Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh Really!!! Beauty Lies in the Eyes of Beholder….Big Butt, Thick Ankles, & Small Nose!! Wow

I wonder what exactly beauty is, never been able to solve that riddle! Frankly, to me beauty is one of the important aspects in personal self esteem; I believe one should guard it closely with efforts.

When I have cross cultural interaction regarding beauty, I always get mesmerized with different definition of beauty.

Lately I was watching Oprah Winfrey show on Beauty Around the World, it shared cool stories and insight to help in understanding the beauty.

How do you define beauty? Is it a small waist and large breasts? A perfect smile and straight hair? When I get into fashion magazines I find beauty is narrowly defined. Oprah show shared that people defined beauty from thick ankles to small noses and women from five continents revealed what’s considered beautiful in their countries.

It reminds me my beauty talk with a Japanese girl in Tokyo, she defined that their skins is key to true beauty, ideal skin is fair, smooth and everyone goes crazy for that. I remember she also informed that instead of American style Botox injection to fight wrinkles they consume healthy and rich food “Collagen infused food and lots of water for sexy skin” hey girls it’s a hint for you to have gorgeous skin: P They also use chemicals and heat to straighten their hair for gorgeous look. Hmmm straight hair…

I was surprised to see face slimming belt at one of the GINZA store in Tokyo, over here all my friends only know about sauna belt to fight fatness. If anyone is concerned that her face may be too puffy or chubby or whatever, there is a belt that they can wrap around face. It makes face thinner….I was informed that it is kind of thing with sauna properties.

Interesting stuff regarding beauty goes around the world; National Geographic once showed girls at the age of 5 on Burmese & Thai to Kenyan region start wearing brass rings around neck to enhance beauty, giraffe like neck is considered gorgeous. Whereas indigenous people in various tropical region believe that women with tattooed blue lips look sexy.

Oprah show also shared that Indian Desi babes are known across the world for their beautiful skin and hair, they mostly rely on turmeric lemon and honey on skin, herbal secrets are behind beauty.

No wonder I fall for desi babes, they are attractive esp. the ones with semi dark complexion with big eyes.

In Brazil, people are weight conscious, they use weight reduction pills as well as plastic surgery to achieve beauty, no wonder they look gorgeous, hmm lots of effort behind beauty. Most girls have curly hairs; they spend hell lot of time and money to achieve straight hair. Brazilian women also go through pressure to have big breast, blonde hair to look gorgeous.

Iran is becoming the nose job capital of world, surgeon are minting money. Nose is considered the sign of beauty.

In Mauretania beauty is all about having big butt, bigger is better is acceptable. Women are expected to be fat and guys to be skinny…wow. Girls are willing to do anything to have fuller figure, all the way going through using animal pills….that’s bizarre, isn’t it?

In France, slimness is the key; girls spend a lot of time in getting slim body after that lingerie comes second along with range of body and personal care products. In France turning 60 is sexy….wow….sexiness is eternal !!

It seems beauty is more of a cultural phenomenon and lies in the eyes of beholder. Hey guys and girls, focus on beauty aspect that beholder values heheh good tip, isn’t it??


madz said...

if beauty lies in the eyes of beholder then why are you thinking for a makeover;)

Imran Baloch said...

Hehehe But i have also written that one should always take it seriously and its good for self confidence & esteem :)

But i am a different guy, don't care much about the beholder but live in my own little oasis :P