Monday, December 8, 2008

Maradona Mania Still Alive; We Love You.

Diego Maradona is one of the person I adored since childhood, he is my hero, my icon, my ideal; he is one of the most adorable character I have ever come across in my life.

While growing up, to me he was the person used to bring smile on my face, early 90s world cup loss against Germany & Maradona’s cry, made me burst into tears & sleepless.

His relationship with Hugo Chavez, Castro and political ideals simply sets him apart from the rest of the football heroes.

He is people’s hero, people call him GOD, & he is!

I am glad his legacy still thrives and mania and frenzy still alive. His recent Indian visit attracted 100,000 people. People forget about Mumbai terror attack & Maradona brought healing smile on the face of ordinary public.

BBC reports “Hordes of autograph-hunters and photographers broke the police cordon at the stadium and mobbed Maradona before he ran on to the field to display his ball skills. Hundreds of young footballers, doubling up as ball boys, rushed in to touch his feet or embrace him”.

"He is God for us, so we touch his feet," said schoolboy footballer Kajal Das.

Maradona was showered with gifts - a golden boot, a golden ball, a full statue of him in his blue-and-white Argentina jersey and much else.

Amazing thing happened was, he set Calcutta on fire, what one would expect Football, Politics & Maradona Flamboyance :)

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