Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Women Needed to Test Chocolate :-)

Ohhhhhh wow.......Scientists are looking for women prepared to eat a bar of chocolate every day for a year. Even few of my friends would also have volunteered but suddenly they have become weight conscious :P

Researchers at the University of East Anglia in Norwich need 150 volunteers.The aim is to test the theory that chocolate can help women with type 2 diabetes ward off heart disease after menopause.

Polo Lounge Food, Lums Graduate, Flag is Up Farm

Whenever i get fed up with studies, serenity and awesome food at Polo Lounge in Lahore energizes my vigor....its awesome to see horses and complete green calm in the middle of Lahore...simply great..

It is an amazing idea or brainchild of LUMS graduate Hina Khar and Asma Ramday....

To me Polo Lounge is a palate pleaser.

This is a place for people with discerning taste who can appreciate good quality food and (upscale) environment.” Not unexpectedly, the lounge is a regular haunt for polo players and socialites.

Whenever i go i always fall for dishes some of my favorites are ;

The saddle prawn, Stuffed chicken and the avocado and jocca cottage cheese salad (avocadoes, fresh button mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber, cottage cheese in Italian vinaigrette on a bed of Iceberg lettuce topped with jocca cottage and parmesan) .

Steaks are another hot seller. The carpetbag steak (classic fillet of beef stuffed with shitake mushrooms, onions and cheddar cheese served with béarnaise sauce)

The décor is just as delicious as food,the floor is dark mahogany and the bar a deep burgundy. Whole feel is simply comfy and cozy.

More i go more i miss the food....

This week there has been alot of talk about horses, i was surprised to hear the discussion in my LUMS class regarding the Flag is Up Farm "MAN WHO LISTENS TO THE HORSES (Top Corporate Executives Trained at the Horse Farm simply amazing) ...it is amazing to see the demo how a person communicates with wild horses and friendly body language breaks the horse and brings the intimate connection.....we humans simply forget the non verbal bodily gestures in our day to day connections with family and friends.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Habib Jalib's “Main Nay Kaha” Reminds Us That We are Stuck in the Past

LUMS Web Blog posted a nice music video of Habib Jalib poetry written in late 60's against a military dictator , each word is still valid and reminds us that we are stuck in the past....

Lyrics are so powerful..... and video is thought provoking .....


Habib Jalib -
Mainay Uss Say Yeh Kaha
Shahram Azhar - Vocals
Taimur Rahman - Music
Mahvash Waqar - Backing Vocals
Taimur Khan - Director Producer
Dita Peskova - Assistant Director
Jamie Mill - Recording Director
Laal & Taimur Khan - Music Producer
WIDEi Films - Production Company

Doggy Style is the Best :-) :P

I adore fashion so much, love to see trendy people........ but this week cute dog fashion show truly mesmerized me......

Guess, we should learn from cute dog to be trendy :P

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lahore Gone Wild and Weird

Surprised that such ads are pasted on Kalma Chock….it shows the height sexual frustration……adv speaks volumes about our society.

LUMS student hangs himself

Committing suicide for bad grades is alarming....it reminds me of my first few sleepless nights of SOP at LUMS, virtually taking us to the point of nervous break down...sigh....nightmare....

I think it is high time for LUMS to think over about benign tools to impart education rather than coercing with hardcore CP pressure.............

I am sad to read following news;

A Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) student was found hanged in his dorm room on Tuesday. He was a BSc fourth year economics major. The police said that Hashir Munawwar was from Karachi and lived on campus at LUMS. They said that Hashir was having trouble with his grades. Sources said Hashir had been expelled from the university over his grades. Hashir’s mother called him on his cell phone on Tuesday, but he did not answer. She called his younger brother, Aqib Munawwar, who was a second year student at LUMS to check on his older brother. Aqib went to Hashir’s dorm room (No 111 in M-1 Hostel) and found it locked from inside. Aqib told the hostel warden to open Hashir’s room, which he did. Aqib and the warden found Hashir hanging from the ceiling fan with a wire. Defence ASP Ayaz said that because of his poor GPA the university administration wrote to his father, Col (r) Munawwar Hussain, who scolded Hashir. This happened a couple of weeks ago. He said that the police did not find any evidence of foul play. Awais, a LUMS student who knew Hashir, said that the deceased had spent five years at LUMS even though he was enrolled in a four-year programme. He said that Hashir had not graduated and his grades were troubling him again. He said that LUMS would conduct a press conference on Wednesday (today) in this regard. staff report

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Short Memories & Burning Karachi

It was 9th of April, I was busy with my business trip in Lahore, everything was going fine, around 4 in the evening, suddenly my colleague started receiving calls that Karachi is burning again. Her family was worried, if everything was fine in Lahore, similarly I also started receiving phone calls from home as well as friends and getting updates.

Everything was going fine, it was evening, and we were desperately looking for Subway after hectic back to back meetings across Lahore. We found subway just in the front of Levis factory outlet at PECO Road. Got rid of hunger and had nice and cheap shopping at Levis factory outlet.

On my way to Avari, I got a call from an American World Bank consultant, met at the Lahore airport and we were staying at the same hotel. Around seven we departed for early dinner, also joined by Ann, she was also working on a World Bank project, Polo Lounge restaurants green serene surroundings made me completely forget the disturbing events just happened in my city. Mushroom Steak along with Walnut Cheese Cake was the treat of the day after hectic business trip. They also talked about the violence in Karachi; we casually talked and forgot all, once reached at the hotel.

When I tuned in the TV, it reminded me about the horror stories of burning lawyers… when I got up, straight ready for Faisalabad, once reached, Serena Hotels red bricks fascinated me….during the meeting, one of the leading businessmen again reminded my friend and me that how sad the event unfolded and he wondered how we guys are living in violence prone city……his words sounded to us as if we are living in Columbia, Ivory Cost or Mogadishu. After the meeting, we just forgot all and were busy with divine dessert and cake trolley, looked amazing and taste was awesome. My friend forgot about her calories and she engrossed deeply, trying all sort of Cakes, made by the top class chefs of Serena Hotel.

Next day, we had a full day session at plant located at Sheikupura Road, after meeting, during the lunch; my friend and I were asked similar questions regarding the violence in Karachi.

My friend replied “We Have Short Memories”, it made me think and it is so true that life just moves on, we just do not feel the wound as if whole society is put on an Anesthesia.

When we reached Karachi, my friend smiled and whispered “welcome to violence prone Karachi”, I smiled back and I again realized…… yes, without short memories, it is simply impossible to sustain a normal life in BLEEDING CITY.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shahi Qila, Mughal Aaraam Gaah, Pamela Anderson & Durex

Last week, i had hectic business trip to Lahore and Faisalabad; in last few days, one of my foreign colleagues also joined the trip. Before departing to Karachi, we had few hours, and thought of exploring the historical Lahore.

A few nights before, we had an opportunity to have dinner at Cuckoos Den located in the Red Light Area of Lahore, it reminded me of the Japanese party area called Roppongi.View of historical Lahore is really awesome from the restaurant rooftop, when I looked around, I found Badshahi mosque, a Sikh Temple and Fort along with the historical red light area.

It made me wonder about fascinating architecture and religious harmony.

My colleague cum friend was truly infatuated with Lahore; however, I have already fallen in love with the city. She was amazed to see the infrastructure change in few years, it was different city altogether, her last visit was six years ago. I explained her that it is because of unfair fiscal revenue disbursement formula on the basis of population; most of the revenue generated by Karachi and resources utilized in Balochistan goes to the populated province of Punjab. Thanks to Karachi tax payers money, the beautification of Lahore was made possible….hmmm am not brining the provincial biases here, am i????

Our visit to old Lahore was fun; we were fascinated to see the fort, imagining the 17th century life. Visit truly took us back to the old Mughal movies, Akbar, Shahjahan, Anar Kali, Nezza, Teer Kaman, Hathi, Harem, Dewan E Khas o Aam, Shesh Mahal etc.

Rich tradition of Mughal architecture always fascinate me, but during the visit I felt deep down sadness, because such a historical asset (Sheesh Mahal, Alamgiri Gate, Naulakha pavilion, and Moti Masjid) are neglected, even a small Senso Ji Temple in Japan attracts thousands of people and adds to revenue. Historical painting or murals along with precious gems are in shabby condition, stupid people sleeping all around, and a billion dollar asset simply turned into a garbage yard.

My friend convinced me that it is the mindset on the top that does not understand the worth, however these same people in Dubai, follow the rules.

Our depressing visit was turned funny, when our tour guide took us to many many bedrooms AARAM Gah/Khawabgah of Emperor Jahangir. We started thinking that dude used to sleep all around, he built nothing but many many bedrooms. Of course, to sleep with many wives and kaneez, I guess he was working hard to increase the mughal generation. These guys were oversexed, hobby was to build houses, eat, sleep and have sex.

There was a Lady Fort Wing, only women were allowed, but emperor had a bedroom, with an awesome view of lady Jacuzzi (Hammam)…
We were fused with one week business talks, we started thinking from the business perspective, we wondered if durex condom manufactures were present during that era….say if factory was located where present day Menar E Pakistan is built….i guess they could have generated a lot of business and For LUMS MBAs dream job could have been “Marketing Manager” Viagra Division. Oh God, company could have generated a lot of revenue and of course employees would also have enjoyed 100s of annul bonuses heheh.

I also thought of Pamela Anderson, if she were born in walled city of Lahore, she could have been one of the most famous Kaneez “fort female workers”. When we saw stairs going to the basement, there was no support or safety railing, I read that emperor used to ask kaneez to stand on stair steps on the both side and he used to hold the Bo**s to come out of basement bedrooms. Pamela could have been the best Kaneez, emperor could have got the best grab and awesome sensual support. Hehehe.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Arbab Rahim (Black Crow) , Slap on the Face & My Obsession with Bollywood

Today is the darkest in the history of Pakistan esp. for the Sind Assembly. Former Chief Minister Arbab Rahim known as “Kala Kawwa Black Crow” was beaten badly by men and women, slap on the face, shoes and chappals on the face.

I fear, Karachi would never witness peace in near future, coalition government may not sustain in SIND, and showing off of guns would possibly start soon.

I wanted to ignore yesterday’s hooligans but today was the day when civilization was laughing on the immature nation of Pakistan. Be it educated middle class leadership showing guns on 12th May or be it Army killing innocent men and women in Balochistan and Waziristan or wrath of Chaudharis in Gujarat.

Ufffffffff my obsession with politics is never ending, I promised to not to bother about anything, simply Pakistan is a Banana Republic and nothing serious happens.

Anyways, I am trying to divert my attention towards the beauties of Bollywood especially Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor. Both cuties are fighting to take the lead in the race of the most expensive actress. Kareena signed a movie in Rs 30 mill and Katrina is not behind, signed two movies in Rs 60 mill, both produced by TV18. Who so ever takes the lead, both are sizzling hot; they attract the guys, even towards the dumbest movies such as RACE. Am planning to watch RACE, not because of the movie plot but to have glimpse of Bollywood cuties and rare beauties.

Talking about Bollywood masala is relieving and soothing, otherwise I would have been juggling with my thoughts, thinking about non serious Pakistani political stuff, sigh…..

Intellectual Masturbation

Hey guys I am not talking about usual masturbation that 99% of normal guys do, either during shower or in bed.

Over here, I am talking about another kind of masturbation that is called mental masturbation it is “the act of engaging in impractical/nonproductive mental exercise/thinkings/writin gs through which a practitioner only comforts oneself mentally. Such acts don't lead to any constructive results what so ever in the real world; some might even imagine oneself being transformed into superman, or simply the opposite sex, etc.In short, it's just bs/crap”.

These days so called enlightened, moderate sitting in drawing room, Jacuzzi or at coffee shops just talking big ideas or thoughts, most thoughts lack the context and background, just engage into superficial intellectual discourse.

It seems a non productive exercise with no base, just dwelling in the world of imagination, for self gratification. Masturbation could be the analogy to use for these so called pseudo intellectuals, self enjoyment for mental orgasmic thrust.

To me these so called intellectual sounds like mind wankers, mind masturbators.

They are such a queer; they stain me by their Intellectual Jizz!!!

Why women do not prefer ‘gentlemen’!!!

Japanese are one of the politest people on the earth but it was strange to find out that women do not prefer gentlemen, was little surprising to me!!

Women are complaining, hey guys take you chivalry, it is not wanted. Was surprised to read Japan Times that, disgust expressed by a 20 year old women as she recalls a man offering her his seat on a crowded train puts it in a sour nutshell: "What's he think I am — pregnant?"

Another woman complains that “It was our first date, and every time we got into the car,", "he'd hold the door opens for me. Why all the fuss? Surely once is enough!"

Some of the women even think that enough is enough; kindness pushed to extremes oppresses more than it soothes.

A 22 year old student recalls "Once I got sick at my boyfriend's house,", “I'm in the toilet throwing up, and he's standing right outside the door: 'Are you OK? Are you all right?' Well, no, I'm not OK, since I'm throwing up! I do appreciate his concern, but can't he let me puke in peace?"

I wonder how Pakistani women be thinking! Guess Pakistani men are smart enough to not to push extremes on kindness!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Koffee with Karan- Stunning Madhuri

Last night it was exciting to see Madhuri on Coffee with Karan. Stunning beauty bid farewell to Bollywood six years ago, she is back on the screen. She is appearing in Yesh Rajs movie Aaja Nachle, it is great to see her back, and she is the most gorgeous actresses with cutest smile.

I still remember her awesome dances and memorable performances be it Dil Wallay Dulhanya Lay Jaeegay or Eak Dou Ten dance in Tezaab….for Madhuri it is like yeh dil mangay more…….

She has kids, still in shape, still real stunning lady, she looks captivating, hmmm I guess 40s charm is awesome.

My Sundays were usually filled with boring political talks with friends and political talk shows on TV. Boring news, Arbab Rahim beaten by PPP Jiyalas etc….

This time I thought I should get into the lighter side of life, stopped being dumb boring intellectual, who is just complaining about stupidities in Banana Republic of Pakistan.

This time I enjoyed Soccer and loads of Indian stuff, great to see Madhuri as well as after a long time got to see Indian beauty pageant contest. These Indians seems stunning, its skin deep or real beauty but truly mesmerizing to see.

It was fun to know about Madhuri’s departure from stardom to a normal life, she is truly enjoying shopping, scuba diving, jet skiing, mountain biking etc.

Nothing goes right on Pakiland, Indian light talks are good respite to look at the other side of life in our neighborhood.

First Camel Beauty Contest in Abu Dhabi

Big Booty Liza, Slim Cinderella, Big Busty Tall, Cute Smiling Nancy

Respect and animal beauty was the theme of the contest so that younger generation could understand the value and respect for animals.

After reading the text in Khaleej Times, I started thinking; in Pakistan we do not treat humans with respect what to talk of animals!
Anyways, the United Arab Emirates has held its first national beauty contest for camels with a prize fond of about $27,000 (Rs 1.7 mill) and various trophies for winners.
Organizers believe that, the aim is to mark the respect and love the UAE have for the camel. Camel was the best companion during the pre-oil era, and the competition in Abu Dhabi would help to pass that feeling of respect to the younger generation.

The contest was held in four categories - adults, individuals, under 2 years and the camel studs, with two winners each pocketing top prize of almost $2,000.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Romantic Lahore – Truly Fallen in Love

I visit Lahore almost once in every quarter to attend my Executive MBA classes at LUMS and at times business trips also provide me opportunity to be in Romantic Lahore.

Lahore is truly a romantic city and it always leaves me mesmerized, it is fascinating and hospitable.

Lahori architecture esp. walled city gives immense pleasure and excitement. Jahangir’s tomb and various historical monuments enthrall me.

I envy Lahori buildings and Rohtas make me deeply fall in love with Lahore again and again.

Lahore is my academic abode and to me it is like second home. Apart from city, Lahori girl’s charming beauty is also exotic.

Food is amazing, whole city’s craving for food seems larger than life.

Not to forget, I have also discovered a EUROPE in Lahore, not many people know about the underground mega fun.

Etiquette & Manners Police in Japan

In my recent trip to Tokyo I was amazed to know about Japanese “Etiquette & Manners squad”.
City hires etiquette squad to shame commuters guilty of chin-ups and golf swings.

I raised my eyebrows and various thoughts started jumping in mind and for a while I compared Pakistani social manners with Japanese, gap seemed to be huge.

A young woman applies her makeup, pouting into a handheld mirror as she adds the finishing touches to her lips. In the next seat, a young businessman bellows into his mobile phone, and across the aisle, a middle-aged "salaryman" executes chin-ups on an overhead handrail, blissfully unaware that his overcoat is brushing the legs of the woman seated in front of him.

A montage of life on a Tokyo commuter train this week - and proof that the Japanese, supposedly the most courteous people on Earth, are forgetting their manners. Decrying the decline in standards of public behaviour is a favourite pastime the world over, but in Japan the hand wringing is not confined to stuffy social commentators.

A new survey by the Asahi Shimbun daily found that nine out of 10 Japanese believe manners have deteriorated to critical levels - a trend that in recent times has prompted requests for MPs to refrain from texting during debates, and for broadsheet readers to fold their newspapers on rush-hour trains.

As they witness a rising incidence of "carriage rage" and other displays of un-Japanese conduct, many Japanese are wondering what has become of a society in which just about every social interaction was governed by a time-honoured code of conduct.

Japan is, after all, a place where business cards are exchanged with both hands and accompanied by a bow of appropriate depth; where a simple "Excuse me" can be delivered using one of several expressions; where blowing one's nose at the table is near-unforgivable; and where people over a certain age conclude phone calls with a respectful bow to their unseen interlocutor.

Members of the Smile-Manner Squadron, most of whom are well over 60, hope to embarrass young miscreants into vacating their seats rather than allow them to nap or, more commonly, to pretend to be asleep, while those in greater need of a rest are left standing.

The 11 enforcers - officially known as "manner upgraders" - will wear bright green uniforms so that they can be easily spotted by offenders. Each will be paid about £7 a day and accompanied by a younger bodyguard in case a snoozing salaryman takes exception.

If Japanese etiquette squad works for one week in Pakistan, I guess they would end up putting millions of Pakistanis on shame.

No sex, thank you ... we're Japanese

Last month I happened to be in Japan “not on a study tour to conduct a research on Japanese sexual behavior” J it was a business trip.

It was surprising to discover that Japanese salary men are over worked, over stressed and under-sexed. I came to know the Japanese men ordeal through Asahi Shimbun ‘famous newspaper’

Long hours of working can result in sexless marriage ….

According to a new report by the World Health Organisation, a quarter of married couples in Japan have not had sex in the past year. The problem worsens with age.

The Japan Society of Sexual Science deems a marriage 'sexless' when a couple go for a month or more without having sex and does not expect the situation to improve.

People trapped in sexless marriages blame long working hours, a claim backed up by global surveys of sexual activity conducted by Durex. According to the condom maker, Japanese couples have sex 45 times a year, well below the global average of 103 times.

Can you guys imagine just 45 times sex in a year? Isn’t the charm of sex lost in tiny Japanese island as compared to oversexed Pakistani society?

According to one study a fifth of Japanese husbands say they are bored with intercourse, while about 15 per cent say they are simply too tired. A similar proportion of women agree that the spark has gone out of their love lives, although fewer than one in 10 blames their lover's poor performance in bed.

Pakistani population is growing so fast that its going to be among the top most populous countries of the world, at least in something we would be competing with the world. Thanks to poor guys in village, working day and night for the country.

I guess in future Durex can find a good market in Pakistan, provided it changes positioning to low price and low quality products and introduces innovative flavored products for rural population to experiment.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Falling in Love with Perreo Dance

Dance is a form of expression, the feelings communicated by the body…. Perreo dance is not unknown to Cuban and Puerto Rican but in our society many may raise their eyebrow to Grinding Dance.

Historically, this type of dancing was also the first type of back to front aka (Cheek to crotch) dancing that was seen in Cuba. With focus on pelvic thrusts from both parties.

I love it because; it is a rare form of dance in which the woman takes the lead. This idea was appealing to some woman, placing them in charge of the sensual experience for both parties who take place in this exotic expression of self.

Perreo has been seen as a departure from classical from front-to-front dancing (salsa etc.) to back (woman) to front (man) dancing.

Some dancers argue that this puts women in control…but whole experience of PERREO CHACALONERO!DIRTY DANCING rocks.

Lost in Chaos

Living in a society with non conformist views requires a lot of courage. Knee jerk reactions to non confirming thoughts especially in our society are common. Religion and sex dominates the value system, creating lots of subliminal chaos and weird artificial interaction leading to suppression of natural behavior, as a result, it develops a society with fake behavioral balance sheet.

Our society feels and looks beautiful vis a vis ugly western world. Hypocrisy, violence against women, male chauvinism, gender biases, unethical behavior always gets a social as well as moral cover rather gets a make up with extreme make over to hide the unwanted ugly spots.

At times, skeptics feel lost in social chaos, but yet they struggle and try to live and follow natural course of behavior with strong value systems…….they also try to find small little oasis to breath in social suffocating chaos.