Sunday, October 24, 2010

Karachi; From Jamshid Nusserwanjee Mehta to Gangster Politics!!!!

Jamshid; an elected Mayor of Karachi for 12 consecutive years is known as the “Maker of Modern Karachi”. In comparison, today anyone attached with Karachi municipality is geared up to loot and destroy more than build. Political organizations leading the municipality affairs spend a fraction of budget to show off development and they get away with rest of the money, use gangsters, drug dealers, and land grabbers to further their loot and plunder.

Today, an ordinary citizen feels hostage in Jamshid’s city, their voice is silenced in the roar of guns. A city known for religious and ethnic harmony has plunged into ethno religious divide. Beautiful streets of Karachi tell tales of bloody combat, bullets, pain and cry.

Jamshid was the most wanted man, the most sought after person and everyone wanted him as guest at any function in Karachi. People believe that whenever they came in contact with him they instantly felt the strength of his character and he was not an ordinary soul.

A men known for serving Karachi, his selfishness played an important role in public life. He was one of the noblest sons of Sind and alas today we miss him more than over 60 years ago.

Famous writers believe that “The broad roads, beautiful parks, schools, hospitals, maternity homes, good sanitation, homes for the poor and other civic amenities which the citizens of Karachi enjoyed in those days were the result of the untiring efforts and dedicated Service of this great man. When the municipal history of Karachi is written, one of its most outstanding features will be the remarkable efficiency with which Jamshid faced every situation. It was he more than any other person who gave Karachi its character as the cleanest and best administered city in the Indo-Pakistan Sub-continent”.

In politics, Jamshid used to go to person to person and beg for votes. Today many candidates give all sorts of promises and use fair or foul to get elected but Jamshed did not give any promise or undertaking. On contrary he used to extract a promise from his helpers that they would remain absolutely fair under all circumstances.

His politics was all about social service, charity and self sacrifice and many writers mention that he was a millionaire but lived like modest and humble man. Today most of the political or not political charities are propagated through a well orchestrated media campaign but Jamshid’s charities were silent and private. Astonishingly after his death world came to know through his private secretary that he gave away USD 1.6 million at that time and no one knew about it.

In short a famous man said, "Jamshid was one of the finest men I have ever met. A terrific worker, a wonderful organizer, a great giver and a most humble man. He was conscientious and deeply religious, and as straight as a die. If only we had more men of his character today, Sind would be a different place".

Jamshid, Karachi misses you and I am sure you won’t be able to stop your tears when you see your beloved Karachi torn apart by political vultures, gangsters, drug peddlers, land grabbers.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Appalling & Cheap Stunt at Commonwealth Games!!!

Name Pakistan has become synonymous with terrorism & barbarism, today word such as cheapness struck my mind. One may wonder why!!! It was none other but appalling and cheap stunt of Dr Muhammad Ali Shah “MQM MPA & Sind Sports Minister” at Commonwealth Games in India.

I wonder when we get rid of immaturity, be it an educated doctor or former dictator, all entertain us with their share of cheapness on daily basis.

I was shocked to read news in Daily Dawn, it says “For all those who missed the glittering opening ceremony of the Games yesterday, here is what happened: The Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) had decided over a month ago that Shujauddin Malik, the country’s gold medal winning weightlifter at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, would lead the Pakistan contingent during the ceremony. It was an honour well deserved for a man who not only won gold but also scripted his name in the record books for his 2006 effort. But as the ceremony started yesterday and teams strode into the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium one by one, the Pakistani contingent despite receiving the most rousing reception out of all the participating nations, experienced a moment of great embarrassment. It wasn’t Malik who was seen carrying the flag and leading out the contingent but instead, it was Dr Shah – despite TV screens around the world displaying the name ‘Shujauddin Malik’. Fine, one thought. ‘maybe Malik wasn’t feeling up to it.’ But only moments later when people saw Dr Shah pushing aside Malik as cameras rolled, it was clear what the actual deal was”.

It was shocking for us when weightlifting team manager Rashid Mehmood came on air and revealed that Shah had told Malik that it was the chef-de-mission’s right to lead the contingent as he was the ‘senior’ most out of all the personnel. Malik also came on air moments later and made another shocking revelation. He claimed, Shah after a tussle over the flag minutes before the opening ceremony, had threatened to send the weightlifter home if he did not respect Shah’s decision.

Our literate lot has made our country a joke all around the world, a laughing stock, be it educated military or educated corrupt bureaucracy.

I wonder how many incidents haunt us before sanity prevails in the land of pure !!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Revolution Calling!! Civilian Govt Fails & Army Wins!!!!

Don’t you see the way military is taking care of flood victims & carrying out rescue operation? Where is civilian government? They have failed, we are doomed without army. Please call army, we need revolution, these civilians are corrupt and their voters are illiterate.

These voices are echoed mainly by Urdu media and so called educated middle class living in Karachi & Lahore.

First & foremost these so called educated people forget that military is nothing more than a department that reports to Ministry of Defense, that falls under civilian government!!!

Secondly, as tax payers we allocate 20% of our tax collection to army, taking care of over half million armed personnel. It is their job to be available to civilian government any time, be it peace or war, they have to follow orders. I agree they are carrying out their responsibilities professionally.

During recent flood in China or anywhere else, whenever military is called to rescue as per the instructions of the government, no one eulogizes them because its military’s job. As professional I am required to carry out my job, if i do it, I am paid for that, nothing to glorify.

Another interesting debate is going on in the media regarding revolution calling & demanding military rule against feudal. An interesting article published by Dr Aisha Siddiqa “the author of MILITARY INC” titled Green Revolution, she argues that feudal “The concept, as defined by Karl Marx, refers to a particular mode of production in which capital and labour are concentrated in a single hand. Over the past 63 years, concentration of land in the hands of the few has reduced substantially. Akbar Zaidi’s research, which shows substantial reduction of large land holdings and the largest province, in any case, does not have huge tracts of land”.

She further explains that feudalism is an attitude that is prevalent in both rural as well as in urban society “Many people not only acquire land but also the behavior and mindset representative of feudalism. Marx never explained the politico-cultural dimension of feudalism which signifies contempt for ordinary people and the tendency to impose one will on the rest by use of force. This mindset is found among the urban elite and the middle class as well. Private jails in Karachi, target killing of opponents and psychological coercion of the educated into submission to a central leadership is a behavior not confined to just one part of Pakistan”.

She rightly points out that educated middle class killed many people than notorious feudal “After all, it was an educated segment of Pakistan that killed thousands of Bengalis in 1970, the Baloch in 1973 and later and the Sindhis during the 1980s”.

She concludes “This is not a defence of feudalism or the landowning elite but an attempt to say that in their arrogance to impose their choices on ordinary folk and a bulk of this country, representatives of middle class could destroy more than they might build. It will help develop respect for people before we advocate change”.

We have already experienced Military action in East Pakistan & burning Balochistan is an example of immature handling . We have no choice but to respect people and their mandate, let the process continue. Instead of middle class adventure, we need to wait and vote people out.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cheatistan; Pakistan Cricketing Cheat Busted!!!!

In a sensational story broke by British Tabloid shocked the cricketing fans across the world. Pakistani cricketers caused further dent to falling image of Pakistan. We are sad, as Pakistani how should i react if someone calls my beloved Pakistan "CHEATISTAN". Historically, cricket was known as Gentlemen sports, not anymore, thanks to our fellow Pakistanis.

As per the tabloid"In the most sensational sporting scandal ever, bowlers Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif delivered THREE blatant no-balls to order.Their London-based fixer Mazhar Majeed, who let us in on the betting scam for £150,000, crowed "this is no coincidence" before the bent duo made duff deliveries at PRECISELY the moments promised to our reporter".

Armed with damning dossier of video evidence, Scotland Yard launched their own probe into the scandal.

If the allegation turns out to be true, stern action such as punishment and confiscation of bank accounts in Pakistan and abroad would be the need of the hour.

At times i wonder what is wrong with our nation, when i read books such as Military Inc, A Case of Exploding Mangoes, i come across horror stories, the way our military plays havoc with public funds and abuse of power for their personal and corporate interests. On the other hand stories pertaining to bureaucracy and politicians are not pleasant either.

World does not trust us, heard people calling us CHEATISTAN. It seems, its a collective failure of a nation, too myopic and interested in personal gains.

It takes years to build an image but few seconds to destroy.

At times we feel ashamed to be part of such a society and country plagued with corruption, self interests and medieval thoughts.

I wonder why world is shying away when we are hit by disastrous flood !!!!!

Don't raise your eyebrows if someone comes up with weird theory and blame black water for this conspiracy !!!!

Caught Red handed YouTube Video Link:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Disaster Knocked Pakistan!!!

Pakistan is facing both man made and unprecedented natural disaster. A country teetering at the brink of disaster facing unparalleled back to back challenges from terrorism to flood and rain havoc.

As per World Bank estimates USD 1bill worth crop destroyed, over 10 million people affected besides infrastructure damage and live stock loss. Experts believe that magnitude of loss is colossal and beyond government’s capacity to address, it is the need of the hour for nation, region and world at large to help Pakistan.

It is well known saying ‘poverty breeds extremism’, flood, hunger and disaster provides an opportunity to religious extremist groups to recruit and strengthen their roots. Sooner we address the issue better it would be for Pakistan, region and entire world.

These pictures speak volumes;

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sufi Music, Peace, Love, Islam & New York!!!

Islam is all about peace; history of subcontinent is witness to it through Sufism. Unfortunately, tolerant, colorful and green land of subcontinent is being merged with desert land of Arabia through adopting Wahabi brand of Islam i.e., based on intolerant and puritan religious beliefs.

It is a known fact that there are few bad apples trying to use reign of terror to hijack peace loving society to promote their limited agenda.

The issue is, only bad acts of bad guys get global coverage, however peace loving majority is nowhere in the news. Lately Coke studio did a wonderful job through presenting Sufi fusion music, an effort to show true picture of peace loving society to the world.

Lately an interesting event “The Pakistani Peace Builders (PPB) Sufi Music Festival” organized at Union Square in New York. An independent cultural diplomacy campaign sharing the love and peace of Islam in sub continent through the universal language of music that reaffirms shared values of tolerance and peace.

Festival showed solidarity with the victims of Mohamand and Data Darbar shrine bombing and failed attend to bomb Times Square.

We need more voices from peace loving majority.