Friday, October 31, 2008

Women Thrown to Dogs, Sheer Barbaric Killing; who’s Honor is this???

The sanctity of human body has never been valued in medieval society in dark ages. It seems world has moved ahead but medieval dark ages still looms over the so called Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Over 90% population is Muslims yet they don’t know what Islam is all about, as it used to be known as the religion of PEACE. Killing in the name of religion and social values is always justified.

I wonder, why every victim is women???????

Seems, male chauvinist pigs rule this part of territory with actions that suits their ego. Self made social rules are disgracing the sanctity of human body esp. female body.

Few months back Taslima Solangi was brutally killed in Pirgoth area near Hajna Shah in Khairpur district. It is believed that she was thrown in front of dogs before killing

She was another victim of alleged sexual relationship, she hurt the male ego and male dominated society . Her husband Ibrahim decided to kill her because she allegedly had sexual relations with other guy.

To teach others a lesson, it was best suited that first she be thrown to dogs then let her hug bullets.

Whose honor is this? Is this Islam?

Another email story I received today , it made me sad, furious, disgusting, a family was moving for dinner at BBQ in Karachi, they just parked their car, they were looted, gangster , after looting, grabbed one of women around 30s, took her by force. Her husband smashed his head with stone and died on spot and no body knows the whereabouts of the poor lady.

These gangster could have bought sex ‘easily available’, why this sheer frustration and brutality.

Aren’t we still in Dark Ages? Why women have to suffer?

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