Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pakistan; A Global Taboo, an Outcast, Will be Forced to Act Decisively!!

Everyday passes with any terrorist event anywhere in the world, blame goes to Pakistan and all links connected to Pakistan. It seems Pakistan is becoming a global taboo and it is feared that US & world power would further pressurize & force Pakistan to act decisively.

As per media, Indian captured terrorist has revealed that a group of terrorist entered in Indian Gujarat from Karachi, trained by LASHKAR E TAIBA in Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister asked Pakistan to send ISI chief & our Foreign Minister has already cut short Indian trip.

Here are news heading in Indian Urdu papers......

Pakistan always dreamt about having Afghanistan its subsidiary, subservient, providing strategic depth.

US blame Pakistan infiltrating into Afghan & neighboring India through supporting proxy terrorists.

I just wonder, as a nation “if involved or not” can we really afford such adventures all across the region.

What will be impact of Indian nightmare on Indian Muslims???

Can Pakistan afford to respond to Indian & US military might??

Every blame affects ordinary Pakistani, who travels across the globe; it seems we as a nation are becoming a global outcast.

I fear Indo Pak relations will touch nose down, future of Pakistan in the midst of regional power pressure seems bleak. Hope sanity prevails before it is too late.

On the other hand US & Indians have to play a productive role in vanishing the insecure feeling of Pakistan so that a trust could be built for a better DAWN.

Anyone cares? Anyone thinks?

Lastly, i just want to share my lament, i always adored Tata dynasty, one of my favorite book is also about Tatas "Creation of Wealth". Sad to see 1880s great monument burning & bleeding.

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Liz said...

Obama wants to stabilize the situation and get Bin Laden. he will exercise diplomacy but military strength as well.