Sunday, November 30, 2008

No Country Takes Toilets as Seriously as Japan !!

Lately I was sharing my Japanese trip experience with few of my friends, I shared one thing “when it comes to lavatories, Japan is step ahead of the rest of the world, no country takes toilets quite so seriously as Japan”.

Today I was browsing BBC news for an update on post Mumbai showdown, I came across an interesting article titled “The art of the toilet in Japan” it reminded me of my stay at Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. Toilet having flat screen satellite TV along with many many other weird digital options: P At times I also joke around with friends that if any guest needs massage in Japan, a lady comes out from a pipe fixed nearby the changing area hehehe.

The surprising thing I experienced was machines with heated seats, built-in bidets and a dynamic range of flushing options are almost ubiquitous in homes and public buildings.

BBC article shares an interesting story, it says in general life is fast, esp salaried men are stressed in Japan, one such guy recently published poetry, he says "The only warmth in my life is the toilet seat," he mourned heheheh.

The interesting thing which I never shared with friends, these lavatories can do much more than keep you warm. One even sends a tiny electrical charge through the user's buttocks to check their body-fat ratio. Hey my weight conscious friends, you count on import option & it’s worth it: P

Over here, we are just aware of Panasonic consumer electronics but in Japan well known master of the modern loo convenience is the Panasonic Corporation.

BBC guy shared his interesting visit to Panasonic showroom; he saw, there was a loo that glowed in the dark and another that had built-in loudspeakers.

Surprisingly the booming market for luxury loo is ageing women, never knew women could fall in love with luxury tetchy loo, I thought they only love shopping for personal care & dresses. However, these days guys also in personal care stuff :P

Another interesting fact BBC guy shared that there is also a dark underground trade in DVDs filmed in ladies' toilets by hidden cameras, and only last week a man was arrested for placing "spycams" in the lavatories of a girls' school.

He also shared that most of the time, though, the Japanese are happy to think of a toilet as their comfort and their friend.

Friends, lastly, let me share another fact through this blog post, I also experienced an interesting loo greeting, when I slowly walked towards a loo, it automatically raised its lid to greet, and that was awesome.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fearful Mumbai Pigeons; Facing Terrorist Wrath

It has been few days everybody is focusing on Mumbai ordeal, I was sad to read the ordeal poor pigeons had to go through. It is well known that Taj Hotel is the gate way of India, just in the front area, pigeons welcome the incoming people & people love to take pictures with friendly pigeons along with historic Taj in the background. Every day, lots of people feed these friendly pigeons.

Pigeons were the ones who witnessed the killing spree from close, sound of blast, fear, blood, anger, cry, they witnessed all. Once the Operation Cyclone was complete, there were dead pigeons all around along with injured ones. It is not the people of Mumbai faced the wrath; Pigeons are also going through the ordeal, pain, fear and loss.

People were surprised to see fearful & grieved pigeons, for once everyone realized it is not the people who go through the pain but animals and birds are also sensitive.

I just wonder, these pigeons may start assembling in front of Taj so will people; all will forget the horror and move on. However, one question really bothers everyone, this time fear will remain in the minds of people for a long time.

Pigeon are the ambassadors of peace, yet they had to face the terror, isn’t it ironic?

Pakistan; A Global Taboo, an Outcast, Will be Forced to Act Decisively!!

Everyday passes with any terrorist event anywhere in the world, blame goes to Pakistan and all links connected to Pakistan. It seems Pakistan is becoming a global taboo and it is feared that US & world power would further pressurize & force Pakistan to act decisively.

As per media, Indian captured terrorist has revealed that a group of terrorist entered in Indian Gujarat from Karachi, trained by LASHKAR E TAIBA in Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister asked Pakistan to send ISI chief & our Foreign Minister has already cut short Indian trip.

Here are news heading in Indian Urdu papers......

Pakistan always dreamt about having Afghanistan its subsidiary, subservient, providing strategic depth.

US blame Pakistan infiltrating into Afghan & neighboring India through supporting proxy terrorists.

I just wonder, as a nation “if involved or not” can we really afford such adventures all across the region.

What will be impact of Indian nightmare on Indian Muslims???

Can Pakistan afford to respond to Indian & US military might??

Every blame affects ordinary Pakistani, who travels across the globe; it seems we as a nation are becoming a global outcast.

I fear Indo Pak relations will touch nose down, future of Pakistan in the midst of regional power pressure seems bleak. Hope sanity prevails before it is too late.

On the other hand US & Indians have to play a productive role in vanishing the insecure feeling of Pakistan so that a trust could be built for a better DAWN.

Anyone cares? Anyone thinks?

Lastly, i just want to share my lament, i always adored Tata dynasty, one of my favorite book is also about Tatas "Creation of Wealth". Sad to see 1880s great monument burning & bleeding.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hoping for Hope…Do We Have Right to Hope?

Yesterdays' Mumbai attacks terrorized everyone across the globe; people are in shock and awe…….traumatized!! Horrific to see, the way innocent people were murdered by cruel and inhuman animals.

Today, while reading Times of India I came across an interesting article, question was how long it does take people to get normal after a disastrous ordeal? Do people have right to hope??

Article says “Under normal circumstances, it's natural to lose and regain hope, because no one mood can last eternally in any of us. But what happens when you are a victim of a terrorist attack? The angst of losing a loved one, the trauma of being a hostage or the apprehension that your family may or may not come home tonight ...some experiences are so painful that it seems as if all hope is lost.

"But nobody can live without hope, even if it were only for the smallest things which give us satisfaction, even under the worst of conditions. Without hope, the tension of our life towards the future would vanish, and with it, life itself.

So, do we have a right to hope?
Is there justified hope for each of us, for nations and movements, for mankind and perhaps for all life?
Do we have a right to hope, even, against hope? Even against the reality of death?

You may be living through a terrible trial right now, but even though you feel as if darkness has defeated you, there is a way to regain your and it is only positive thoughts & HOPE itself….

Hoping for the hope in the dust of disaster is need of the hour……

I just want to say to people “hope makes us reach out to family and friends and to make plans for
the future. Hope is energy, so don't let it go!".
I pray, God gives our Indian brothers courage to accept the loss & move on with hope for new & prosperous DAWN.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crotch Groping Security Search & Weapons of Mass Destructions!!

Today I went through the weirdest crotch groping security search at Faisalabad Airport, I was furious and disgruntled with the security search experience. The way they were doing the crotch groping search, for one minute I thought they probably suspect and believe that I might be carrying weapons of mass destruction in my underpants to blast the Airplane.

When I first entered the airport, went through initial security search, on the left side there was toilet with no Urinals, after using, I was again asked to go through same security search , that was the first weird encounter.

Believe you me, you will get surprised, airport lounge had separate space for pets: P I came across cats, it reminded me of Japanese Airport. I thought I may see some puppies and dogs around but could only see Haji Sahibs all around.

Waisay, everybody is Haji Sahibs in Faisalabad, it is the trend, if one does one thing, and everyone follows…hmmm societal pressure. In terms of business dealing its funny, they keep aside their Knighthood “Haji Title” and start doing all kind of unethical things, they need not to be blamed, and it is our national character “Twin Faced, Mask Wearing Pakistani Nation”.

I was disgruntled with airport lounge experience, just before landing I went to toilet for face wash, closed the doors, here comes the weirdest bang on the door, one bang, second bang and last was big, I thought guy may break the door, so I opened the door, I guess guys was dying to get the oxygen through using the occupied toilet with force. Hmmm, its not his fault that’s what army does, they bang with force and grab the prime lands all around even though those lands may be public property.

Crotch groping experience made me wonder, if I had to land in Peshawar, security search may start with deep down butt search :P after all its security, one can not argue, irrespective, they grope your crotch or finger deep down arse to make sure weapons of mass destructions are not hidden.

Funny country , funny people & all this only happens in Pakistan.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stop Judging! Stop Bitching !

Lately I had an interesting discussion on relationship, one of my friend shared interesting thought “if one summarizes all interpersonal problems, he or she ends up with one word “communication gap”.

For sure, talking and listening are probably the most important ingredients in healthy relationship. There'll always be tensions and disagreements, but if one communicates well, he or she can overcome almost any problem.

In terms of relationship I classify myself the failed person yet aspiring to learn with every mistake and failure.

Furthermore, an interesting discussion we had in one of the behavioral sciences interactive session, important thing I always consider is that we people always have our judgments about people and situations. These judgments are always subjective perceptions, mostly wrong and usually results in complicated thoughts, lethal & poisonous for healthy relationship.

At times I think how come people have so much time to Bitch & back bite …isn’t it true “life is too short to be nostalgic” !!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pakistan is Facing One Real Danger, You Know What????

Pakistan is facing one real danger; it is one of the replies of the Lebanese origin French participant of 25th World Performing Arts Festival held in Lahore, he mentioned “Who so ever “GIRL” you see you fall in LOVE…wow ...that was scintillating, dazzling and awe inspiring reply.

Lahore beauty and charm has always mesmerized me, my LUMS visit always make me engrossed, lots of distracting & killer beauty all around, make you visit Lahore again and again.

Apart from Lahori girls, Lahore’s historical preserved buildings always make you fall in love, especially in the surrounding of old walled city.

Cocco's Den Restaurant, food, ambiance, bold paintings are one of its kind, it gives you the flamboyance of past of Diamond Market “Mughal Era Brothel”.

The owner Iqbal, always adds his creative pieces and thoughts to make the visitors fall deeply in love with the place. Mughal era architecture especially the Badshahi Mosque along with Lahore fort are so grandeur and inviting , one just can not avoid the scenic beauty from the top of the restaurant.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

People in Pakistan Love Poking Their Nose in Others Affairs, WHY !!!

I have written in the past and feel like writing again; we Pakistani never learn to mind our own business. Poking nose into others affairs seems to be the best available hobby and time pass.

In every other thing we bring the religion, talk of morality but when it come to human connection, we forget everything and start moral policing, passing judgements & envy of others.

It reminds me of another story, Stephan Covey shared, he says, “There are two kinds of people, Deficient Mentality DM & Sufficient Mentality SM. DM people think that every resource is scare in the world, if someone gains something, he or she may be the victim or loser, seem like a Zero Sum Game, other people are SM, they believe that planet is bestowed to human being with abundance, if someone gains, it has nothing to do with his or her gain or loss, everybody runs their own race”.

At times I just think for a moment, if one starts noticing or getting influence from people, start acting the way sick society want every human being to act, people would stop having their control over their destiny, the way they want to live, complete loss of freedom.

I am glad that God has given us thoughts, or upbringing, that we tend to enjoy the freedom, live the way we want, keep blind eye to sick society.

On my drive back home, I was sharing the same thoughts with my friend, her thought really inspired me and for a moment I thanked God that I am glad and lucky that I have got such awesome friends, with complete belief in personal freedom of thoughts and action.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ladies Dream Boy, Seductive John Dominates Planet Bollywood

Guys, enough of serious topics, I am already strained due to hectic LUMS, today i thought of writing something for girls. None other but John could attract more blog traffic esp. for female readers.

I do browse bollywood spicy stuff once in a while. I was surprised to read that John Abraham is the girls craze these days; every other web site posting hot pictures of John, ultimate eye smoothing sight for girls.

In the past Jacky Sheroff was known to be ladies men, that was the last seductive craze I came across but John has extreme seductive appeal for girls as I browsed spicy readings. At times I wonder there are so many girls used all over the world to provide respite to hungry male libido. Here comes the bollywood creativity with ultimate girls focused stuff, surprised to read about his showing off the BUTT Cracks. Am sure girls & gays would have watched the movie back and forth with quick and constants rewinds.

Be honest, haven’t you watched back & forth: P

I was having talk with my Lahori friend, she told me that she goes to bed early so that she could fantasize about John, see him in her dreams. Wow, that’s the ultimate craze, guy is lucky, am sure days are not far when he would be the girls’ kings of planet Bollywood.

Today I heard two females saying “John is the Gods creation for world peace” & “John is the best eye candy” ….

John don't come here, female will bite to death.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Untouchable Women; Sad Story of Wazeeran Bibi

I was sad to read the story of 40 year old Wazeeran on BBC; she is being treated as untouchable, no body interacts with her, her kids are taken away, her kitchen is separate, she has been put in quarantine. She says in depressing voice “I am suffering from HIV AIDS”.

Her husband died two year back because of AIDS; it is likely that he was the one, who transmitted the disease to Wazeeran.

It is reported that in Sindh, there are 2,354 registered AIDS patients, out of every 7 men there is one women who is suffering from AIDS

Pakistan is spending a lot of money on Aids awareness program but it is sad to see the plight of poor Wazeeran bibi, people call her BADNASEEB, EVIL, some of them call her BITCH.

She didn’t know that HIV can transmit from husband to wife; she is still hopeful and searching for a doctor who could cure her disease and get her out of social and physical quarantine.

It is sad that lack of awareness is creating disastrous consequence for poor patient…..doesn’t she need support or healing hand…..

It seems society is DEAD, not one thinks!!!

It reminds me of the sentence my friend shared “it is the worst thing to live as women in Pakistani society”.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Awesome Balochi Norwegian Fusion Music Concert

I always love the Balochi Norwegian duo, fusion music. Rustam Mir Lashari along with Abdul Rehman’s master Banjo skills are awe inspiring.

Just wanted to share my favorite song, simply cool.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama's Family Moving To Washington

I received following pic email, what do you guys think? Is it right to make fun of a person who challenged the status quo and made a difference in becoming the president of the most powerful country of the world.Well, racial biases will remain but change is knocking hard on the doors of globe. Hey guys get out of surprise and accept the change. Reality is bitter, get the hell out of ostrich syndrom.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lahori Accent, Insecure Karachi & Lust for Food :-)

Whenever I am in Karachi, I end up with Lahore- Karachi debate with my friends. Karachi is my first home and Lahore is second “LUMS my academic abode”

Apart from Arabian Sea, Karachi is a cosmopolitan city yet very very insecure. One can not think of carrying expensive cell phone, mugging and cell phone snatching is so common that even congested main roads are not spared.

Insecurity of Karachi sucks, whereas in Lahore, it is not that bad, people roam around late, muggings is not common, it is peaceful life as compared to crowded and chaotic Karachi.

However, charm of cosmopolitan port city is not comparable.

Hey my Karachi friends, don’t get offended, am being pro Lahori here!! let me amuse you guys. Lahori accent is funny, food lack spice “my type though”, my favorite restaurant POLO LOUNGE is also in Lahore.

Let me share few funny words, Lahori pronounce “Hour, Ghanta as GHAAINTA” “Seventeen, Satra, SAATAARA” “Street, SATREET” “Screen, SAKREEN” “School, SAKOOL”, “Round About, GOL CHAKKAR” “Company, KOMPAANY” "Dahi Bhallay" "Tree, Darakht, DARAKHAAT" "Round About, CHOUNKK" " Brother, Bhai Jan, PAI YAAN" hehe
On the other day my friend from Karachi visited me, on our way, we had an interesting discussion, she said, she would love to live in Lahore provided if you transfer the people from Karachi to Lahore and vice versa ;-)

There are so many funny and hilarious accent bloopers, hey Karachites, you would love them.

On the other hand Lahori are more sociable than Karachites, outgoing and friendly. They love FOOD, lust for cuisines is amazing.

I would rather call both Karachi & Lahore my home towns, after Karachi, it is the only city where I feel at home.

Lahore Lahore EE ;-) & Karachi Rocks :-)

Ofcourse i have to be diplomat here:P......after all , i am a LIBRA ;-)

Shari, Protesting Baloch Girl Asks Pakistan, “Where is My Father?”

Tonight I came across a sentimental video on BBC on gross human rights violation in Baluchistan.

Video showed little 9 year old girl Shari, protesting in Karachi, her father Wahid Kambar is one of the several men who have disappeared. It is alleged that government and law enforcement agencies are behind such disappearance.

Wahid disappeared on 14th March last year and Shari explained that govt has also informed that he has been arrested. If there is any allegation he and other guys must be produced before court.

She protested in crying voice, “we are on street I will commit suicide, it is better to die, my father is the only bread earner for family” innocently she questioned “why we baloch have to face all brutalities?”

Sitting in Lahore in my dorm, Shari’s appeal made me sentimental, made me cry, I set aside my books and started thinking deep about the plight of my people in Baluchistan.

Next segment showed interview of Karema Baloch, she said our protest is as per UN charter, right of self determination is every nation’s right, be it Kashmir or Palestine. As per Karema around 8,000 men and women have been disappeared.

I started asking questions to myself “How long this brutal game will continue? Isn’t it enough, been over 60 years, for God sake!!!….history teaches us, it is not possible to enslave people and depress the free will.

Peace is the product of justice, no justice no peace.

Bleeding wounds of Baluchistan need healing hand.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hypocrisy, Social Mask or Be Your True Self...Ultimate Freedom !!

Today, I had an interesting discussion with friends at LUMS; some of them perceive that I tend to have ultra liberal views regarding life, religion, relationship. It is perceived that in my interactions I express my thoughts openly, totally in contrast to acceptable values. They believe that I hardly care about others in expressing my views; either they perceive my thoughts negatively or positively in terms of image.

It made me think about our society in general, it is common belief that one should look good in the eyes of others yet inspired or desirous of doing all natural things.

There are people in our society who strongly advocate that it is wrong to watch sensual movies, wrong to have relationship with any girl, drinking, partying and they back such thoughts with confused religious or social citing. It sounds fine but believe you me, as human being it is hard to get rid of natural urges so to the core people in our society act like a natural person, yet deny liking for natural urges, wear a social mask, hide their true self behind the words such as social values, tradition, morality etc “not all but most of them”

At times I think these words sound subjective and society in general be it good or bad impose its definition and impose set of acceptable behaviors on individuals if anyone does not follow out of logic he or she is termed rebel or outcast.

At times I think, shouldn’t one be allowed to have his or her value system, belief regarding life as long as these are not in contrast or hurt other individuals . What if they respect people with conformist views or conservative views?

Shouldn’t we live a natural life, live and let others live with respect irrespective of views, thoughts, perceptions or attitudes towards life, or we live in self denial, wear a social mask and say yes to hypocrisy……give it a thought!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Corporation; A Ruthless "LEGAL" Person Without Soul !!

Documentary The Corporation (2003) by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott initiates an interesting discussion, it is an intriguing discussion. It talks about origins of Corporation as Legal entity, its development till today and its influence on our life.

The interesting question behind is: what is the connection between structure which corporation has set up and current social structure?

Does Corporation which has every legal right as human being, but lack of soul and emotions, produces pathological employees or at least pathological top managers which represent it? Corporations have limited liability, who suffers, who pays for the pitfall, it is the tax payer....doesn't this sound absurd!!! Tax payers are bailing out US Corporations.....why????

The most evident trait of psychopaths is lack of empathy and emotions (what surly corporation as legal but not alive personality misses).

The interesting argument documentary present is that "In corporate culture the one with lack of emotions survives the best", that's what i have noticed in my last seven year experience, working for Corporations.

There are several theories about Psychopathology from mental disorder to just adoption strategy. With social structure as we have is it than psychopath’s adoption strategy the most efficient one?

Is this the way how evolution allow survivor to the most adopted organisms? Are the people with empathy and social consciousness extinction species?

Is life simply a utility? Are corporation all about bottom line, even beyond the public GOOD?Is civilization just all about materialist quest, in ruthless fashion?

Think over, intriguing question, as business graduate & corporate executive, questions loom in my mind but i have no answer!

Fallen in Love With Sensation White

You may wonder what kind of love I am talking about here, hey it’s not about any girl: P Tonight I attended an in house virtual Sensation White party at villa called Woodstock villa. Guys had their share of smoke then everyone plunged into madness of sensation white.
Sensation is an indoor dance-event which originated from the Netherlands. The original event which ran exclusively in the Amsterdam Arena A for a period of five years until 2005 is now located throughout Poland, Spain, Chile, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia, Russia, Denmark and Lithuania.

Everybody dresses up in white, dance and plunge into madness in the darkness and noise. Simply stimulate the ecstasy related feeling deep inside.

Sensation (White) is mostly a trance and house event. All the attendees are required to wear white and the Amsterdam ArenA itself is decorated to match. Sensation White's slogan is "Be Part Of The Night - Dress in White". Every event has around 40,000-45,000 tickets available. The Amsterdam ArenA event takes place every year on the first Saturday in July.

Fun experience, was virtual but love to be part of live show.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stop Child Abuse; Anti Child Abuse Day Celebration At LUMS

Today when I went for lunch at Pepsi Dinning C,LUMS, came across banners, posters and stalls, creating awareness regarding the child abuse. November is the official child abuse awareness month, LUMS is making efforts to create awareness, and it is inspiring and impressive.

Lately I came across a new report on attitudes to child sex abuse in Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province paints a horrifying picture of widespread abuse.

The report shows that many of the population believe that the sexual abuse of young boys is a matter of pride. Imagine, how absurd it sounds and so called society, norms and traditions are cruel.

Recently, UN conducted survey of Child Abuse; one third of those who took part in the survey did not even believe that child sexual abuse was a bad thing - let alone a crime.

The UN believes the sexual abuse of young children is widespread in some areas of the country but that until now it has been hidden behind a wall of silence.

In Pakistan much of the population lives in squalid slums where children are forced to play their part in the day to day survival of the family. That means working in places such as the notorious Pirwadhai bus station in Rawalpindi.

Here there are hundreds of young boys at work in the grimy workshops and sleazy hotels on which the bus station's reputation is based. For this is a centre of child sexual abuse.
One boy told me that local hotels encouraged the trade: "The hotel-owners employ children who are used to attract customers. The customers are then told what kind of services are provided and that they can do what they want with the children. The hotels here are very well known for these services. And it's good money for us."

Their clients are men from all backgrounds - travelling from one part of the country to another - thus freed from the constraints of life at home in this conservative society. With girls mostly kept at home - they prey on these working boys who are extremely vulnerable to abuse.

Inhuman acts prevail yet we keep silence; & we let people abuse children, disgusting and gruesome.

Isn’t it the time to speak up and voice against the worst crime one could ever imagine????? at least speak up!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Two Sticks from Barack Hussein Obama for Pakistan!

Democracy is the beauty of USA, a country, provides equal opportunities to people from across the globe.

You may wonder what two stick means here in the context of Pakistan and Obama. Well, I am mentioning two carrots would be there for Pakistan, one for eating and other one to put it deep down the Arse.

Obama said he is willing to strike Al Qaeda targets inside Pakistan, adopting a tough tone. He is willing to continue the war on terror fund “carrots in the mouth” and also continue hot pursuit and drone attacks on FATA “carrot in Arse”

It was funny to see ordinary Pakistani to believe that Barack Hussein is going to make a difference for Pakistan; he got Muslims roots etc, fail to understand that US policy is not for few years. Grand strategy is well focused and developed by think tanks.

It is must for Pakistani to stop supporting religious extremists “as alleged”, stop interference in neighboring countries, and remain democratic and responsible.

Pakistani must understand that world is not going to accept the adventurist Pakistan, marching ahead with nuclear black marketing.

Now time will tell how much carrot would be in the mouth and how long for the other end.

It is really a defining moment the way Democracy marched in US, it is transition and change. I am sure Democrats are the hope to take the great country in future, marching with more human, capitalistic and democratic principles.

Americans have given equal chance to all to make a difference in choosing WORLDs PRESIDENT "Obama, an African American".

It is the victory of freedom, victory of American dream & victory of world .Obama secured his position in history, am sure change is coming to America.

Hard to see JC Jackson in tears, really unbelievable.

Viva Obama, Viva US.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kissing Students, Exploring Youth, Hey What’s Wrong???

I wanted to share a story my friend shared, he was back at his university; he was upset because of moral policing attitude of few guys there. It's weekend, music concert was also going on, few couple getting closer probably hugging and few of them ended up kissing and one girl was sitting on guys lap.

He has seen people have no problem with their lives, they practice what they believe but they want every other person to follow the moral code as per his or her interpretation. All mullahs have also got problem with other people, they are concerned what others are doing!

He just fail to understand, as long as someone is not bothering others, getting closer to someone or getting intimate with someone he or she adore. What’s wrong in it??? He believes that we have to live with it, let people have their freedom and follow the moral code that suits each one of us.

Believe you , to him all these guys envy, what they can't do ' but they want to;-)" , if you leave them on a Greek naturist beach, they would be the first one to enjoy instant copulation on white sandy beach, without thinking about morality.

He agrees, public places are to be spared but double standard of our society really sucks.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Karo Kari; The Honor Killing, Even Animals Are Not Spared

Lately i have been writing about honor killing and women is the only victim, but i never knew even animals esp COW has to go through brutal killing.

Villagers from Julah in Tejakula, Buleleng, Indonesia, tow a pregnant cow behind a boat into open sea as part of a local traditional ritual.

The cow, which is five months pregnant, was thrown out to the sea about 3 kilometers from land. The villagers believe the animal was impregnated by a village elder.

During the ritual the man, who was caught red-handed having sexual intercourse with the cow two months ago, joined the boat trip in order to throw away his clothes to to symbolize him discarding his sins.