to three months in jail in Dubai after being found guilty of having sex on beach.

I started wondering, if something is allowed and acceptable in hotel rooms, people are liberal enough to accept the strip bars. If everything is acceptable then why there is such hue and cry on having sex on beach.

Even people have been arrested for just kissing and hugging in public…..hmmmmmm... But on the other hand it’s imperative to respect the local customs. what do you think :)

To me the hypocrisy sucks…………………..

Moral of the story is …..Dude, avoid the wrong places ;-)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pakistan at Cross Road, Looming Unknown Future!

It seems that Pakistan is at cross road, past policies of finding strategic depth in Afghanistan has made Pakistan to pay the price. Changing dynamics are fast turning against us, be it US policy on war on terror or Indian encircling of Pakistan.

On the same issue I came across an interesting article published in today dawn, titled How Our Spymasters View the World, written by Irfan Hussain;

Writer argues that “IT is difficult to read an article about Afghanistan, the Taliban and Al Qaeda in the UK or the US without coming across a reference to Pakistan’s ubiquitous Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). In fact, the ISI has become our only instantly recognised brand name abroad”.Normally, spooks operate out of the glare of publicity. However, the ISI has become so intertwined with many of the region’s trouble spots that it is blamed for almost every terror attack, whether it is guilty or not.With this mindset, when they “Military” analyse threats to Pakistan, to the east they see a powerful India — a country that has locked horns rather successfully with our army four times.

To the west lies Iran, a neighbour with which we have no territorial disputes. To the north and north-west is Afghanistan, a troubled, turbulent country that our army has traditionally viewed as its backyard, especially after the Soviet incursion and Taliban rule. This is where our generals have looked in their search for an elusive ‘strategic depth’.To prevent this from happening, it is in the ISI’s interest to destabilise Afghanistan. In order to achieve this, the Taliban have to be covertly supported. However, as we have seen, this policy has caused serious problems with our home-grown extremists. Balancing the competing demands of a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan, and peaceful extremists within Pakistan, is testing the capabilities of our intelligence agencies, and exposing the limits to their power.

More and more, Pakistan is being blamed for the losses being incurred by western forces in Afghanistan. With mounting casualties, the Americans are being drawn into our tribal areas to combat militants our forces are unwilling or unable to take on. Against their wishes and interests, Pakistan and the US are being sucked into a conflict that can benefit only the forces of extremism.

Writer rightly concludes that “It’s high time we took a close look at the dangers facing us; but to do so, we cannot look through military eyes any more.”

Think over, it is right time to make right choice for desired future…….

Young Days Lost in the Dust of Fear; Anybody Listening???

Fun and frolic seems to be a distant dream for Pakistanis. In the past it was common belief that if someone got money can maximize the fun and frolic. Today, country is engulfed with suicide bombing, be it rich or poor both are fighting the battle for survival.

Fun and frolic has simply disappeared in the sand storm of extremist politics of 21st century and it is fought on Pakiland.

Last evening, I had an awesome chat with my friend at Indulge Park Towers, over a cup of coffee, she shared interesting thoughts about her recent LONDON trip and so did I, shared my Tokyo trip.

When she said, Imran look at our weekend, we are planning Karahi Gosht ‘only food’ or no plans coz of fear, on the other hand in London, people in groups standing in queues in front of the clubs and bars, to enjoy every bit of weekend.

In disgruntled tone, she mentioned, over here our prime age is being wasted in fear and boredom.

Similarly, in Tokyo, over weekend guys and girls flock in groups on an island party area to have blasting fun after hard working week.

I am sure, present pathetic plight of the quality of life in Pakistan kills the creativity and shuts the doors of progress, this may be catalyst for the negative activities, and all kind of drugs may find en-route.

My friend was not optimist so was I, let us see how this drama will unfold and how long will it take us to get rid of this mess.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wanna Make Male Chauvinist Pigs Happy

Hey male chauvinist pigs, here is a picture that may make you happy, after reading so many depressing pro women blog entries: P

My Love for HOGs

I have been passionate about many things “excluding hot women over 40s :P” on top of the list is Sports esp. soccer. Lately at LUMS I did a strategy analysis of Harley Davidson & also watched the movie Incredible HOGS.

I have truly fallen in love with “Not any girl plzzz” Harley Davidson Cult, the bikes, & their philosophy.

I love the way Harley Owners Group travel in an organized way to share their passion and show their pride.

One day, I would love to be part of HOGs.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sherry Rehman Smoking & Knee Jerk Reaction of Hypocrites’

I am sad to see, Sherry Rehman smoking video is spread through emails just like fire in the jungle. Smoking “as if it’s the biggest crime if ever done by women” video is labeled SHERRY REHMAN SMOKING SCANDAL. This video is spread not by illiterate people “as termed, they stink in their sweaty clothes” but by so called literate class, working professionals as well as graduates from the Best Pakistani Business Schools.

When I shared this video with my female friends along with my comments, a series of emails started flowing, following questions were raised;

a) Why it’s ok for a guy to smoke, if a women does it, its termed scandal…why this stigma? Why this double standard?

b) Guys screw around, party, have sex before marriage…..if women does it, why she becomes victim of honor crime i.e. Karo Kari.

c) Why there are different sets of values for men and women?

d) Isn’t it hypocritical? Why always male chauvinist brings religion to justify their desire to regulate the social, sexual and physical agency of women?

I want average ‘so called’ educated class to think over, twice……

Hope sanity prevails in the land of PURE “Pakistan”

Here Comes ‘Bra Bandit’ OMG….Karachites Forget About Street Crimes

Here comes interesting news regarding the Bra Bandit, a gang of bra buglers…I never knew how valuable accessories could be…we Karachites are just sick of street crimes…

News reports say, “There’s a bra bandit on the loose in southwest Florida. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office was searching for an individual they say stole 160 bras valued at nearly $6,000 on Thursday from a Victoria Secret store, the latest in a string of bra burglaries in the area. Since February, authorities say 452 bras valued at nearly $19,000 have been stolen from two of the chain’s southwest Florida locations. Six different bra thefts at the stores have been reported during that time. Investigators said a female customer walked into the store Thursday and immediately went to a four-drawer cabinet with new bras of the Pink brand name. The store manager told deputies the woman waited until employees were busy helping customers and then thrust the bras into a bag and exited the store”.

Women burglars are doing wonders, creative though…..USD 19,000 means Rs 1.5 million….wow, hefty sum to party around….Keep it up babes.

Hey girls beware of women burglars, they won’t mug you and forcefully grab your cell phone ….but rather: P ;-)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What ???? Odourless Underpants ! Gr8 Service to Humanity ;-)

I was scanning today's Daily Times, was surprised to see the news title "Odourless Underpants" Subtle Butt, a disposable gas neutralizer has all the answers..........

News report says "A US company has performed a great service to humanity by inventing an underwear fabric that absorbs all smells. The material is inserted into a pair of pants with two self-adhesive strips and traps any pongs or whiffs.

The ‘gas neutralisers’ are made from carbon fabric that has undergone activated carbon anti-microbial treatment. Called Subtle Butt, they sell in five-packs for about £5. They were invented by a company called Garment Guard which already sells disposable cotton underarm inserts which absorb perspiration to prevent embarrassing wet marks.

The company blurb says: From the brilliant minds at Garment Guard comes our newest product, Subtle Butt. This pack of 5 saving graces effectively filters the odour caused by flatulence. Simply stick it in the right place and you’re ready for a chilli cook-off.

However, the fabric, called Subtle Butt, does not silence noises - so does not signal the end of embarrassing flatulence :P

Hey Women, Use One-Eye Veil “Parday Mein Rehnay Dou”

I was surprised to read the news on BBC; it says “A Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia has called on women to wear a full veil, or niqab, that reveals only one eye.

Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan said showing both eyes encouraged women to use eye make-up to look seductive.”

Wearing both eye make up looks seductive, OMG, it may look seductive to those clerics who call for enforcement of one eye veil.

At times religious interpretation sounds extremely subjective to me; frankly, nothing happens to most of the guys if they see women with both eye make up, even scarf that shows full face with make up doesn’t make much difference.

Believe you me CLERICS, nothing happens to guys ; just looking at girls who do not cover their head.

Hmmm can’t guarantee, if guys land on topless Greek beaches, they may or surely end up with ejaculation and an orgasm.

Imagine; girls on the streets of Karachi with one eye veil, driving, at work, on streets, even at Park Towers or Forum and at Arizona Grill having lunch :P

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Himalayan Nomad Ornament is Awe Inspiring

I have always been an ardent admirer of nomad ornament; it always embodies love and simplicity and artisan fervor. After writing about hardcore politics, thought of writing and sharing awe inspiring nomad artisanship.

Of course how can I foreget awesome Balochi embroidery, cool and artistic.

Baloch Kid Grows with Steps on Gold; But Yet Poor; Why???

Reko Diq “means sand mountain” in Balochi, carries over 12.3 million tons of copper and 20.9 million ounces of gold as mentioned by development expert Syed Fazl e Haider.
Whenever I read about wealth of Balochsitan, it makes me think, why people are living below the poverty line. Small population, vast land filled with riches but poverty, hunger and backwardness of Stone Age looms over Balochsitan.
Lately, Mir Mohd Ali Talpur tried to explain the saga, he writes “There is a saying in Baluchistan that a Baloch child may be without socks, but when he grows up every step he takes will be on gold. Reko Diq, Saindak, Sui all prove that the barefooted Baloch do tread on gold. That this wealth hasn’t benefited them isn’t accidental.

Since 1947, successive governments at the centre have pursued a policy of intimidation and coercion towards the Baloch

The goal has been to coerce the population into acquiescence so that exploitation can be conducted in a threat-free environment

Credible international surveys indicate the wealth of resources and suggest that the area is home to one of the biggest copper reserves in the world with over 11 billion pounds of copper and nine million ounces of gold.

The people will end up poorer and the aquifers and the environment in general will be contaminated with cyanide, arsenic, etc with unremittingly grave consequences for the people.

Given the frenzied way in which the authorities, the politicians and predatory corporations are ravaging Baluchistan’s precious resources, one can only wonder why the rulers in Islamabad are surprised, offended and annoyed when the resentment against such injustices results in insurgencies.

There is a famous saying, inspired me since childhood “Peace is the product of justice”, no justice, no peace. Hope sanity prevails……….revenge of history is brutal.