Saturday, December 27, 2008

BB We Miss You…..

BB is one of the charismatic leaders, at least for my generation. First I saw BB, when I was in school, she came over to our town to address the crowd and support Hakeem Baloch’s election campaign.

My first ever direct interaction took place at Beach Luxury Hotel in the year 2000; she was invited by SZABIST as guest speaker. I was one of the organizers so I had brief interaction with her, as well as got a group photo. Her communication skills, the way she used to present, was simply awesome. I don’t see any other political leader having those skills.

Her personality was attractive and dominating, the cool part was she was heading the political party, having roots deep down in villages. She was managing all those Waderas and Sardars, being a woman it was courageous.

She was symbol for Pakistani women; she introduced and initiated women rights related legislations. She was the hope for women, what ever brief period she ruled; women rights were center of focus.

Her struggle was recognized across the globe, UN awarded her prestigious Human Rights Prize.

BB, we still miss you, we know you were brutally removed from political scene but what ever you did in short span of time we value all.

We will miss you; horror of 27th Dec will haunt Pakistani society and ask why a mother was brutally killed, and society does not have any answer.

Guardian writes around 200,000 attended BBs first anniversary.

I believe, for BB it was the best moment to make her exit, for her people the worst. She became a symbol of hope for dictatorship after thirty years of struggle and sacrifice, triumph and tribulation.

BB of the legend is far more powerful than the 54 year old politician some foolish criminals tried to destroy.

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