Saturday, May 10, 2008

What.....FART TAX !!!!!! Ohhh Plzzzzzzzz

I am surprised to read that Estonian authorities have slapped a flatulence tax on farmers to compensate the country for the methane gas produced by cows.

Farmers this week received their first ‘fart tax’ demands asking them to pay for the greenhouse gases their cattle produce. A single cow is thought to produce on average 350 litres of methane and 1,500 litres of carbon dioxide per day from flatulence and burping. It is thought that cattle are responsible for up to 25 per cent of methane gas emissions in Estonia.

Pakistan is suffering from energy crisis....i wonder instead of fart tax, if someone creats a mechanism to collect estonian methane and bring it to Pakistan so we Karachiites could get rid of energy crisis :p

Internationally it costs USD 7 dollars MMBTU to purchase Methane.........ufff i am much loss......lets us see what FART TAX would do for Estonia..... ;-)

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