Monday, October 20, 2008

Sex on Zamzama Street, Oohhhhhh, Sounds Liberal Pakistan

Tonight I was getting bored at my apartment; my coolest Arab friend offered me coffee. We ended up at CIAO, on Zamzama Street, Clifton. While parking my car, we guys saw a black tinted car, with AC on, a couple making out in the parking lot just near CIAO.

It has hardly been a week I wrote about Sex on the Beach in Dubai, here comes Paki guys losing their sexual vigor on the street.

Well, as long as they were not bothering us, at least I ignored. But at CIAO I ended up with an intellectual discussion with my Arab friend.

He was noticing the car from upper window of CIAO; to distract him I started asking lots of questions. My questions were;

1) Was it right to do it public?
2) If it were Saudi what would have been the reaction.
3) Should society stop all with force?
4) Or we should feel ok as long as they are not bothering us.

At least we both agreed that personal freedom has limits, public places should be spared, and they can do whatever they want elsewhere in privacy “within limits of freedom”

Question comes, who is to decide the limit or interpret the limits of freedom!

I pushed on one point, isn’t it the duty of society to not to shy away, shouldn’t we educate our kids socially, shouldn’t we break the taboo of sexual discussion within the family????????

Why we always think about lashing kids or youngsters, why do we always find brute force as only answer, justified by religion.

My friend made me laugh, he shared, if there were Saudi “Mutawa; the religious police” on Zamzama, he would have lashed the couple and kicked them outside the city for one year.

Imagine if Pakistan had Mutawa, lashing couple naked in front of Costa Coffee on Zamzama Street and kicking them out to TANDO ADAM or GUJRAT ;-)

Anyways, I always push for opening up, discussing, speaking up….sex is natural…let’s not shy away, at least from healthy discussion. We can only get rid of pitfall of sexual revolution through educating our kids about right and wrong.

But I am afraid, our society is wearing social mask, media influence will lure kids or youngsters to explore sexual terrain, get intoxicated with toxic pleasure of sex.


Fahad said...

Amazing really inspired from ur post

Anonymous said...

its all about the Haya a person have with =in himself i think so.. it has nothing to do with brain or nourishing the kids rightly.