Friday, November 7, 2008

The Corporation; A Ruthless "LEGAL" Person Without Soul !!

Documentary The Corporation (2003) by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott initiates an interesting discussion, it is an intriguing discussion. It talks about origins of Corporation as Legal entity, its development till today and its influence on our life.

The interesting question behind is: what is the connection between structure which corporation has set up and current social structure?

Does Corporation which has every legal right as human being, but lack of soul and emotions, produces pathological employees or at least pathological top managers which represent it? Corporations have limited liability, who suffers, who pays for the pitfall, it is the tax payer....doesn't this sound absurd!!! Tax payers are bailing out US Corporations.....why????

The most evident trait of psychopaths is lack of empathy and emotions (what surly corporation as legal but not alive personality misses).

The interesting argument documentary present is that "In corporate culture the one with lack of emotions survives the best", that's what i have noticed in my last seven year experience, working for Corporations.

There are several theories about Psychopathology from mental disorder to just adoption strategy. With social structure as we have is it than psychopath’s adoption strategy the most efficient one?

Is this the way how evolution allow survivor to the most adopted organisms? Are the people with empathy and social consciousness extinction species?

Is life simply a utility? Are corporation all about bottom line, even beyond the public GOOD?Is civilization just all about materialist quest, in ruthless fashion?

Think over, intriguing question, as business graduate & corporate executive, questions loom in my mind but i have no answer!

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