Friday, December 19, 2008

Hey Confused Pakistani Fellows, Stop Faking; Be Original!!

Whenever I have a look at my home library books esp. “The Indus Saga” written by Aitezaz Ahsan, one question comes in my mind, who is Pakistani, what is Pakistani identity??

Wherever I see, it seems, as we are a confused nation, don’t know who we are? What is our identity? Are we Indians ‘South Asian’, Muslims with Arabic cultural influence or an unknown creature?

I am glad ‘without prejudice’ at least Baloch culture is clear about its identify & every one says “ It has been over 5,000 years we are Baloch, 1,400 years we are Muslim, around 60 odd years we are ‘forcefully’ Pakistanis”

It seems everyone is wearing a social mask.

We hate Hindus, all our wedding culture is inspired by Indian society, we adore Indian movies, soap operas, Indian food, it seems there is not much difference, yet we hate India! Ironic. Everyone tries to connect their past to some weird place, some one claims to be having Afghan heritage, others link up to Central Asia and at times to various places in Iran such as Shiraz etc. but deep down historically most of the Pakistanis are either convert Muslims or Jat tribe ‘ later split into Punjabi speaking Hindu, Sikh & Muslims’.

On the other hand especially in Sind, who so ever you talk esp. having surname of Syed “claiming that they have roots all the way to Arabia” Bukharis claim to be from Bukhara…at times I wonder if everyone is from Arabia then who is Sindhi ???

Our brown families, they try to be more English then Englishmen, these days they are testing the BABY SHOWER Rituals & they lament that they can not be part of Christmas because ‘Christians over here are looked down upon”. My fellows at LUMS are busy with Halloween “at times not knowing the background & Plague story behind it”. At times people feel good to have fake English accent, take the pride…weird.

People try to look modern ‘not having modern thoughts i.e. lack openness of mind & heart, having lots of confusion, completely filled with perceptional & judgmental errors.

No wonder we are a confused nation, completely hollow nation…..Maulvi from mind and heart yet wearing modern attire…ridiculous.

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