Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Islamabad Calling; Diplomatic Enclave, Serene Serena, Afghan Jirga, Playboy Mullah in Land Cruiser, Saidpur Village & Sexy Hot Spot

People may wonder Mullah abhor US & other Western powers but I was taken aback when I saw cheerful mullah, excited after getting to know that his visa application had been accepted by one of the Western embassy. Well, religious people hate WEST yet love to go there, strange love hate relationship.

Well, I had an appointment in an Embassy in Diplomatic Enclave, when I was done, headed to serene Serena Hotel, when I entered the hotel I saw scores of bearded afghan men with exotic turbans. When I entered the lobby I found there was mini jirga being held, headed by Abdullah Abdullah “Afghan Foreign Minister”. When I saw all these guys, horror stories of Marriott Islamabad came in my mind, thought; it would be right place for bombers to explode.

Well, I got out of the lobby and sat on green open top coffee shop, enjoyed my delicious Double CHEST Margalla Burger, got pleasure from the scenic beauty of green mountains and loved the fresh air and sun.

After a while my LUMS fellow who is also a NAVAL PILOT joined me at Serena, we headed for ice-cream, he introduced me to one of the sexiest place in Islamabad, it is called The HOT SPOT, located in sector F-7. Parlor is surrounded by lush green trees, wooden bamboo entrance welcome you along with cool breeze. It is in a compact place as if one is in an empty BUS body, decorated with loads of painting and pictures; it also gave a look of an old American suburban PUB.
Then we headed to Saidpur model village, it is not very far away from the Constitutional Avenue as well as diplomatic enclave. Place gives a village look, just across modern Islamabad; it is simply a modern village just in the arms of green Margalla Hills.

My friend, shared an interesting story about all those big fat mullahs, they have got the most expensive fleet of vehicles. Imagine Fazal Rehman, with loads of beards and big fat tummy living a PLAYBOY life in ISLOO, cheer for Paki politics. Mullah’s historical lust for power, money & “guys ;-)” doesn’t end.

Let’s see what comes ahead in fearful Isloo; will political climate remain hazy or clear sky stay longer? Time will tell, but I foresee, dusty weather with black clouds may contain a strong gale force, powerful enough to shatter the status quo “wishful thoughts ;-) maybe”


Moetesum Khurshid said...

Thanks for visiting Islamabad. All of us have mutual consensus on what this love hate relationship is. Its hate from outside while there divine love for green buck and the pleasures of hold/power and authority that comes with it lies truly deep inside. Mini jirga or no mini jirga the solution lies in our hands of making a good solid and forceful foreign policy. A well articulated policy would steer us away from all these problems. In short what we lag are true visionary leaders. Ask any one of them what is their vision about Pakistan 10 years from now. Rest assure they would be as blind as a bat, yet they are the ones who rule us. We need leaders with clear understanding and vision of how to lead a nation in crisis.

Imran Baloch said...

Hey Moetesum, i agree with you.....lust for Green Card.

Greedy leaders are screwing the country.

Imran Baloch said...
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madeeha said...

hey it seems u had a gr8 time...u dnt get to see loads of Mullahs in Karachi i guess..lolz...anyways i think u shud write somehting on taslima solangi...m waiting to knw ur thoughts on that issue...

Kamran said...

hi folks, had been to HP IPG event the same night, lots of media vehicles and foreigners made me think there was some conference stuff going on at Serena, just googled it and here's ur article on top.

well folks, a slight difference of view, besides the political mullahs, lets not just forget that there are loads of people with beard, working for this nation, quietly maybe and doing a job which very few can do ... i mean sincerity matters... lets not forget and ... well alienate those precious gems. I'm mentioning here, out of context, just coz we're increasingly having a habbit of naming every person with a beard, in public as an evil... whereas ... good guys with beard are also there.

razykajraare said...

I want it please tell me

Mahmood Saleem said...

I like this aamzing and lovely pictures