Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bindas………Rakhi Sawant Make Over!!

To me Rakhi is bold and sexy with Bindas attitude……too daring, funny and lovely doll.

I wonder what makes Rakhi so cool; people don’t like her because she exposes a lot. I love one thing about her; she is honest, true and original.

She struggled a lot to reach to stardom in spite of hard childhood.

Male calls her cheap girl and item girl. They love her body to satisfy their sexual libido but to them she is item girl.

OMG people think Rakhi is a boy went through enormous plastic surgeries….simply absurd.

But Rakhi went through lips silicon therapy and she agrees that if God doest give beauty, doctor can hmmm I am not sure if she has also used silicon somewhere else ;-)

One thing I like about her, she is blunt and outspoken, and Rakhi simply rocks and she dares to be different….that makes her my lady: P You know what, she uses Manish Malhotra collections too...

At times, I feel Malaika Sherawat is sexier than Rakhi but I would go for Rakhi, at times she reminds me of Tokyo Roppongi club girls.

Hey Nelson; Uncle Sam Says....You Are Not Terrorist .....

US has finally accepted on 90-th birthday of Nelson Mandela' great freedom fighter who struggled against the white rule in South Africa' that he is not a terrorist.

US kills millions of innocent men, women and children in Iraq, Afghanistan and else where yet distribute certificates of terrorism.

On the other hand Pakistan fights for the rights of Kashmiri freedom fighters but denies rights to Balochis.

Pakistan army kills innocent men and women on Marri Hills and Kohl0u, yet to them Baloch movement for struggle is terrorism....

At times i think, how subjective the contemporary world is!!! Fail to understand what is right and what is wrong....
Power realism rocks.

World has not forgotten the US terror spree on the streets of Vietnam and everyone still recognizes the picture of naked girl running for help to save her life from US bombing and attack.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tour De Sindh….Truly Mystic

I love reading about cultures and enjoy the cultural monuments. Today, I had an opportunity to see Sindhi national game, Malakharo, it is response to Punjab’s Kabadi and similar to Japanese SUMO.

It is a wrestling in Sindhi style, Sindh loves sufi saints and every year Sufi Urs ‘birthday’ is celebrated with Malakharo, feast and Qawali and mystic festival at Sufi Shrines.

The Malakharo is wrestle between two opponents; both try to topple the opponent on the ground, showing the power and tricks. When a Malh “person who plays Malakharo” wins he gets the reward from guest as well as crowd.

After Malakharo, everyone gathers at the shrine to pay homage to saint. Qawali, Mystic music along with Dhamal takes over the night…..

It is fun experiencing the Sindhi culture in the suburban town of Karachi. A good respite from the hectic material life of Karachi.

Sushi Addiction OMG

I thought my friend JOHN is hooked to Sushi, ofcourse Mona is another Sushi aficionado but when i read about Anne Hathways churning for Sushi, it was a big surprise for me.....

She is willing to get hooked to only one food rest of her life and that is Sushi. Here is the story

If Anne Hathaway had to eat just one food for the rest of her life, it would be sushi. The 25-year-old actress insists the dish is healthy and versatile. “You can prepare it in several different ways and it is so healthy,” says the star of ‘Devil Wears Prada’. About her second choice, the health-conscious Anne says, “I love broccoli with brown rice.”Anne was in celebration-mode this week as her ‘Get Smart’ beat other films at the US box office to become the largest grossing film of the weekend. The film beat stiff competition from the likes of Mike Myers’s ‘The Love Guru’, which was released at the same time, and the biggest box office draws of the previous two weeks ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and ‘Kung-Fu Panda’.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Disgusting Sexual Harassment!!

I just fail to understand, why people resort to disgusting sexual harassment and in most of the cases victims are women and at times men.

If one is interested in having a relationship with someone, there are dignified and acceptable ways but opting for harassment is mind boggling.

If one looks at the definition it says “Sexual Harassment is any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature." however on the other side, flirtatiousness, hormones or sexual desire is not forms of harassment.

World is opening up, yet people want to fulfill their desires through unwelcoming sexual advances…simply disgusting.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Rich Russians, Poor Russians

Soviet Union is just the past phenomenon, never thought things would change so fast...and Russia would become more capitalistic than capitalistic west.

Interesting report published in NY Times......

The New York Times reports about a water aerobics class at a hotel in Antalya, Turkey, built for Russian tourists to resemble the Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral

This week, two articles once again bring Western readers’ attention to the growing wealth of many Russians. While Sean Guillory of Sean’s Russia Blog writes about the bottom 15.3% of the Russian population that survives on less than $95 a month, The New York Times delivers some amusing reporting on the growing flocks of Russian tourists abroad. has photos of a $25,000 set of vodka bottles and descriptions of other extravagant luxury items that many of the 200,000 wealthy Russians residing in London like to buy.


Edhi on Begging Mission in Balochistan, Why?????

I was sad to see so called philanthropist Edhi, sitting on the streets of Queeta on a begging mission to generate funds to run his charity. I have no issue the way he is running his charity, he has love for human being, he even goes all the way to Lebanon to help affected Muslims, be it Kashmir or Palestine, Edhi is always on forefront.

I lament saying that recently Pakistan air force bombing resulted in internal displacement of over 100,000 men and women across Balochistan. Families are living a helpless life, no food and safe drinking water. Kids having filthy water and resulting in kidney failures.

There are scores of international relief call across globe by leading global organizations.

I just want to ask, where is EDHI when men and women displaced across Balochistan, they are shelter less, no food and no water…..if Edhi can go to Lebanon why cold attitude toward innocent people of Balochistan who are facing the military wrath of Pakistan army.
Our friends even contacted Edhi for relief effort but deaf and blind if people of Balochistan are not come Edhi is on begging mission in Balochistan??????

I am also sad that so called Pakistani educated people are blind to international reports who are crying that Balochistan is facing the worst state terror. I feel sad when people call defending Balochis a terror group.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Past Haunts…… Its Irksome Feeling……

I have learned to live in present and to enjoy every bit of life, every minute, every hour, every day…. enjoy and live to the fullest. ….also learned to agree that life is too short to be nostalgic.

Also learned to develop a personal value system that is based on the belief system of being original… being true to self and to others no matter what society thinks. Listen to inner voice and act upon inner vibes.

At times one may feels as if one is being detached from reality, being individualistic and living in a shell of self denial and social isolation….but to me happiness lies in being true to self and listening to inner voice.

At times I struggle with relationship, materialism and past vague vibes leading to emotional agony.

I have also learned that every relationship is like a journey, one meets other… on the way, talk, share and part away when destination arrives. Move on with another journey and meet others, keeps going…..

But at times one feels that it’s the journey of lifetime ……leading to same destination and one continue with other as partner…….bitter reality check suggests that it is naivety ….material quest reign superior over emotions, intangibles and care….thoughts change, plan change, worth change…..

We live in a material world, human worth is measured with the length of the car, house and digits on salary slip as well the organization and designation…. how cruel the material world is!!!!!! Believe you me it is a nasty reality check. Hmmm it is called bitter truth known as practical way of living.

Past has made me scared of taking initiative in any future relationship......

At times I think…Hey world please stop, I want to get out… are too material…and I am too humane to live in material milieu.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Math of Porn and your career !!!!! Why Japan???

There is an interesting report regarding the over porn employees.......well, Pakistan is the most sex starved nations but Japanese what happened to you guys???????? just read this story in prestigious Guardian UK Newspaper..

The (usually august) IHT reports on the Japanese civil servant demoted for accessing porn sites 780,000 times during office hours. Reading on, that's 780,000 times over a nine-month period, and 170,000 times in July alone.

There were 22 working days last July, so that works out at an average of 7727 times a day. Let's assume a man with this attitude to his work doesn't massively overdo the hours; say nine a day; that's 858 times an hour, which is 14 times a minute. So, now the big questions: Who can open 14 web pages in a minute, let alone look at them? Who's supplying this man's broadband? Where do I sign up to this internet service provider?

SKIP THIS BIT: The report isn't very specific, so it could be that the figures are for browser requests - if he's downloading pages with a lot of images, especially if they're delivered by different servers, we could well be looking at a figure of more like one page every two minutes. Which still doesn't leave much time for luxurious enjoyment of the visual magnificence of the human body. Alternatively, my sources tell me that porn sites sometimes load popups of other sites behind the main browser window, but this man sounds as though he would be a sufficiently experienced web user to get around this.

TUNE BACK IN AGAIN NOW: But what I really want to know is: Demoted? Demoted? How much porn do you have to look at these days to get sacked?

Is Pakistan an Army Welfare State?

Every year budget over Rs 250 billion is allocated to defense, apart from other luxuries and Rs 50 billion on pension 'that goes to civilian budget' and who knows about our nuclear adventure expenses. Poor is getting poorer but who cares?????

Can’t we live in peace with India and stop fooling people that your security is more important than your bread. Will eat grass and make nuclear arsenals.

Don’t we learn that Soviet Union, a nuclear armed nation collapsed when there was not enough food to eat at home….

Was Pakistan conceived a National Security State or a National Economic Welfare State….

These pictures speak volumes …….about the present day Pakistan…..

Monday, June 16, 2008

Going Italiano after Tokyo Drift

After adding eight kg weight, my friend John is running after me to put on more weight. Trick is simple; he wants me to try exotic global food more often.

Tonight we tried Japanese cum Italiano food, where else of course at Kozmo. I have already become die hard fan of thin crust cheesy Pizza, I tried Margarita Pizza with olive, chicken mushroom. You know what, I have become a big Paitooooo :P, believe you me, i had 8 pieces of regular pizza all alone along with appetizer.

Ufff so filling, thanks to 7 up with lime, I was envious to see foreigners enjoying their meal with chilled beer. John could get a chilled beer for me but for that he wants me to try Korean food...John, that is unfair :-(

John has become exotic he went ahead with Sashimi, Shaki sashimi prawns and abe maki sarada…whatever…..but I saw him enjoying his meal with soy and wasabi sauce and Japanese ginger.

But let me share, this was the yummiest pizza I have ever had, the best part was, we went inside the kitchen to ask the chef to make it in front of us and we also took some photos.

Wow, good thing is, we are making every bit of dine out a memorable experience…..dude it costs but worth it.

Aren’t you feeling hungry after reading my yummiest food talk;-)

A Big Wow for Indians and Awesome Creation of Mahindra Scorpio

Tata pioneer Jamsethji and Rattan have already inspired me a lot, I am mesmerized the way they have created wealth for the nation. Tata biography is one of my favorite books. List goes beyond Tata, Dheorbhai Ambani of Reliance is another figure I adore a lot along with BIRLA & Godrej Family.

Today I came to know about Mahindra & Mahindra, the Indian Vehicle & Tractor manufactures along with host of other businesses. What I like about Anand Mahindra ‘the CEO’ when he came back from Massachusetts to join business, he gave importance to INTEGRITY the ETHICS that is the driving force behind the USD 5 billion company. To him other things are easy to handle and secondary but future of a company holds with the integrity.

They have introduced Indian SUVs in US market, selling 40,000 vehicles is a big success; I am very much convinced that it is ethics and integrity that drives Indian organizations forward.

I was glad to see Harvard writing a case study on Mahendra Scorpio SUV, the success behind the company that set up production house in just USD 150 million and car designed by a 26 years old IIT student.

On the other side I look at Pakistani business houses, the Textile Tycoons and other businessmen ‘Robber Barons’ , the overall mindset and treatment of workforce and appalling business standards make me feel pessimist about Pakistan. Hardly expect to see Pakistani giants on global scene.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Falling for Sushi & Wasabi Sauce

I have always been open to foreign food experiments, at times my friend call me “You & Your Exotic Things”.

Karachi is facing scorching heat; swimming is the only respite in humid summer. Few days back one of my gym friends “John” he is Pakistani but looks like a Russian, offered me to try Japanese food at Kozmo, Sheraton. Restaurant is just across the pool, where I was swimming, so hungry and desperate to try something Japanese after coming back form Tokyo.

My friend wanted to eat sushi and we sat on sushi counter but I wanted to try Tappanyaki ‘cooking food using iron griddle’ It is live and interactive cooking.

Shef was from Philippines, he prepared the counter for Tappanyaki, I tried meat Tappanyaki with rice and Japanese salad followed by Yakitori ‘ my love’.

Here come Sushi, my friend actually acquired the taste for raw fish but It was my first time, was struggling but excited. So far I have learned to eat with chopsticks but raw….hmmmm never been comfy.

When we received Sushi plate, looking really awesome. Sushi is vinegared rice, usually topped with other ingredients, including fish, various meats, and vegetables. Outside of Japan, sushi is sometimes misunderstood to mean the raw fish by itself, or even any fresh raw-seafood dishes.

Finally I discovered that Sushi is basically vinegared rice and corrected my notion of raw seafood dish.

Initially I was struggling but when my friend asked me taste it with Wasabi and soy sauce ‘green bit bitter’ and with Japanese ginger…..taste was really awesome, simply different and delicious.

I also enjoyed the garlic with assorted breads……

One thing was missing the glass of Beer ‘its Pakistan my friend ….sighhhhh” otherwise it was fabulous.

Next experiment is the Korean food, going global with my friend as far as food is concerned….

Lets see what comes next…till then wait.. Kozmo guy handed me over pair of chopsticks to try at home for next time hehehe

Sunday, June 8, 2008

“Stupid…..For Education, Go to China, Africa……. But Not Faisalabad”

I was stunned to read the news that 23 students of Punjab Medical College Faisalabad were kicked out from College because there were Ahmedis/ Qadiani. Out of 23, about 15 were girls and college alleged them of preaching their religious views in medical college.

Let me ask few questions to our fellow SUPER HUMAN BEING ‘MUSLIMS’;

Well, if Ahmedis were preaching their religious view…fine…is the Muslims belief in Faisalabad so weak that anyone can convert them. We are talking about professional Muslim students in a medical college. It did not happen somewhere in a small town in Jhang or in Daska or in Cheecho Ki Malyan or in Changa Managa.
Why our Pakistani brand of Islam force people in a large city like Faisalabad to treat people like SHOODAR ‘untouchable’ because of their belief.

If Prophet Muhammad ‘PBUH’ could get into truce with Christians and Jews and sign the Madina Pact to guarantee a peaceful neighborhood, irrespective of religious belief. Is Faisalabadi brand of Islam different from that of Arabia?

Pakistani poor population suffers from basic medical facilities and per capita doctors is the lowest in the region. Can we afford if 23 professionals kicked out in the middle. Who will suffer???

How hard it is to get into medical college and to stay there and spend years for a future….it is painful to be kicked out in the middle and it results in shattered dreams. Be civilized and humane please.

If this is how things should be, then we Pakistani should not have any right to get into US or European universities for higher education because we have different religious views that of US and European Christians. And also if any Pakistani offers prayer in the Western Countries then they should be jailed, put behind the bars!!!!! Shouldn’t they?

For God sake leave aside the politics and think like a civilized society. Enough of the use, abuse and misuse of religion and please do not confuse people with vague religious moral policing.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Serena, Love Your Body….But Men Are Horny

French Open is dominating the sports scene; there are friends who are obsessed with female tennis player esp. Ivanovic etc. Guys do not like to see William sisters and find them manly, muscular. What I like about these sisters, they are original, they adore their bodies irrespective of muscles and big butt yet they try cool fashion trick on the track.

I love people who are original from inside and glad to see NIKE poetry on loving your body.

My Butt Is Big
And round like the letter C
And ten thousand lunges
Have made it rounder
But not smaller
And that's just fine.
It's a space heater
For my side of the bed
It's my ambassador
To those who walk behind me
It's a border collie
That herds skinny women
Away from the best deals
At clothing sales.
My Butt Is Big
And that's just fine
And those who might scorn it
Are invited to kiss it.
Just Do It.

I just fail to understand, being horny once in a while is normal but cracking jokes including sex, showing frustration with sex related words, feeling good is expressed through sexual thoughts, viewing women with sexual goggles and sending 8 sex related emails out of 10 informal email exchange among guy friends. No wonder my friends say MEN ARE LIKE DOGS. Some of them even wake up horny and continue all the day....disgusting.

Anyways, i think ultra horny thoughts are the by products of closed society backed by confused religious justification of curbing nature.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hey Japanese Speed Up Bathing to Save Energy & Mass Bath in Lahore Canal

Speedier family baths could help Japanese cut their burgeoning energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Japanese households consume less energy than their US and European counterparts, but consumption has been sharply increasing.

Families should not only shorten their daily showers by a minute — a common recommendation in the West — but should try to take baths in quick succession,.

I was just wondering in Pakistani context, we do not have energy, what to save…no energy means no water….it means on average low per day per person bathing rate….wow….thanks to our government load shedding leading to energy saving and no water leads to water saving….

In Lahore, people along with buffaloes take mass bath in canal......we as a nation conserve water and energy.

How creative we are !

Monday, June 2, 2008

Brain Fart..

Lately i came across group of people just enjoy talking about other people. It is somehow is a hobby across our society. Ufff it is so common among female, they enjoy bitching around....but i am glad that all my female friends do no spend time bitching around.

It is so disgusting and yuck......just talking and talking in the back of people.

Have a life is too short to be nostalgic.
I am putting a women pic, because most of the Paki women are like that...except my friends ;-)

Positive Feeling

Don’t you feel good just by looking at this?!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Aitebaar; Zeb & Hania’s Cool & Fresh Rhythm….Mature Broken Relationship

I have always found Zeb & Hania’s voice fresh, modern and cool and I am excited to hear that their first album is being released with the title song Aitebaar. I have high hopes for the song because it’s directed by famous and creative Saqib Malik, hair and make up done by Tariq Amin and wardrobe by Deepak Parwarni.

Another reason I am waiting for Aitebaar is because it is a song about a relationship ending in a very mature way. Here is somebody who is reconciled to the fact that it is over and they are at peace with themselves. They can now think back in retrospect and deal with it in a very different way.

Zeb and Hania in black dress with light make up and light rustic stone jewelry look so cool. Let’s see, what Saqib is displaying, because video is shot at his old family house.

Captivating Peeru’s …Am Missing Lahore

I remember during my last visit to Raiwand Road Lahore, I made a brief stop over at Peeru’s Puppetry Museum & CafĂ©. I loved the idea ‘originated by Usman & Samina Peerzada’, Peeru’s a place 25km away from main city, surrounded by green farmland, cool atmospheres and delicious BBQ food. Music shows are also frequent features, to me it is Lahore’s Arabian Sea Country Club.

Amazing puppets from all over the world, simply makes the place unique and different. I find Lahore, place, people, and food way too different from Karachi. Lahore is inviting, appealing yet my friends term Lahore a Punjabi city, they do not like ethno-centric towns… me it is very dear and tempting.

I wish I were part of recent thrilling music show at Peeru’s , came to know that bands such as MHB, EP, Rubber Band, Overload, Lemon Fuzz, Jal, Ali Zafar and Noori showed enthralling performances.

I wish I were there… missing Lahore :-(