Saturday, May 31, 2008

Manish Malholtra; Cool & Creative

It was last Kara Film Festival, Manish came along with Indian directors “Mahesh Bhatt” , Urmila & gorgeous Shilpa for private fashion show. In the evening I randomly met him in my favorite place ‘Jacuzzi’ in a local hotel, it was an awesome fashion talk, I did not know much about his creation but once he shared his fashion thoughts it was awesome.

Guy has moved so far that he is the ultimate dress designer for Bollywood, I loved to see his handkerchief design, and I saw Farah Khan wearing that. Even Kareena looks gorgeous in Manish’s black creation.

Wish he goes on the top.

High Heel Race At LUMS……Wow

It is really awesome to see different athletic practiced at LUMS. Hi heel race is an amazing idea to let girls show their athletic stamina along with balancing skills.

I was glad to know that event was sponsored by an international shoe company and grand prize was Rs 10,000.

Laughter was seen when students saw their fellow students struggling to keep balance during the race.

Cool and healthy idea…..something different.I missed it, i wish i were there :-(

Someone I know did not participate in the race because she thinks she is too old to participate. I was amazed to see hardcore Bollywood following at LUMS….ufff my God, she simply adores Salman, I am sure if Salman Khan were at LUMS she would have participated in the race: P

We Are Liberal????? Yet Conservative …..

Our society is very traditional, dominated by conservative ethos. At the same time western media influences our thoughts with liberal outlook towards relationship, social norms and to an extent culture or western dresses. Love to wear jeans and t shirt and feel liberal, without changing the thoughts because of conservative social and family influences.

At the same time, our state induces and experiments with various religious-social gamble to secure their rule. Every military ruler comes up with a religious or some kind of social baggage to confuse the nation.

Thanks to our education system, elite education system is creating pseudo Englishmen, knowing little about their own heritage, culture etc and no blame to government schools and Madressas …..They are meant to produce conservative and confused masses.

Going back to liberal yet conservative, I have noticed that people just do not get into the depth and pass judgments about people. These days especially women folks are exchanging a picture on email that shows Sherry Rehman whispering something in the ears of Mr. Zardari in a press conference in Islamabad. To many women folks, Sherry is getting too intimate with Zardari, hard for them to digest…………come on, it is absurd, on the one hand there is a big cry that women do not get their rights in male dominated society, if somebody is bold enough to climb the ladder in tough political milieu……it is a big achievement, why this mud slinging.

Some women believe that Sherry married three to four times, without knowing the background they think “Chehray Say Challooo Lagti Hay” they just forget that Islamic history is full of so many multiple women marriages. Shadi Karo Bhi Masla Hay, Nahein Karo tou People Blame She is Chaloo!!!!! She got married 3 or 4 times, what is wrong with it???? I just fail to understand, women also try to find fault line in other women’s personal affairs, why can’t they grapple successful women, they also think women bosses are BITCHES!!!!!

If a girl or women smokes cigarette we as a society brand her CHALLOOO. Yet we ignore prostitutes finding shelter in Burqa. At LUMS women smoking is acceptable norm, yet few raise their eyebrows.

We just forget, Sherry as a women political leader has shown courage…I still remember she was the Editor prestigious HERALD published by DAWN, her stand towards the terrorism in Karachi, her commitment to media reforms etc…women should be proud of her. I also know Sherry’s sister, Humaira Rehman, one of the leading professors at prestigious Stanford, contributing towards socio-political rights. One should respect other because of the contribution rather than just getting into personal affairs of so called MORAL CONDUCTS.

Why do we become moral police for society??????? Why?

If women is un-married, we just simply outcast her, its women folk who show their enmity. Enough of crying for male chauvinism please get rid of “liberal /conservative confusion” and have a life.

For God sake please stop this, no need to get into cosmetic liberalism….just live and let others live.

Disclaimer (If any of my friends reads it, just to inform, pseudo liberalism is generally observed, few examples have been quoted, no offense please.)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hafiz Poetry is Simply Ecstatic

Hafiz is an ecstatic poet, i have never seen so sweet poetry...just wanted to share.... Persian version simply mesmerizes me;

صـلاح کار کـجا و مـن خراب کـجا
بـبین تـفاوت ره کز کجاست تا به کجا
دلـم ز صومعه بگرفت و خرقـه سالوس
کـجاسـت دیر مغان و شراب ناب کجا
چـه نسبت است به رندی صلاح و تقوا را
سـماع وعـظ کـجا نغمـه رباب کجا
ز روی دوست دل دشمـنان چـه دریابد
چراغ مرده کـجا شمـع آفـتاب کـجا
چو کحل بینش ما خاک آستان شماست
کـجا رویم بـفرما از این جـناب کـجا
مبین به سیب زنخدان که چاه در راه است ک
ـجا همی‌روی ای دل بدین شتاب کجا
بـشد کـه یاد خوشش باد روزگار وصال
خود آن کرشمه کجا رفت و آن عتاب کجا
قرار و خواب ز حافظ طمع مدار ای دوست
قرار چیسـت صبوری کدام و خواب کـجا

Where is sensible action, & my insanity whence?
See the difference, it is from where to whence.
From the church & hypocritical vestments, I take offence
Where is the abode of the Magi, & sweet wine whence?
For dervishes, piety and sensibility make no sense
Where is sermon and hymn, & the violin's music whence.
Upon seeing our friend, our foes put up their defense
Where is a dead lantern, & the candle of the sun whence?
My eye-liner is the dust of your door and fence
Where shall I go, tell me, you command me whence?
Take your focus from your chin to the trap on the path hence,
Where to O heart, in such hurry you go whence?
May his memory of union be happy and intense
Where are your amorous gestures, & your reproach whence?
Make not restlessness & insomnia, Hafiz's sentence
What is rest, which is patience, and sleep whence?

Inspiratorium Says Take Daily Motivational Shower!! Hey, What’s Wrong With Pakistanis????

Last evening I got an opportunity to attend an inspirational talk at T2F, it suggested that Pakistanis need inspiration from within to make a difference and vision is sold with the brand name of ‘INSPIRATORIUM’, a talk ‘developed by a local organization development firm’.

Theme of initial preview talk was that Pakistani nation has a bigggggg problem and need to be fixed, it is not the education but change in mindset and value system can bring the revolutionary changes. Inspiratorium is an effort to inculcate new value system in the social body of Pakistani society……a passionate dream to make a difference.

Speaker also referred Japanese success story, a nation, with no resources have become economic superpower, because of their mindset. It reminded me of my recent visit to Japan, to me present day Japan is made possible because of the enlightened rule “Meiji Restoration” that ended 265 year old feudalistic Tokugawa shogunate. Pakistan has to get rid of status quo to see drastic change; it would come through political consciousness.

Inspirational talk in west is a high selling product, satisfying the need of fast paced distressed workers, exhausted by the rat race and pressure form the capitalist system.

Because of violence, distress, despair and pessimism, an effort is being made to sale the inspirational talk to hungry, shelter less, starved Pakistani hmmm or may be to sale it to fat and rich corporate sector clients. There is nothing wrong in selling any product to anyone if there is any demand. However, commercialization need to be separated from social change dream, may be it is western replica product ‘wearing social attire’ developed for corporate sector.

Anyways, during the motivational talk, I could not stop thinking about the questions such as what is really wrong with Pakistani nation. Why as a nation we are confused? And what is Pakistani identity. Thought process also reminded me of my favorite book ‘The Indus Saga’ and its first chapter ‘The Pakistani Identity’.

It also made me think that value system is developed over the period and it’s hard to change in short span of time. To me daily behavior sets the foundation for norm, leading to the creation of values that moves all the way to generations and become the part of overall culture.

It made me think that instead of daily inspirational shower, the nation needs good governance, change in system, to break the status quo, rather than being inspirational at individual level. It’s the collective political and social consciousness that brings change and it requires continuation of democracy and political process, media freedom. This may involve people in sociopolitical affairs rather than being inspirational materialist, locked in rat race and blind to social surroundings, just like a hungry consumer, churning for more I see more I need.

At times, I get to hear stupid judgments from my so called ‘pseudo intellectual’ educated friends, at times in discussion they even do not know the cultural background of Balochistan or even the geography or without knowing the basics of Balochistan, yet they pass political judgment. At times they raise slogans that may make them look cool, such as, wearing Che Guevara T Shirt, without knowing Che’s ideals.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Quality Movie; R A M C H A N D P A K I S T A N I

Last month peace niche screened the Ramchand Pakistani intro along with the short film ‘The Beauty Parlor’ followed by Q&A with Mahreen Jabbar at T2F.

I liked the Ramchand Pakistani plot based on true story, of course Nandati Das is the main cast, and how could I miss the movie. It has been released in US; hope to see it in Pakistani cinema soon.

‘Ramchand Pakistani’ is derived from a true story concerning the accidental crossing of the Pakistan-Indian border during a period (June 2002) of extreme, war-like tension between the two countries by two members of a Pakistani Hindu family belonging to the 'untouchable' (Dalit) caste, and the extraordinary consequences of this unintended action upon the lives of a woman, a man, and their son.

The film portrays the lives of a family that is at the bottom of a discriminatory religious ladder and an insensitive social system, which is nevertheless tolerant, inclusive and pluralist. The irony is compounded by the fact that such a family becomes hostage to the acrimonious.

We just ignore that two Macho State dominated by Chauvinistic ego backed by power politics extremely affects the lives of ordinary people living on borders…….i think Mahreen has made a good effort.

Nadita’s performance seems to be strong and moving…..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Physical World is Boring ???

These days Internet and cyber space is taking most of the time of our available 24 hours.

People are hooked, be it study, socializing to entertainment. It is the cyberspace that moves things fast, easy and accessible.

I Phone, with its wonderful communication to entertainment related features is the talk of the town, let us see what comes next.

Technological things are changing at mind boggling speed, it makes us confused when to buy what!
For techno guide i can always refer to my LUMS friend Mohsin, he sits in front of worth USD 1.5 million IT equipment, wears Armani shirt, Boss jeans and Windsor Smith shoes......always lost in cyber space......with his Australian accent :P

Monday, May 26, 2008

Nandita Das; To me, is Thinking Men’s Heroin

Last evening I saw Nandita on Dawn TV Talk Back, I remember she came to Kara Film Festival and she is the one who produced bold movie FIRE. I am sad to hear from people that she brings forward Sex and Violence in her movies. To me she is touching the untouched reality and there is no harm in exploring the sexuality rather than portraying sex and lust and both are different.

I do not understand why people hide things and honestly to me our society as a whole has DOUBLE STANDARD, give me a break, don’t we have homosexuality in our society, doesn’t it exit???? Why not to talk about and touch the hidden reality.

To me Hindi movies take one in the world of fantasy and have no connection with reality .Only hope is Nandita Das who comes up with thought provoking movies that has strong connection with reality.

Hope to see more thoughtful and captivating Nandita masterpieces. I love her boldness and she has very very strong self belief that makes her my Heroin.

Vulgar Consumerism & Women Abuse is Disgusting!

We have heard a lot about vulgarity but these days vulgarity of consumerism haunts me. It is enough; people are running after satisfying material hunger, relationships are based on material fabric.

Consumerism has involved people into ‘more I see more I need rat race’, this means a blind eye to political and social problems and also people are apathetic to unethical things. Be it exploitation of women, environmental abuse and social fascism.

I was surprised to see an advertisement on an Indian TV, it was about a men deodorant ‘Wild Stone’…guy walks in, bump into female, coz of fragrance, woman feels as if she is being laid and screwed by the guy then she realizes its fantasy. Guy walks out and there comes the deodorant.

Come on, give us a break, this is no way of selling male products; it is simply the abuse of the sanctity of womanhood.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Courageous Mira & Interesting Interaction in Karachi

Mira Nair, is one of the lady ‘Harvard Graduate’ I always admired, simply because of her bold and courageous thoughts.

My first interaction with her was during her last visit to Pakistan in 2007 at a local hotel and she mesmerized me a lot, awesome thought and bold lady with a charismatic dominating personality.
Her initial documentaries showed her eclectic thoughtful influences, first movie I came across was Mississippi Masala about an Indian family in US.

I like the way Mira, in her movies depicts sex and humor in thought provoking context.
Of course, my favorite movie Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love, a provocative movie set in 12th century India also directed by Mira, so is Monsoon Wedding.

I was glad to interact with her hubby Mahmood Mamdani ‘an African guy teaching at Columbia University’ and their teenage son…..last night her appearance in Coffee with Karan reminded me of my past interaction with her, wish I could meet her again.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A woman is Women’s Worst Enemy or Friend???

It is general belief that a woman is the most afraid of women….. Be it female friend or foe or even in some cases, to women…….. a woman boss is a top biatch (bitch).

I am inspired by many women but Zainab Salbi has enthralled me with her journey. She had a fallen apart arranged marriage, to find a cause; she started helping women whose lives are torn apart by war.

War is the male, egoist or chauvinist tool that always affect women and children the most and no body ever thinks about the plight of innocent and broken war torn humans.

If one looks at displaced people, there are over 35 million people and most of them are women and children. What Zainab is doing, to me she is one women trying to bring a change or make a difference.

Zainab runs a Washington based organization; she works to help women recover from the ravage of war and become active citizen by offering direct aid, job training, micro credit, rights awareness and leadership education.

At least there is someone out there giving women a voice.

Wish if we have more people like Zainab.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Final Twist Brings Man United Glory Again

It was a close and tough fight which ended 1-1 draw.....match was decided on penalty shoot outs, resulted in Man U 6 and Chelsea 5. John Terry missed the penalty, which made John tears to burst for the first made me emotional too...anyways, it is soccer it happens. But good part is that it was a tough and equal ending.

Manchester United are once more engulfed in the delirious joy of Champions League melodrama. They were on the verge of defeat in the shoot-out as the Chelsea captain John Terry came up to take the penalty that would have brought the Champions League trophy to Stamford Bridge. His standing foot slipped as he struck the ball and the effort flew wide. A failure by Cristiano Ronaldo had been cancelled out.

Basant in Nagasaki, Japan Hmm but No Mujra

We guys are just aware of Basant celebration in Lahore. Last evening I was surprised to watch a report on NHK TV Japan on “Basant” Spring Kite Flying Festival in Nagasaki, Japan. Can you guess where I watched, on the flat TV on my running machine “Treadmill” at Sheraton Health & Leisure Club.

TV was showing that every spring season Nagasaki welcomes the season with Kite flying on the beach, it is a historical practice. I was surprised to see a Kite enthusiast 70 years old Mr. Nakamura San, he is passionate about kites and he decorated his house with handmade Kites.

Even I came to know that glass coated sharp MANJA is also used in Japan, however, in Pakistan we end up cutting various necks with MANJA and also cause damage to electricity lines as well as people falling down from buildings, followed by scores of deaths.

On Basant Night, in Lahore, on the one hand all those big fat rich guys jump on the top floors of hotels and bungalows and on the other hand Big Busty Women performing MUJRA on the beat of Dhool. Drinks served and followed by happy ending during the mid night.

Wow what an amazing way of welcoming the spring in Lahore.

Unlike Lahore, Japanese Kite flying and spring welcome is more of a family event on the beach side, in an organized and disciplined way which does not require women to dance for …..fat……. hungry…… desperate…… DOGS “men”.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

English Rivalry on Russian Soil

It has been weeks i have been waiting for the day when my favorite Chelsea will meet Man U on Russian soil in Champions League final.

Good part is that i love both the teams and who so ever wins, am glad that Champions League trophy remains with an English Club.

Chelsea and Manchester United will make history on Wednesday when they meet in the first all-English Champions League final at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium. Both sides have shrugged off concerns about the pitch, which has been called "disappointing" by the groundsman.

Chelsea are confident Ashley Cole will overcome an ankle problem but Sir Alex Ferguson's side have no injury worries. United are seeking their third triumph in the competition, while Chelsea have never made it this far before. The final falls 50 years after the Munich air crash claimed the lives of 23 people, including eight United players.

Let us see who will make the history tonight....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ufff so Much of Kareena and Katrina Debate

As usual our last night dinner at Chatkharay ended up with celeb talk. Unlike females we guys do not talk about People: P we love celeb talks one may term it whatever…..

My friend gave such an interest ting description and justification of liking Kareena because to him, she has got lively face and her face has got life whereas Katrina has real beauty. Kareena is rather Shauk & Chanchal to put it rightly but Katrina is gorgeous.

Anyways, but conclusion was …………. our vote goes to Katrina for the substance……..

But somehow I have started enjoying Kareena more than Katrina in movies. Her smile along with lively face makes the difference and it affects the senses so deep that one gets mesmerized.

I am hooked to Chelsea Football Team only Katrina and Kareena talk is powerful enough to distract me: P

Monday, May 19, 2008

Exotic & Mesmerizing Kalash....Simply Awesome

Tucked away in the mountains of northern Pakistan, the tiny Kalash minority celebrate the end of winter in May each year with the Joshi (spring) festival. It is a time to give thanks for the end of the harsh weather and to celebrate the arrival of the more productive spring months. Until recently the Kalash had no calendars or watches. They work out the festival dates by the position of the sun.

The Kalash culture has survived on farming lush valleys of northern Pakistan's Hindu Kush mountain range since it was founded by settling armies of Alexander the Great.

Historians still argue over the legitimacy of the Kalash's claim, from oral history, that they are the direct descendants of Alexander's generals. Nonetheless, many happily list similarities between Kalash and Greek culture including common deities, architectural details, music and fair skin.

Whenever i see the exotic beauty, culture and dresses i get mesmerized and wonder that in the midst of extremist north a secular culture still thrives with all its beauty.
What i like the most about Kalash is that unlike most of Pakistan, where even eye contact between unrelated men and women can be taboo, the Kalash express themselves freely. Children of both sexes play together and women breastfeed in public. The Kalash often complain that their behaviour is misinterpreted as a sign of sexual promiscuity.

Hey Listen…. Stop the world. I want to get off.

I really at times think that world moves so fast that one may feel like getting off for a while

I am tired.

tired of running
tired of the struggle
tired of arguing
tired of explaining
tired of the machinations of the rich
tired of the mumbo jumbo
tired of the greedy
tired of the bored
tired of the dumb
tired of the petty
tired of waiting for another day
tired of being polite
tired of corporate crime
tired of generals
tired of taxes
tired of banks
tired of coping
tired of the silence
tired of the battles
tired of the smug
tired of the manipulators
tired of politics
tired of materialists
tired of Pakistan
tired of Karachi
tired of people
tired of rat race
tired of relationships
tired of sincerity
tired of being Mr. nice
tired of hypocrites
tired of violence against women
tired of religious extremism
tired of being tired
Hey listen……Stop the world. i want to get off.

Marriage of Convenience …Maujaaan Heee Maujaaaan

After writing about sleeping with the enemy, and after reading a lot about politics over the weekend….. I felt like writing about the marriage of convenience. After so much flirt, marriage of convenience rule the political scene. We saw Zardari and Nawaz flirting in Bhurbhan ‘signing Marri Declaration” then follow up dating in Dubai and London. Finally, relationship teetering at the brink of disaster ended.

Both of them have parted away, watchdog or someone to check former love in Punjab has appeared on the scene as governor i.e., business tycoon Salman Taseer.

It seems PPP has married to establishment, both of them understand that marriage is not just emotional attachment it is much more than that…it requires a lot of practical consideration. It seems that PPP stand on lawyers and subsequent withdrawal of cases as per NRO suggests that marriage of convenience is the order of the day.

How practical these political maneuverings are, alas who is going to convince the naïve emotional crowd “AWAAM” that interests and convenience rein supreme in material world.

Whole relationship game in politics makes me confuse and for me it is hard to differentiate between political flirt, infatuation and love.Ufffff it makes me think haaaaaaaard very hard.

I promised to myself, that I won’t waste my time thinking about the politics of Banana Republic of Pakistan but ufffffff I can not resist the temptation over the weekend…I just can’t hold it….it is always healthy to let it go :P sighhhhhh …(to my male readers only) don’t be pervert I am talking about releasing the political thoughts here ;-)

Zardari must be singing the song…Jag Sara Jag Sara Nikhar Gaya…Huun Piyar Hoa….Mauja heee Maujaaan……Hunnnn Maujaan heee Maujaan…..Sham Saweray Maujan hee Maujaan… (Waisay Kareena looks awwwwwwesom in the song, cute smile)

Enough of politics I am going to listen to the song…..….gotta move your body...Gotta move yaaa…waisay it’s a Hindi song…not English walla :P

Fear ….Pleasure…Religion & Healthy Personality

Whenever someone tries to share any instruments of fear and pleasure related to religion….it makes me think that our Stone Age fellow humans used to do the same and we still follow the similar path in a different way.

It makes me wonder and it makes me think……………Are we on the right path?

Whatever man does is activated by considerations of pain and pleasure. The fear of pain and desire for pleasure constitute his instinctive behavioral mechanism. Since death is man's worst fear, immunity from death, or eternity, ranks as the best favor.

Through fear, man began to believe that there is a god or goddess behind every force of nature such as the Sun, the Moon, the wind, the rain etc.; and if he submits to the deities they will show him favor by protecting him from disease, destruction and death. This is what gave birth to mythology i.e. the belief in superstitious gods and goddesses.

Modern religions could easily be understood and it doesn’t require similar notion of fear and pleasure…….or at least It doesn’t not require the similar notion which was practiced in the historical context, which gave birth to mythology…..

To me healthy personality is the foundation to understand the GOD…but it requires a rational sense of fear and favor. It involves training and to a large extent, control of personal behavior based on one's own free will. Since we constantly react to environmental stimuli, the healthy growth of personality requires a sound attunement of the individual to society, and vice versa.

What is healthy personality, it is the behavioral beauty of an individual, which constitutes a healthy personality, depends upon the harmonious working of one's likes and dislikes, attractions and repulsions, obsessions and vagaries, beliefs and disbeliefs and instinctive and learned judgments.

Believe you me, it is very simple notion…… to understand the religion and its importance for social balance even in contemporary world…..but so called religious pundits with tunnel vision always mislead people to acute confusion and prohibit people to question or rationally approach or understand the religion.

It is one of the worst dilemmas of our time.

I am glad at least my friends question everything and logically approach the religion and initiate healthy debate and exchange of views :-)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Festival De Cannes is Coming Up ...Aishwarya is Still Coooool

Cannes Film Fest is one of the leading global film festival....its European response to US Oscar......the Official Selection consists of about twenty features in Competition, about twenty films selected at Un Certain Regard, films Out of Competition or in Special screenings, a programme of shorts in Competition and the school films of the Cinéfondation.

Few years back we saw preety Aishwarya "Mrs Bachchan" promoting lavish love story Devdas and Bride and Prejudice. She will also appear with Steve Martin in next year's "The Pink Panther 2" and her role would be L'Oreal.

Let see who is going to win the Cannes...this time.

Believe you me she is still gorgeous even after getting married to Abhishek.....she appeared along with American actress Eva Longoria, to the opening night ceremony and the premiere of the film Blindness.....

Cutie..Don’t smile too much

I was surprised to read that a German psychologist has warned “professional smilers” such as flight attendants and shop assistants that too much forced smiling can cause stress, depression and even heart problems.

It’s unlikely to become a major health issue though - German customer service isn’t renowned for its friendliness. Too much professional smiling carries health risks, a German psychologist has warned.

Constant smiling can be bad for your health if you’re forced to do it as part of your job, for example as a flight attendant or shop assistant, a German psychologist has warned.

The stress caused by having to flash one’s teeth at customers can lead to depression, high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.

Pakistanis are so stressed up, they do not smile even Air Hosteses or sales girls....if they do, they may invite troubles from the horny Paki males the same time less smile mean low bad health effect ...its a win win situation for Pakis.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Honey I will be Late: Airport Queues ‘longer than flights’

It was ironic, last week when i was flying from Lahore to Karachi, there was a long queue at the airport gate, towards the airport took me longer to drive then to check in and reach the boarding lounge.

There was alot of brawl and few passenger started scuffle because of impatience and they were running short of time to catch the flight.

Everywhere across the world, people are working hard to improve the processes, make the life easy and hassle free and also cut cost...but who is going to teach the ...nation with Stone Age systems...i beleive people from ancient Moen Jo Daro or Textile or Harrapa would give a big smile to Pakistani nation.

Sleeping with the Enemy !!!

It is one of the worst ever choice one could opt for ...that is SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY.....I am not talking about the famous Julia Roberts Movie.........Ironically Pakistan's leading political party historically had brutal encounters with pakistani establishment and today it seems they are not willing to annoy establishment.......
It is ironical in the extreme, nay a tragedy of unimaginable proportions, that the Pakistan People’s Party which has suffered by far the most at the hands of the establishment — its founder cruelly murdered on the gallows, his daughter cruelly assassinated in broad daylight, Asif Zardari himself locked up for years on end, its workers lashed mercilessly — is playing right into the hands of its mortal enemy. Ours is an ill-starred country, folks. Mainly because so few of us stand up to be counted. So serve us right I suppose.

Let us see how long the honeymoon period is going to last and sleeping with the enemy would go sour.........
Whole situation reminds me of Faiz Ahmed Faiz poetry......Ham Bhi Dekhein Gay...Lazim Hay Kay Ham Bhi Dekhein Gay.....
Let us see, what is being tested in Pakistani political laboratory in the midst of double digit inflation, poverty and hunger...... & what would be the fall out.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Japanese Gardens are Awesome

During my March 08 trip to Japan, my visit to Hibiya Park near the emperor's palace truly mesmerized me. I was amazed to see the Ikebana flower setting and the Japanese love for nature and beauty.

Japanese gardens in traditional style, can be found at private homes, in neighborhood or city parks, and at historical landmarks such as Bhuddhist temples and old castles.
Some of the Japanese gardens most famous in the West, and within Japan as well, are dry gardens or rock gardens, karesansui. The tradition of the Tea masters has produced highly refined Japanese gardens of quite another style, evoking rural simplicity.

In Japanese culture, garden-making is a high art, intimately related to the linked arts of calligraphy and ink painting. Since the end of the 19th century, Japanese gardens have also been adapted to Western settings.

Japanese gardens were developed under the influences of the distinctive and stylized Chinese gardens.One of the great interest for the historical development of the Japanese garden, bonseki, bonsai and related arts is the c. 1300 Zen monk Kokan Shiren and his rhymeprose essay Rhymeprose on a Miniature Landscape Garden.

I miss those gardens and wish if we also had so much love for nature and landscape.

Adventure Trip to Gwader..Wild Wild South

I always think, that wild Pakistan offers so much adventure opportunities yet we are not exploring it. Balochistan is like the Wild Wild South "West ;-)", Gwader could offer amazing adventure trip...awesome coastline along with blue sandy beach.....if one drives a four wheel on coastal highway passing Ormara, Pasni and Jewani all the way to Gwader provides an amazing opportunity to experience the adventurous Balochistan.

It is all peaceful and inviting rugged mountains, one would forget about Dubai desert safari.
Gwadar's location and history have given it a unique blend of cultures. The Arabic influence upon Gwadar is strong as a consequence of the Omani era and the close proximity of other Arab-majority regions.

It is worth trying a culture cum adventure exploration opportunity....camping could be one option to try along with beach BBQ and bonfire or one could stay at comfy PC Gwader.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Hundreds strip naked for Spencer Tunick ....Awesome Installation Art

I love art, it has very subjective boundary one may find various parts of art as vulgar or revealing. In the past we have seen nude sculptures, all across Rome or Europe and few of Renaissance master pieces also reveal human body. It is form of express which depicts the freedom and nature. Even ancient Hindu temples depict tantric and Kamasutra related statutes.

To me I have one word to define Spencer Work, Superbly Natural and Abstract…..

I am one of the die hard fans of installation artist…..Spencer Tunick, the way he captures the group of naked human bodies on street or at public places….is simply abstract.

He is best known for his installations that feature large numbers of nude people posed in artistic formations. In these images the nude form becomes abstract due to the sheer number so closely placed together. Known as installations, they are often situated in urban locations throughout the world.

One thing I like about Spencer, while capturing the abstract nude subjects he always has three requests: no sunglasses, no smiling, and no underwear.The latest work by New York photographer Spencer Tunick gathered 1,840 people, baring it all in Austria’s Happel Stadium on Sunday. It was “Stay very still. Don’t move,” kind of work and crowd followed. Much of the hours-long photo shoot had little to do with soccer, with naked volunteers assuming different poses at the behest of the artist.

Whole artistic experience is simply amazing .

It reminds me the exotic installation art ....way back......presented by NCA artisit Mr Jamil Baloch at Gaddani. He depicted the hunger and poverty of locals in the midst of mega Balochistan.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Man U Clinched Premier League

Finally over 10 months long wait ended when Man United defeated Wigan Athletics by 2 goals...On points table we guys were expecting that at least Chelsea will have equal points and on goal score basis Man U would win but unfortunately Chelsea ended with a draw in the last match with Bolton W.

After 38 matches, Man U earned 87 points, clinching the prestigious title and Chelsea ended up with 85 points.

I was supposed to offer a grand treat to my friends if Chelsea had won but unfortunately not....lets see both teams are meeting on 23rd in MOSCOW in Champions League final...I expect Chelsea would make us happy but John Terry and Drogba, both are injured....But if you are looking for the single biggest reason why the trophy is staying at Old Trafford, then an individual has to come to the fore - Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.

The Portuguese maestro's 31 league goals did not just make him only the fifth man in Premier League history to reach the 30-goal landmark. They also proved crucial in helping Sir Alex Ferguson's men finish top of the table - Chelsea simply did not have a goalscorer to match.