Saturday, December 13, 2008

Killing in the Name of Religion- Hatered Everywhere - Hey World, Stop Immaturity!!

Today I was watching HBO, came across a movie on Saudi terrorists rocking USA, and killing innocent civilians. Then turned to Time & Newsweek magazine it was all about Mumbai killings & post attack crackdown. Dawn newspaper also contained most of the news related to Jihadi crackdown and possible nuclear war.

If I look back my history class books, all the way I find score of religious wars, Muslims vs. Christians or Jews to impose religious superiority of one group over other. In response, most of the time ‘the will’ of one group was forcefully imposed over others, however in the back of all, economic and political interests along with hegemonistic desires of one group was hidden.

On the one hand, all religions ‘mainly Semitic’ talk of same GOD, preach the same philosophy of Love, Peace, Brotherhood and on the other hand religion have been used for division, hatred and war. History is witness of crusade and holy wars etc

Material instincts of human being along with male dominating ego are catalyst in using the religion as a tool to further their personal and group goals. This brings me to conclusion that human being progressed materially all the way marching from dark ages to modern and post modern age but yet basic instinct of greed and dominance still thrives.

This brings me to another question, does world lack maturity? Is couple of thousand of years not sufficient for human generation to learn and move forward as human being instead of material being? Is Utopian society is an impractical dream? Do we need religion to be good human? Will ever in this world people stop thinking as Jew, Muslim, Christian or Hindu? Will ever in this world, people experience human connection instead of socially imposed dividing bullshit??

I am completely lost on my way in the search of the answers to above questions …..


Liz said...

Were working on it, were working on it.

Imran Baloch said...

Hey i am hopeful ..OBAMA will make a difference :)