Sunday, November 30, 2008

No Country Takes Toilets as Seriously as Japan !!

Lately I was sharing my Japanese trip experience with few of my friends, I shared one thing “when it comes to lavatories, Japan is step ahead of the rest of the world, no country takes toilets quite so seriously as Japan”.

Today I was browsing BBC news for an update on post Mumbai showdown, I came across an interesting article titled “The art of the toilet in Japan” it reminded me of my stay at Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. Toilet having flat screen satellite TV along with many many other weird digital options: P At times I also joke around with friends that if any guest needs massage in Japan, a lady comes out from a pipe fixed nearby the changing area hehehe.

The surprising thing I experienced was machines with heated seats, built-in bidets and a dynamic range of flushing options are almost ubiquitous in homes and public buildings.

BBC article shares an interesting story, it says in general life is fast, esp salaried men are stressed in Japan, one such guy recently published poetry, he says "The only warmth in my life is the toilet seat," he mourned heheheh.

The interesting thing which I never shared with friends, these lavatories can do much more than keep you warm. One even sends a tiny electrical charge through the user's buttocks to check their body-fat ratio. Hey my weight conscious friends, you count on import option & it’s worth it: P

Over here, we are just aware of Panasonic consumer electronics but in Japan well known master of the modern loo convenience is the Panasonic Corporation.

BBC guy shared his interesting visit to Panasonic showroom; he saw, there was a loo that glowed in the dark and another that had built-in loudspeakers.

Surprisingly the booming market for luxury loo is ageing women, never knew women could fall in love with luxury tetchy loo, I thought they only love shopping for personal care & dresses. However, these days guys also in personal care stuff :P

Another interesting fact BBC guy shared that there is also a dark underground trade in DVDs filmed in ladies' toilets by hidden cameras, and only last week a man was arrested for placing "spycams" in the lavatories of a girls' school.

He also shared that most of the time, though, the Japanese are happy to think of a toilet as their comfort and their friend.

Friends, lastly, let me share another fact through this blog post, I also experienced an interesting loo greeting, when I slowly walked towards a loo, it automatically raised its lid to greet, and that was awesome.


Anonymous said...

haha too good!

Samra said...

Lol! This is an awesome discovery channel shit ;) I wasn't aware of this fine piece of japanese history and expertise in dealing with poo, I mean cleaning it, washing it, drying it. Hehe. Err, I'm getting sick now :P Good one Imran! Or should I say Charlie Brown ;D