Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lahori Accent, Insecure Karachi & Lust for Food :-)

Whenever I am in Karachi, I end up with Lahore- Karachi debate with my friends. Karachi is my first home and Lahore is second “LUMS my academic abode”

Apart from Arabian Sea, Karachi is a cosmopolitan city yet very very insecure. One can not think of carrying expensive cell phone, mugging and cell phone snatching is so common that even congested main roads are not spared.

Insecurity of Karachi sucks, whereas in Lahore, it is not that bad, people roam around late, muggings is not common, it is peaceful life as compared to crowded and chaotic Karachi.

However, charm of cosmopolitan port city is not comparable.

Hey my Karachi friends, don’t get offended, am being pro Lahori here!! let me amuse you guys. Lahori accent is funny, food lack spice “my type though”, my favorite restaurant POLO LOUNGE is also in Lahore.

Let me share few funny words, Lahori pronounce “Hour, Ghanta as GHAAINTA” “Seventeen, Satra, SAATAARA” “Street, SATREET” “Screen, SAKREEN” “School, SAKOOL”, “Round About, GOL CHAKKAR” “Company, KOMPAANY” "Dahi Bhallay" "Tree, Darakht, DARAKHAAT" "Round About, CHOUNKK" " Brother, Bhai Jan, PAI YAAN" hehe
On the other day my friend from Karachi visited me, on our way, we had an interesting discussion, she said, she would love to live in Lahore provided if you transfer the people from Karachi to Lahore and vice versa ;-)

There are so many funny and hilarious accent bloopers, hey Karachites, you would love them.

On the other hand Lahori are more sociable than Karachites, outgoing and friendly. They love FOOD, lust for cuisines is amazing.

I would rather call both Karachi & Lahore my home towns, after Karachi, it is the only city where I feel at home.

Lahore Lahore EE ;-) & Karachi Rocks :-)

Ofcourse i have to be diplomat here:P......after all , i am a LIBRA ;-)


mady said...

heheheh...very entertaining..m waiting for Mohsin's reply...GHAINTAAAY ho gaye aya nahi reply...but u n me r from balochistan..right....!!!!so we hv nothing to do with Lahori/karachi accent..;)

mady said...

oh u forgot to mention othe funny words like "DARAKHAAT"....;)..GOL CHAKKAR is CHOUNKK....hahah

Imran Baloch said...

Heheheh good one...let me add these words :P

Ya we have nothing to do with Lahore and Karachi debate...but Karachi is my hone ;-)

I am tounchy abt khi :P

Anonymous said...

Disclaimer: We have nothing to do with whatever Burger Baloch has to do with LAhore.
MN & Co

Imran Baloch said...

Hey i am a true Karachite not a BURGER BALOCH :)

mady said...

burger baloch....hahahah,...and baloch sardar..i have found out ur new names...MN & Co burger baloch what a title...HIT HAI...MN & Co chaa gaye hai...

Imran Baloch said...

Heheh i am not Baloch Sardar, i dont like Sardars :P Hmm Burger Baloch is a flop name ;-) i am a desi guy with desi taste, with tribal background :)

You can call whatever names you like, if it makes you guys happy ;-)

Chhipa said...

I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!