Sunday, November 16, 2008

Untouchable Women; Sad Story of Wazeeran Bibi

I was sad to read the story of 40 year old Wazeeran on BBC; she is being treated as untouchable, no body interacts with her, her kids are taken away, her kitchen is separate, she has been put in quarantine. She says in depressing voice “I am suffering from HIV AIDS”.

Her husband died two year back because of AIDS; it is likely that he was the one, who transmitted the disease to Wazeeran.

It is reported that in Sindh, there are 2,354 registered AIDS patients, out of every 7 men there is one women who is suffering from AIDS

Pakistan is spending a lot of money on Aids awareness program but it is sad to see the plight of poor Wazeeran bibi, people call her BADNASEEB, EVIL, some of them call her BITCH.

She didn’t know that HIV can transmit from husband to wife; she is still hopeful and searching for a doctor who could cure her disease and get her out of social and physical quarantine.

It is sad that lack of awareness is creating disastrous consequence for poor patient…..doesn’t she need support or healing hand…..

It seems society is DEAD, not one thinks!!!

It reminds me of the sentence my friend shared “it is the worst thing to live as women in Pakistani society”.

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