Thursday, October 23, 2008

When I Took Off Shalwar……..Then I Got to Know, It is Bloody Hindu Conspiracy!!!!

Hey don’t get strange ideas about the title; it is recent blogpost of Muhammad Hanif, the author of the book “A Case of Exploding Mangoes”.

It was very interesting & intriguing blog, I thought of sharing the crux.

He writes, when every other news predicts the future & current affairs program starts inviting astrologists, then how an ordinary person would think!!

Obviously people will come up with conspiracy theories and blame Jews for the pitfalls of Muslim and furthermore they believe that in every Jew there is a staunch Hindu resides deep inside his thoughts, rather they try to find out shrewd Hindu inside every Jew.

He refers that an old man in Karachi believes that “people who are killing on the name of religion, are not Taliban. How could people, who offer five time prayers, with long beards, kill their brother Muslims?”

He believes that who so ever is killing the Army in Fata are not Taliban. It is actually Indian conspiracy!!!!

That old man further says “when army kills those Taliban’, obviously army scrutinize the dead body, when they take off Shalwar, they find, Oh Gosh, they are Hindus”!!!!!!!!

He further says that “History give evidences, that such nasty things could only be the brain child of a bloody Hindu!!!”…… he ends the talk.

Well, frankly speaking, I found these thoughts common over here, blaming everything on others, at times its Jewish Conspiracy and mostly it is Indian/Hindu Conspiracy.

I personally feel, believe me, in present state of affairs, we don’t need any enemy……there are enemies within to do the wonders!!!

Waisay, haven’t we stopped thinking, we always come up with conspiracies, rather than addressing the root cause. We are blind, dumb, and thoughtless or we have become too much individualistic and no time to think about society and poor people all around.

Give it a thought, you will find conspiracies every where… every discussion.

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