Friday, November 28, 2008

Hoping for Hope…Do We Have Right to Hope?

Yesterdays' Mumbai attacks terrorized everyone across the globe; people are in shock and awe…….traumatized!! Horrific to see, the way innocent people were murdered by cruel and inhuman animals.

Today, while reading Times of India I came across an interesting article, question was how long it does take people to get normal after a disastrous ordeal? Do people have right to hope??

Article says “Under normal circumstances, it's natural to lose and regain hope, because no one mood can last eternally in any of us. But what happens when you are a victim of a terrorist attack? The angst of losing a loved one, the trauma of being a hostage or the apprehension that your family may or may not come home tonight ...some experiences are so painful that it seems as if all hope is lost.

"But nobody can live without hope, even if it were only for the smallest things which give us satisfaction, even under the worst of conditions. Without hope, the tension of our life towards the future would vanish, and with it, life itself.

So, do we have a right to hope?
Is there justified hope for each of us, for nations and movements, for mankind and perhaps for all life?
Do we have a right to hope, even, against hope? Even against the reality of death?

You may be living through a terrible trial right now, but even though you feel as if darkness has defeated you, there is a way to regain your and it is only positive thoughts & HOPE itself….

Hoping for the hope in the dust of disaster is need of the hour……

I just want to say to people “hope makes us reach out to family and friends and to make plans for
the future. Hope is energy, so don't let it go!".
I pray, God gives our Indian brothers courage to accept the loss & move on with hope for new & prosperous DAWN.

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