Saturday, October 11, 2008

Young Days Lost in the Dust of Fear; Anybody Listening???

Fun and frolic seems to be a distant dream for Pakistanis. In the past it was common belief that if someone got money can maximize the fun and frolic. Today, country is engulfed with suicide bombing, be it rich or poor both are fighting the battle for survival.

Fun and frolic has simply disappeared in the sand storm of extremist politics of 21st century and it is fought on Pakiland.

Last evening, I had an awesome chat with my friend at Indulge Park Towers, over a cup of coffee, she shared interesting thoughts about her recent LONDON trip and so did I, shared my Tokyo trip.

When she said, Imran look at our weekend, we are planning Karahi Gosht ‘only food’ or no plans coz of fear, on the other hand in London, people in groups standing in queues in front of the clubs and bars, to enjoy every bit of weekend.

In disgruntled tone, she mentioned, over here our prime age is being wasted in fear and boredom.

Similarly, in Tokyo, over weekend guys and girls flock in groups on an island party area to have blasting fun after hard working week.

I am sure, present pathetic plight of the quality of life in Pakistan kills the creativity and shuts the doors of progress, this may be catalyst for the negative activities, and all kind of drugs may find en-route.

My friend was not optimist so was I, let us see how this drama will unfold and how long will it take us to get rid of this mess.

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