Friday, May 23, 2008

A woman is Women’s Worst Enemy or Friend???

It is general belief that a woman is the most afraid of women….. Be it female friend or foe or even in some cases, to women…….. a woman boss is a top biatch (bitch).

I am inspired by many women but Zainab Salbi has enthralled me with her journey. She had a fallen apart arranged marriage, to find a cause; she started helping women whose lives are torn apart by war.

War is the male, egoist or chauvinist tool that always affect women and children the most and no body ever thinks about the plight of innocent and broken war torn humans.

If one looks at displaced people, there are over 35 million people and most of them are women and children. What Zainab is doing, to me she is one women trying to bring a change or make a difference.

Zainab runs a Washington based organization; she works to help women recover from the ravage of war and become active citizen by offering direct aid, job training, micro credit, rights awareness and leadership education.

At least there is someone out there giving women a voice.

Wish if we have more people like Zainab.

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