Monday, September 28, 2009

Shameful Lahore; Three Women Paraded Naked in Public!!!!!

Three women paraded naked on busy streets of Phol-nagar in Lahore, for alleged prostitution. It is another shameful act carried out in Punjab; world has not yet forgotten famous Mukhtara Mai case.

BBC report says, police reached on the spot, arrested three naked women and charged them for prostitution. Police Officer informed BBC that these women are in lock up but they have been provided dresses to cover their bodies.

BBC future mentions that parading women in public is an extreme criminal offense and penalty is death or capital punishment.

One of the witness Mohd Bota, informed BBC that three women were dragged on Multan Road, stripped off and forced them to accept alleged prostitution in front of a video camera.

Story further reveals, a mob attacked house of Ms Shahnaz alias Serajo, she wasn’t there but mob found three women. Crowd entered the house, destroyed and looted everything.

Police did not charge hooligans who attacked the house and looted.

I am so sad that I am living in such an ugly society, dominated by irrational fanatic men who impose their morality only on poor women. I have never come across, any of men who goes to these prostitutes ever paraded naked or their house ever destroyed.

It is simply an allegation; if extremist mob has the authority to do the justice then why do we need courts and legal system. Let these fanatics interpret or justify law and parade women naked, beat, loot or kill them !!

I just want to ask a simple question to majority of Pakistani men, why the hell their morality revolves around women. Why the hell, women are only considered an object of sin? Let me share, I know many men who indulge into extra marital affairs, when it comes to their women, they lose their temper, why double standards, why this hypocrisy????

Unlucky are the ones, who are born women in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan!!!!

I wish our men understand the message of religion, all religions in the world respect the sanctity of women, neither Islam or anyother religion accepts such barbaric behavior nor a civilized society.
PS: Above picture is used in the context of story, just an illustration, I am sure in reality the scene must had been gruesome.

You can further read about story on BBC Web, Daily Times through following links;

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Woodstock - Peace, Love, Music and Books

Whenever i think about 1969 music phenomenon WOOKDSTOCK only Peace, Love, Music and Books come in my mind. This year it has been 40 years to Woodstock. Whenever i think about Woodstock following picture also comes in my mind.

What Is Off Limits To Criticize Women About?

Limit to criticize is an interesting topic shared by Rich Santos. He tries to explain the limits one should talk about and a list one should stay away.

Here is an interesting list shared by Rich.


There is no friendly way for a guy to tell a girl that she's put on weight. Even if there was a friendly way, most of the women Rich Santos talked to about it said they would not want to hear it from a guy. It seems obvious, but not all guys know this. Interesting suggestion is, if someone is really desperate to make a suggestion, maybe tell one of her female friends to do it on your behalf.


Someone thinks that he is only allowed to say someone generally looks nice, or one likes her shirt or whatever. Getting too detailed or negative may get you in trouble.

I came across an interesting fact that women dress more to impress other women anyway, and not guys. Basically, one needs to stick to "you look great" and leave it there..


We've all interacted people with annoying friends. But, people consider their friends as extensions of themselves so if you criticize friends, you're criticizing your significant other indirectly. Its better to avoid criticizing friends or family.


Every guy thinks he's a better driver than his girlfriend or female friend. When it comes to driving it is good to have "no comment" policy.

Rich Santos believes that “I can't stand not to give my opinion to women, even when it's bad. I want to learn the things I should hold off from criticizing about women. Do you agree with the items above? What do you hate being criticized about by guys”

Lastly I simply apologize to my female friends I had been talking about the outfit lately. Next time I wont do it, and avoid talking about weight thing as well :P

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Indian Cricket Team, Have Sex and Play Better Cricket!!!!

Indian cricket team coach has shared a document with the team so that they become more aggressive, successful in the field. Advice is to have more sex.

Coach Kristen believes that sexually active players can perform well on pitch, as per him even if the players do not have partners; they simply need to imagine they are with their partner. In other words, simply release the sperms and indulge into masturbation.

Newspaper report quote that in four page document, Kristen says “having more sex will increase testosterone levels, which in turn will increase the players' strength, aggression and competitiveness. Not having sex for a few months can cause a significant drop in aggression levels”.Let us see how Indians are going to perform in South Africa, let us see how much sex mantra of coach Kristen would work for Indian cricket team.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Colorful Pakistani Roads!! Adding Cultural Beauty !!

Pakistan is all known for extremism, terrorism and violence in international media. Streets of Pakistan depict a colorful life, culture, arts and friendly people. I still remember my Japan journey; I discovered they are the only nations in the world who takes the toilet seriously. I came across high tech toilets with weird buttons.

Every place has its own aura, when I was in Charlotte, North Carolina, I came across SUVs with truck tires, heavy and lifted, amazingly intriguing to look at altered monster trucks.

When it comes to trucks, Pakistani truck owners/drivers take it seriously; they are art and color aficionado. Hino, Volvo or Nissan trucks are produced with simple design and colors; truck owners/drivers alter the complete look with colors, bright stickers and not to forget street poetry, at times very funny.

Trucks are so integral parts of our society; I came across a female boutique, a designer wear named Golabo using truck arts on fabric.

Colors of Pakistan are interesting and intriguing to explore beside the media hype and negative projection of Pakistan. There is a lot out there hidden in Pakistan to add cultural colors to the beauty of world.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Train Overflows with People Homeward Bound for Eid !!

A picture speaks volumes about the misery and the plight of ordinary people living in Pakistan.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stunning Anita Dongre & Cool Manish Malhotra !!

Lakme Fashion Week is one of the event I follow every year. It shows stunning clothes with eastern, western and folk fusion. While following this year I was inspired by designer Anita Dongre’s “Timeless” collection, it showcased folk of Rajhistan in traditional Choli and drap sarees.

What I liked about Dongre, she used rich colors, no wonder she showcased Rajhistan, because she was born and brought up in Jaipur.
It’s the 10th year and during 5 day show, around 50 designers are going to showcase their collection. I just know two of the designers; Manish malhotra is also going to be there along with Neeta Lulla.

I still remember, I hardly knew anything about Indian fashion scene, it was around three years back Manish Malhotra, was attending Kara Film Festival, I bumped into him at Sheraton Jaccuzi, did not know anything about him. We talked about fashion, new trends, his new store in Dubai and collection. Later we met over Kara Film Festival at Karachi Arts Council, since then I started following Manish and sort of developed an interest in fashion.

I lament, Pakistan has a lot of textiles, and we just end up sending fabric abroad. I wish fashion scene gets prominence so that we could add value to our textile and earn foreign exchange for the country.

Inspiring Sami Yusaf's Message of Love

Lately i came across an interesting multilingual song of Sami Yusaf. He is inspirational in his singing and spreading the message of love and peace.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Aderbayor ; Banned for Manchester Derby..So Sad !!

Aderbayor’s stamping Robin Van Persie costs him three match ban. It is so sad that he did it with his former team mate.

There is a lot of post controversy being reported in the media, Manchester City guy roared; "There is only so much abuse a man can take until he reaches breaking point."

Another interesting thing everyone noticed and Adebayor sadly shared with media that;
  1. Arsenal players refused to shake his hand before the game.

  2. He suffered 60 minutes of non-stop abuse from away fans before he turned the tables on them with his goal.

  3. His £25million summer move from Arsenal was completed by Arsene Wenger behind his back.
  4. It wasn't my fault I left, it was Arsene who wanted to accept the offer for me.

I never knew Arsene phsued him out of Arsenal, such a sad episode.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are We Living in the Age of Bullets & Ideas!!!!

A University Professor from Balochistan believes that we are living in the age of bullets and ideas, sharing his thoughts with a friend and it is so profound yet true.

Since childhood i had been taught that ideas are powerful than bullets, as i grew up, I witnessed that bullets are powerful enough to silence brilliant minds and ideas.

During 16th century, one of the philosophers ‘Machiavelli’ advised to Italian king in his book Prince, that power is reality rest doesn’t matter. Those were the dark ages in Europe but today when I look around I simply say power realism is the order of the day.

I still believe that ideas have enormous power, since they form the frame of our understanding of the world, inform our beliefs and drive our behaviors. Great ideas are so profound and frame-shaking that they quickly topple many of the things we believe, and transform our worldviews, our values and hence our actions.

I still believe that we need more great ideas, and a deeper understanding of how and when they transform our understanding, our culture, what we do and who we are.

There are two best known cases when great ideas were not accepted like Galileo’s discovery and Darwin's model of the evolution of all life so threatened the orthodoxy of ideas that to this day, centuries later, religious fanatics remain in denial about its validity, and try to deprive it of its credibility by calling a 'theory' rather than 'truth'.

Looking back socially, there are people in Pakistan come up with better ideas for making a difference in the lives of people; they share new form of relationship between state and its people. Ideas focus on State ensuring the welfare of people and acting like a father further ensuring the socio-economic and political rights of people.

On the other hand we see ideas generated on political platform for better tomorrow are simply washed away with the power of bullets, be it Balochistan or any other part of the country.

Religious minorities are silenced in the name of blasphemy; peaceful gatherings or processions are threatened with suicide bombs, hotels are attacked, mosques are bombed, even girls schools are not spared, people are forcefully kidnapped, tortured in the name of national security and at times political voice is silenced with the power of bullet.

Hope emerges, when I see people coming up with better ideas for tomorrow and better future for all of us living in Pakistan.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sub Saharan Africa Please Don’t Smile, Pakistan is a Nuclear Power!!!

Eighteen people died in a stampede in Karachi during free distribution of food item ‘AATA’, most of them were women and children.

Sub Saharan Africa is one of the poorest regions in the world; people back there are smiling on events unfolding in Pakistan. They believe that they suffer food crisis and do not have basic facility such as health care, education and safe drinking water because of resource constraints but when they see Pakistan they simply give a smile and raise their eyebrows.

Pakistan has one of the richest agriculture with vast Indus delta, yet we are fighting for basic needs such as food and safe drinking water. Food riots and death of hundreds due to water born diseases is a common story in Pakistan. At times I wonder what the corollaries of a failed state are. It reminds me of the story of declining Soviet Empire, on the one hand high military and space power of state was present and on the other hand people were standing in queue for hours for bread. countries buy more guns than butter, resultantly fail to face socio-economic volcano and disintegrate just like former Soviet Union.

States have choices either to buy gun or butter, unfortunately Pakistan is a nuclear power, yet an ordinary person is struggling with basic needs such as food, safe drinking water, education and basic healthcare. On the one had Pakistan challenges emerging Indian economic prowess with military muscles, intervene in Afghanistan, eyeing on building in house unmanned planes and drones. It simply reminds me of last days of declining and fragile Soviet Empire.

Pakistan has two choices either to be a National Security State or a Social Security State, but unfortunately it has opted for National Security. I usually see people in the media talking about Nuclear Weapon, gone to a level that Paksitan will eat grass but will not compromise on military muscles.

Let me simplify, out of every Rs 100, around Rs 50 goes to debt repayment, Rs 25 to military, Rs 20 for salaries etc and Rs 5 is left for 180 million people.

No wonder Sub Saharan Africa smiles on Nuclear Pakistan !!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Manchester City Stunned the Gunners!!!

Last evening Manchester City stunned the Gunners with amazing performance, winning the game 4-2. It was an interesting yet entertaining match, all eyes were glued to Emmanuel Adebayor ‘former Gunners’, his goal and crowd reaction was hilarious.

Well, Adebayor rough encounter with Robin Van Persie was astonishing, although he shook hands but Robin termed it a violent conduct by former teammate.

Many critics blame players for not being sincere rather term them greedy. I would ask, why not, if a professional player gets a better offer from any other team, why shouldn’t he opt for it??? Such a short sportsman’s life, they have complete right to make money. There is no friendship or rivalry it is sports and its about success and money.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

South African Runner is Hermaphrodite!! Both Male & Female Sex Organs!!!

Mokgadi Caster Semenya is a South African middle-distance runner and world champion. Semenya won gold in the 800 metres at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics with a time of 1:55.45 in the final.

Following Semenya's victory at the 2009 World Championships, questions about her eligibility to compete as a woman in athletics events were raised

A report in Daily Mail claimed that Caster has three times more testosterone than a normal female and will be advised to have an operation because her condition carries grave health risks.
It added that she has internal testes – male sexual organs which produce testosterone and which in turn produce muscle bulk, body hair and a deep voice.

The official results of the tests have not yet been released

Today Yahoo blog writes “Caster Semenya, the 18-year old at the center of one of the biggest gender scandals in sports history, withdrew from a weekend race in South Africa amidst unconfirmed reports that her gender tests have revealed that she has both male and female sexual organs”.

It s one of the interesting and weirdest case in the history of sports. South Africa is behind Caster; let us see how events unfold. Whether Caster will be stripped off her medal or world accepts her winner. Time will tell.

Bullets Sprayed on Innocent Shahnaz, A Baloch School Teacher!!! BBC Urdu Riaz Suhail (9th Sep 09)

On last Sunday FC firing wounded many; Ms Shahnaz was also one of them. Shahnaz is from a remote town of Balochistan known as MAND, it was her first ever participation in public gathering held in TUMP. She didn’t know that first ever step to be part of gathering would pose grave danger to her life. On Sunday, Frontier Constabulary opened fire in TUMP, wounded Ms Shahnaz; she was attending the Soyam “Memorial gathering on 3rd day of death” of young poet Mir Jan Meeral at TUMP High School, Meeral was killed by FC few days back. Shahnaz explains, men, women and children were attending peaceful gathering and listening to Balochi poetry, all of sudden peaceful gathering turned into blood bath. FC surrounded the High School building and entered, neither they asked people to leave or end the gathering instead they baton charged indiscriminatingly and sprayed bullets.

Shahnaz further shared, that her 20 year old cousin received bullets and fell down, she ran away towards him but ended up receiving bullet on her neck. Women took her to TUMP hospital, doctors gave her initial treatment then she was taken to Turbat Hospital and then to Karachi. During this indiscriminate firing, Shahnaz’s cousin a 10th grade student Mukhtar Baloch was killed and her father Abdul Rehman was injured. Shahnaz is a primary school teacher at Former Federal Education Minister Ms Zubeda Jalal’s school, received bullet on her neck, she tells that she can not move her right hand and arm, using oxygen mask and going through extreme pain.

When I asked her, what made her to participate in socio-political gathering, she said, Baloch are not getting their economic rights for example Balochistan provide gas to rest of the country but people in Balochistan are still using Iranian LPG gas cylinders, at times it costs them Rs 1,000 to 1,500.
Shahnaz’s father Abdul Rehman Rind believes that his life has turned bleak, young daughter is on death bed, his nephew; he raised him like his own son was killed.

But I feel satisfied that my nephew died for the country, his crime was that he was part of peaceful gathering. Abdul Rehman shows his wounded back, he said, FC attacked them as if they were attacking the enemy forces. Abdul Rehman owns a Dumper Truck, for Shahnaz, he sold his land, he explains that in Turbat Hospital, even they are not equipped to treat Malaria so he had to bring Shahnaz to Karachi. Rehman protests that peaceful gathering is our democratic right; even after this brutal attack he will never stop his kids to attend any sociopolitical gathering.
“This report was published on 9th Sept 09 on BBC URDU Web by Riaz Suhail”

Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 Still Haunts!!!! US Can Buy Peace But Road Goes Through Pakistan!!!

Today is September 11, every year, this day haunt us, and reminds us the brutal damage inflicted by cruel terrorists. It was 2001 when there were a series of coordinated attack by so called Al Qaeda on US. Hijacking two commercial passenger jet airliners and crashing them into twin towers of WTC in New York City and third one was crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. There were no survivors from any of the flight. In total 2,993 including hijackers died in the attacks. NYC ‘The Big Apple’, I love the city, it has its own aura, one of the busiest cities in the US. Arlington in Virginia reminds me of beautiful Pentagon Mall in Pentagon City, right across DC. Terrorist inflicted the damage to the symbols of the success of US economic as well as military power. Every sane person condemns the killing of innocent people but deep down one thought haunts me. Why did they choose to attack US?

To find out the answer, I had to refresh the cold memories through various text books. Soviet communism was confronted by US and allies every where, be it Latin America, Asia or Africa. Muslim Jehadi’s were developed by US, Saudi and Pakistan nexus to fight the bad guy “communism”. Well, a monster was created, without realizing that snakes do not differentiate between masters and others, they are born to bite, so are religious extremists. Once the Afghan war theater ended, the Jihad & Company recruits were left behind on the barren land of Afghanistan. Drug money and proxy government support was available. After the demise of Soviet Union, a new enemy was found in the form of West and US. They were bound to attack US, the creator of Jihadi’s during cold war.

Well, it was imperative for the strategic interests of US to fight the Soviet expansionism in the region through aligning with a lesser evil but major mistake was leaving the mess after the Soviet withdrawal of Afghanistan.
Well, the mess is getting so out of control that now has its reach to cosmopolitan Europe to America; it is the responsibility of International Community to clean up the cold war mess, affecting everyone.

Everyone knows that Pakistani state is fragile and unstable, presence of Taliban in Afghanistan and in Pakistan, pose a great threat and one should not forget that Pakistan is a nuclear power. In general Pakistani society is moderate, simply against any form of extremism.

It is also imperative for US to address the root cause of extremism in Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan. Poverty and state negligence at grass level is helping extremists to recruit suicide attackers to fighters.

US should spend on infrastructure development and poverty alleviation to buy peace and progress for the region as well as for US and world at large. Enlightened Pakistanis do not forget that in the past 'in post 9/11' over USD 7 billion support was provided to army; extremism has increased instead of decreasing. It is imperative for US to focus on people, avoid corrupt Government in spending the development funds or aid. US-AID along with NGOs, District Government and partly with Government 'with strong cehcks' can effectively spend the money for long lasting social implications. Let us make people interested in living than dyeing !!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't Tell My Mother That I am in Pakistan !!

Don't Tell My Mother That I am in Pakistan is the title of revealing National Geographic documentary on Pakistan. It is about the hidden, unseen and unheard aspect of Pakistani society, i would rather say a journey to under-ground Pakistan.

Whenever I travel abroad and interact with people, when they hear about Pakistan, only terror and Taliban related thoughts come in mind. It is not their fault because media only reports the negative aspect of Pakistani society.

National Geographic team visits the sex toy product manufacturing factory in Pakistan, it was surprising to see sex products manufacturing faciliy in conservative and deeply religious Pakistani society.

There are few people who may object but liberal and educated Pakistanis do not have problem as long as these products are not publicly marketed in Pakistan. Overall attitude is tolerant and it may surprise those who believe that Pakistan is a stone age society fueled with extremism.

Next story shows a dance party where girls and guy dancing and drinking freely on the beach. National Geographic guy interviews dancing and drinking couples and was surprised to see the hidden parts of Pakistan, where people live life, have fun and free to choose whatever is acceptable to their value system.

In general Pakistani masses are touchy about sex, dancing and drinking and it is considered taboo, if any girl indulges into dancing, smoking or drinking , she would end up carrying social stigma.

I always question, to me, in general, our society has double standards, people lie, evade taxes, back bite, corruption, electricity theft, you name it, most of the nerve wrecking practices one could imagine are part of our society. If we get a traffic ticket, we wont mind bribing and do all above without feeling shame.

Civilized societies prosper on the basis of ethical behavior, however morality is debatable subject. In our society, we put ethics aside and focus on morality mainly revolves around controlling women and socio-sexual behavior.

Instead of social policing, it is the need of the hour to debate and discuss ethics and morality with rationale mindset for social progress.
Hope sanity prevails !!!