Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kissing Students, Exploring Youth, Hey What’s Wrong???

I wanted to share a story my friend shared, he was back at his university; he was upset because of moral policing attitude of few guys there. It's weekend, music concert was also going on, few couple getting closer probably hugging and few of them ended up kissing and one girl was sitting on guys lap.

He has seen people have no problem with their lives, they practice what they believe but they want every other person to follow the moral code as per his or her interpretation. All mullahs have also got problem with other people, they are concerned what others are doing!

He just fail to understand, as long as someone is not bothering others, getting closer to someone or getting intimate with someone he or she adore. What’s wrong in it??? He believes that we have to live with it, let people have their freedom and follow the moral code that suits each one of us.

Believe you , to him all these guys envy, what they can't do ' but they want to;-)" , if you leave them on a Greek naturist beach, they would be the first one to enjoy instant copulation on white sandy beach, without thinking about morality.

He agrees, public places are to be spared but double standard of our society really sucks.


Nusrat said...

I wish you have seen the video of a muslim girl in America then u wouldn't blame only Pakistanis for double standards. I'll try to find out the link and send it to you. It is not a case of personal freedom or poking one's nose in others'personal matters. It is simply a case of abiding the law as well as the traditions and norms of society in which you are living.

Imran Baloch said...
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Imran Baloch said...

I agree one should abide the norms...but who makes norms...its society....who promotes hypocrisy...its society....who makes girl a tool for entertainment…… its society....who does honor killing...its society....well its all NORM, shall we accept?????

It does not mean, what society believes, one should agree and follow.....I guess, we should go one step ahead, let people decide what’s right and wrong...personal long as they are not bothering others.

In Baluchistan its norm, if some girl even has an affair with a boy, she faces the consequence, ultimate result is honor killing….its norm….shall we accept that….???

Women are thrown to DOGs “Taslima Solangi in Sindh” , accused of extra marital affair….its norm, society accepts the fate of such act…..its norm…shall we accept.??? Its accepted by Sindhi society and tradition…..why civil society makes hue and cry????? why don’t they accept the norm?????

Let me share a small story, it is against religion or social norm for Saudi Muslims/Men to not to shake hands with female. Queen Elizabeth was visiting Saudi and as per protocol King Faisal had to shake hands….Saudi Mullah, came up FATWA, that Faisal can shake hands…..Queen is representing “an institution, She is a legal entity”, legal entity is always masculine, so no harm.

Religion and society, values, norms, all are subjective….norms do not remain constant, things change, thoughts change, attitude change……we have to accept it.

saba said...

but i am still confused , are u trying to prove , that norms and traditions are made by ppl and are changed from time to time, but wat about so called moral values , the ethics and believes????? if we are not bound to stay in our limits?who wud decide the limits? are u trying to prove that let the ppl do what they want to do whether it is ethical or unethical? don't u think living in a society we've to follow the norms.....Norms which are authentic and beneficial for us, For heavens Sake .....let us live the way we are , do Preach that so called western modernism,we are not supposed to this !!!!!!!!