Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stop Judging! Stop Bitching !

Lately I had an interesting discussion on relationship, one of my friend shared interesting thought “if one summarizes all interpersonal problems, he or she ends up with one word “communication gap”.

For sure, talking and listening are probably the most important ingredients in healthy relationship. There'll always be tensions and disagreements, but if one communicates well, he or she can overcome almost any problem.

In terms of relationship I classify myself the failed person yet aspiring to learn with every mistake and failure.

Furthermore, an interesting discussion we had in one of the behavioral sciences interactive session, important thing I always consider is that we people always have our judgments about people and situations. These judgments are always subjective perceptions, mostly wrong and usually results in complicated thoughts, lethal & poisonous for healthy relationship.

At times I think how come people have so much time to Bitch & back bite …isn’t it true “life is too short to be nostalgic” !!!!


moetesum said...

Here it goes....Hearing is through ears which we can easily do it and most of the time do it, while listening is through conscious efforts with full mind and thought process into it. For this reason we have hearing aids and not the listening aids.....how is that for a change and its a real life fact...... Anyway communication gap is there in relationship and will persist as along both are open to one and other and take criticism more openly. It takes ages to develop a true relationship and that to though open communication. So my fried here comes into action the MC/MP classes, feedback, openness, ability to manage oneself as well the other and last but not the least Change management little bit at personal level to achieve harmony and peace.

Imran Baloch said...


Wow full time business stuff.... you got ready made LUMS MBA kick ass stuff :)