Monday, November 24, 2008

Pakistan is Facing One Real Danger, You Know What????

Pakistan is facing one real danger; it is one of the replies of the Lebanese origin French participant of 25th World Performing Arts Festival held in Lahore, he mentioned “Who so ever “GIRL” you see you fall in LOVE…wow ...that was scintillating, dazzling and awe inspiring reply.

Lahore beauty and charm has always mesmerized me, my LUMS visit always make me engrossed, lots of distracting & killer beauty all around, make you visit Lahore again and again.

Apart from Lahori girls, Lahore’s historical preserved buildings always make you fall in love, especially in the surrounding of old walled city.

Cocco's Den Restaurant, food, ambiance, bold paintings are one of its kind, it gives you the flamboyance of past of Diamond Market “Mughal Era Brothel”.

The owner Iqbal, always adds his creative pieces and thoughts to make the visitors fall deeply in love with the place. Mughal era architecture especially the Badshahi Mosque along with Lahore fort are so grandeur and inviting , one just can not avoid the scenic beauty from the top of the restaurant.


moetesum said...

Imran, now we know why you have joined LUMS and what is your center of attraction, do you want us to place banners which read "Beware Imran is here":) Well, i was thinking that if there is some thing Imran would love to see it would be the art festival and i guess you dropped in at the right time. But always remember the famous saying
"Beauty is skin deep and looks are deceptive" The FORMING, STORMING AND NORMING STAGE are the easy one But where you actually get to share and look beyond the boundaries to answer the hard questions troubled waters start pooping up. you know you have been through, was just trying to correlate the MP lessons in it. But Statistically this can be proved too not many relations based on love at first sight get shoot down due to one reason or the other and if you want to look at from MC point of view i guess it is communication barrier all the way till the place where you have a break up there is you have actual communication and finally from financial point of view its all CAPEX and an ever increasing OPEX till the time you realize that the ROI is not that good and there are a lot of Account Receivable outstanding. Finally i would refer you to the marketing summary which you gave us all.............and from BL&CG point of view:))) I REST MY CASE.

Imran Baloch said...

Heheheh awesome LUMS MBA style explanation...impressive ;-)

Hey i joined LUMS for study but later came across alot of distracting Lahori beauty :P

ROI was practical reply....

Communication barrier is killer in relationship fall.

JAM style statistical justification is cool ;-)

Forming norming MP style explanation is true and correct.