Thursday, November 20, 2008

People in Pakistan Love Poking Their Nose in Others Affairs, WHY !!!

I have written in the past and feel like writing again; we Pakistani never learn to mind our own business. Poking nose into others affairs seems to be the best available hobby and time pass.

In every other thing we bring the religion, talk of morality but when it come to human connection, we forget everything and start moral policing, passing judgements & envy of others.

It reminds me of another story, Stephan Covey shared, he says, “There are two kinds of people, Deficient Mentality DM & Sufficient Mentality SM. DM people think that every resource is scare in the world, if someone gains something, he or she may be the victim or loser, seem like a Zero Sum Game, other people are SM, they believe that planet is bestowed to human being with abundance, if someone gains, it has nothing to do with his or her gain or loss, everybody runs their own race”.

At times I just think for a moment, if one starts noticing or getting influence from people, start acting the way sick society want every human being to act, people would stop having their control over their destiny, the way they want to live, complete loss of freedom.

I am glad that God has given us thoughts, or upbringing, that we tend to enjoy the freedom, live the way we want, keep blind eye to sick society.

On my drive back home, I was sharing the same thoughts with my friend, her thought really inspired me and for a moment I thanked God that I am glad and lucky that I have got such awesome friends, with complete belief in personal freedom of thoughts and action.


moetesum said...

Now Now come on do not get annoyed, you should get used to all this. See the people your referring to have twisted life of their own and the remarks may be made to basically convince put their thoughts or ideas at the right place any ways do not have any idea rather i am not familiar with the context so i will skip and say that live a happy life, do not get carried away with these weired remarks and kick them aside.

Imran Baloch said...

Moetesum, good boy, nice thoughts....motivating feedback....