Saturday, February 12, 2011

Facebook; Thanks for Egyptian Revolution, Who’s Next?

Facebook is synonymous with social interactions; never knew its potential of toppling despots. Last month Tunisia was falling out of blue, we thought it’s just a random event and may not have spill over effect. We never knew that Arab world was burning deep inside like volcano until we saw thousands of people on Egyptian streets.

One may wonder, tyrants like Mubarak controlled socio-political dynamics in the country for thirty years, how come leaderless crowd gathered on streets and eventually toppled a dictator! Answer is, the youth power & electronic social interaction platforms such as facebook and twitter. Today Egyptian society feels proud about its tech leaders such as Google Executive Mr Wael Ghonim and twitter guys such as @sandsmonkey etc.

The best part about Egyptian revolution, it was bloodless, not very violent as Mubarak & his policemen tried to make it after killing about 300 people. For 18 days ‘revolution in making’ was televised from Tahrir Square, we were glued to TV as if something was happening on the streets of Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad. Whenever someone thinks about Egyptian Revolution, one may not forget ugly scenes such as camel and horse brigades’ attack on peaceful protestors, worst of all, the stone throwing and firing around Tahrir Square!!!

To me Egyptian Revolution seems like a beginning that may eventually challenge despots across Arabian World be it Morocco, Jordan, Yemen, Saudi etc

It is the best moment in the history of any country when people chant “Now We Feel Proud to be Egyptian”, a country’s stature & image changed by youth power & facebook.

I wonder how Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg would be feeling after Egyptian Revolution.

Tomorrow is great Pakistani poet Faiz’s 100th birthday and Egyptian revolution reminds me of his poetry;

- Hum Dekhain Gay -We shall see
- Lazim Hai ke hum Bhi Dekhain Gay -It is necessary that we shall also see
- Woh Din ke Jis ka Wadah Hai -That day which has been promised
- Jo Loh-e-Azl pe Likha hai -Which is written with God's ink
- Hum Dekhain Gay - We shall see

Finally Pharaoh let his people to go…thank you Moses!!! Many more Pharaoh’s are around, many more Moses needed!!!!