Sunday, May 25, 2008

Courageous Mira & Interesting Interaction in Karachi

Mira Nair, is one of the lady ‘Harvard Graduate’ I always admired, simply because of her bold and courageous thoughts.

My first interaction with her was during her last visit to Pakistan in 2007 at a local hotel and she mesmerized me a lot, awesome thought and bold lady with a charismatic dominating personality.
Her initial documentaries showed her eclectic thoughtful influences, first movie I came across was Mississippi Masala about an Indian family in US.

I like the way Mira, in her movies depicts sex and humor in thought provoking context.
Of course, my favorite movie Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love, a provocative movie set in 12th century India also directed by Mira, so is Monsoon Wedding.

I was glad to interact with her hubby Mahmood Mamdani ‘an African guy teaching at Columbia University’ and their teenage son…..last night her appearance in Coffee with Karan reminded me of my past interaction with her, wish I could meet her again.

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