Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shari, Protesting Baloch Girl Asks Pakistan, “Where is My Father?”

Tonight I came across a sentimental video on BBC on gross human rights violation in Baluchistan.

Video showed little 9 year old girl Shari, protesting in Karachi, her father Wahid Kambar is one of the several men who have disappeared. It is alleged that government and law enforcement agencies are behind such disappearance.

Wahid disappeared on 14th March last year and Shari explained that govt has also informed that he has been arrested. If there is any allegation he and other guys must be produced before court.

She protested in crying voice, “we are on street I will commit suicide, it is better to die, my father is the only bread earner for family” innocently she questioned “why we baloch have to face all brutalities?”

Sitting in Lahore in my dorm, Shari’s appeal made me sentimental, made me cry, I set aside my books and started thinking deep about the plight of my people in Baluchistan.

Next segment showed interview of Karema Baloch, she said our protest is as per UN charter, right of self determination is every nation’s right, be it Kashmir or Palestine. As per Karema around 8,000 men and women have been disappeared.

I started asking questions to myself “How long this brutal game will continue? Isn’t it enough, been over 60 years, for God sake!!!….history teaches us, it is not possible to enslave people and depress the free will.

Peace is the product of justice, no justice no peace.

Bleeding wounds of Baluchistan need healing hand.

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