Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ladies Dream Boy, Seductive John Dominates Planet Bollywood

Guys, enough of serious topics, I am already strained due to hectic LUMS, today i thought of writing something for girls. None other but John could attract more blog traffic esp. for female readers.

I do browse bollywood spicy stuff once in a while. I was surprised to read that John Abraham is the girls craze these days; every other web site posting hot pictures of John, ultimate eye smoothing sight for girls.

In the past Jacky Sheroff was known to be ladies men, that was the last seductive craze I came across but John has extreme seductive appeal for girls as I browsed spicy readings. At times I wonder there are so many girls used all over the world to provide respite to hungry male libido. Here comes the bollywood creativity with ultimate girls focused stuff, surprised to read about his showing off the BUTT Cracks. Am sure girls & gays would have watched the movie back and forth with quick and constants rewinds.

Be honest, haven’t you watched back & forth: P

I was having talk with my Lahori friend, she told me that she goes to bed early so that she could fantasize about John, see him in her dreams. Wow, that’s the ultimate craze, guy is lucky, am sure days are not far when he would be the girls’ kings of planet Bollywood.

Today I heard two females saying “John is the Gods creation for world peace” & “John is the best eye candy” ….

John don't come here, female will bite to death.

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mady said...

whateverrrrrrrrr.....there is no one like SALLU..he ROCKS...SALLU ki ballay ballay baki saray manji thalay...lolz