Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fearful Mumbai Pigeons; Facing Terrorist Wrath

It has been few days everybody is focusing on Mumbai ordeal, I was sad to read the ordeal poor pigeons had to go through. It is well known that Taj Hotel is the gate way of India, just in the front area, pigeons welcome the incoming people & people love to take pictures with friendly pigeons along with historic Taj in the background. Every day, lots of people feed these friendly pigeons.

Pigeons were the ones who witnessed the killing spree from close, sound of blast, fear, blood, anger, cry, they witnessed all. Once the Operation Cyclone was complete, there were dead pigeons all around along with injured ones. It is not the people of Mumbai faced the wrath; Pigeons are also going through the ordeal, pain, fear and loss.

People were surprised to see fearful & grieved pigeons, for once everyone realized it is not the people who go through the pain but animals and birds are also sensitive.

I just wonder, these pigeons may start assembling in front of Taj so will people; all will forget the horror and move on. However, one question really bothers everyone, this time fear will remain in the minds of people for a long time.

Pigeon are the ambassadors of peace, yet they had to face the terror, isn’t it ironic?


Liz said...

This is all so horrifying and I hate to think what lays ahead.

Imran Baloch said...

Liz it is indeed horrifying....time is the healer time moves on.....hope for new dawn let life move on....