Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Physical World is Boring ???

These days Internet and cyber space is taking most of the time of our available 24 hours.

People are hooked, be it study, socializing to entertainment. It is the cyberspace that moves things fast, easy and accessible.

I Phone, with its wonderful communication to entertainment related features is the talk of the town, let us see what comes next.

Technological things are changing at mind boggling speed, it makes us confused when to buy what!
For techno guide i can always refer to my LUMS friend Mohsin, he sits in front of worth USD 1.5 million IT equipment, wears Armani shirt, Boss jeans and Windsor Smith shoes......always lost in cyber space......with his Australian accent :P


cant live with, cant live without said...

wow u have made mohsin eternal ....

about he wearing armani and boss, i have strong reservations .. reminds me of the word .. responsible journalism.

Anonymous said...

Well, thanks for the comment....

Regarding branded attaire, thats what Mohsin claims.....i have strong reference to back my claim :-)

Imran Baloch