Friday, December 5, 2008

“Hang Out With Happy People; It Transfers into You… Avoid Unhappy lot, Its Contagious”

Hey all my unhappy friends, plzzzzzzzzzz avoid interaction with me, else you become happy to enjoy my companionship.

At times I interact with people having negative and pessimist thoughts , I feel it really transfers into me, and I also start having negative perspective vis a vis life. I just came to know it’s contagious, hang out with unhappy people, you also become unhappy….. Seriously, I came across an interesting research it says “Happiness is contagious”. The more happy people you know, the more likely you are yourself to be happy. And getting connected to happy people improves a person's own happiness; this was reported in the British Medical Journal. Harvard Medical School Professor believes that "What we are dealing with is an emotional stampede

Study suggests “People with the most social connections -- friends, spouses, neighbors, relatives -- were also the happiest, the data showed. “Each additional happy person makes you happier”.

Study also discovered that happiness is more contagious than unhappiness.

"If a social contact is happy, it increases the likelihood that you are happy by 15 percent and a friend of a friend, or the friend of a spouse or a sibling, if they are happy, increases your chances by 10 percent”. Study also reveals, a happy friend is worth about $20,000…… All my happy friends you are worth $20,000 each to me “not being materialist here :P” my new year resolution is to have an account of happy friends and maximize my friends’ worth “value $ one million”. How about you doing the same, will help me, as well as to you and all others who are connected to you.
Lets make happiness web ;-)


Liz said...

You have so much going for you. Besides good looks you have the ability to travel and that is everything. We are all only as happy as we make up our minds to be. Don't you agree?

Imran Baloch said...

Hey ya i agree, it is inner make up that ensures happiness....its more inward than outward.

Thanks for compliment "good looks :P ;-)

Liz said...

You're welcome. :)