Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Two Sticks from Barack Hussein Obama for Pakistan!

Democracy is the beauty of USA, a country, provides equal opportunities to people from across the globe.

You may wonder what two stick means here in the context of Pakistan and Obama. Well, I am mentioning two carrots would be there for Pakistan, one for eating and other one to put it deep down the Arse.

Obama said he is willing to strike Al Qaeda targets inside Pakistan, adopting a tough tone. He is willing to continue the war on terror fund “carrots in the mouth” and also continue hot pursuit and drone attacks on FATA “carrot in Arse”

It was funny to see ordinary Pakistani to believe that Barack Hussein is going to make a difference for Pakistan; he got Muslims roots etc, fail to understand that US policy is not for few years. Grand strategy is well focused and developed by think tanks.

It is must for Pakistani to stop supporting religious extremists “as alleged”, stop interference in neighboring countries, and remain democratic and responsible.

Pakistani must understand that world is not going to accept the adventurist Pakistan, marching ahead with nuclear black marketing.

Now time will tell how much carrot would be in the mouth and how long for the other end.

It is really a defining moment the way Democracy marched in US, it is transition and change. I am sure Democrats are the hope to take the great country in future, marching with more human, capitalistic and democratic principles.

Americans have given equal chance to all to make a difference in choosing WORLDs PRESIDENT "Obama, an African American".

It is the victory of freedom, victory of American dream & victory of world .Obama secured his position in history, am sure change is coming to America.

Hard to see JC Jackson in tears, really unbelievable.

Viva Obama, Viva US.

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Liz said...

This was a victory for America on many levels. First it is a sign that ugly racism is behind us and second it was the end of the Bush administration that is now the most hated administration in American history. Bush used fear on the American people and eventually America caught on. Many believe Bush and Cheney are war criminals for what they have done to innocent civilians and American service men and women. Americans don't care that Barack's middle name is Hussein. Millions of Muslims live in the US. We just don't like the ones that pal around with Bin Laden and threaten the US and her allies. With the election of Obama, America and the world has hope again.