Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hypocrisy, Social Mask or Be Your True Self...Ultimate Freedom !!

Today, I had an interesting discussion with friends at LUMS; some of them perceive that I tend to have ultra liberal views regarding life, religion, relationship. It is perceived that in my interactions I express my thoughts openly, totally in contrast to acceptable values. They believe that I hardly care about others in expressing my views; either they perceive my thoughts negatively or positively in terms of image.

It made me think about our society in general, it is common belief that one should look good in the eyes of others yet inspired or desirous of doing all natural things.

There are people in our society who strongly advocate that it is wrong to watch sensual movies, wrong to have relationship with any girl, drinking, partying and they back such thoughts with confused religious or social citing. It sounds fine but believe you me, as human being it is hard to get rid of natural urges so to the core people in our society act like a natural person, yet deny liking for natural urges, wear a social mask, hide their true self behind the words such as social values, tradition, morality etc “not all but most of them”

At times I think these words sound subjective and society in general be it good or bad impose its definition and impose set of acceptable behaviors on individuals if anyone does not follow out of logic he or she is termed rebel or outcast.

At times I think, shouldn’t one be allowed to have his or her value system, belief regarding life as long as these are not in contrast or hurt other individuals . What if they respect people with conformist views or conservative views?

Shouldn’t we live a natural life, live and let others live with respect irrespective of views, thoughts, perceptions or attitudes towards life, or we live in self denial, wear a social mask and say yes to hypocrisy……give it a thought!!!


Azam Bilal Habib said...

OK. I think that what you are trying to say is that you're a nonconformist.
I just want to find out whether this is because you really believe in what you're saying or you're saying because this is the only option that you think you can find to express your dissatisfaction against the present system.
The reason I am saying is because when we say that we want everyone to follow their natural urges we never believe this to happen. Will you condone a person who have the natural urge to have sex with young kids and he decides not control it or will you condone a person for writing some obscene thing about your parents on the pretext of free speech.
I believe that like all natural things in the universe there has to be limit for everything as to what level it should be will be determined by the culture and the people . Of course there should be people challenging the norms but then again they can only succeed if they become popular and that means what they believe in will become the new "Normal" or the common way of doing things and this cycle will continue

Imran Baloch said...


Glad you replied, agree with your views...

I am again writing that as long as you are not hurting others, it is OK ...forceful sex with kids is hurting others....writing some obscene thing about any one that hurts again....wrong as per my speech is has limit if starts hurting may debate what are the limits or should be.

Yes, culture and people define limit...human social evolution history suggest that ordinary values face challenge and new norm creates new values and then new refined cutlure....

I guess its time to challenge hypocratic norms to move forward.

What do you think?