Monday, May 19, 2008

Fear ….Pleasure…Religion & Healthy Personality

Whenever someone tries to share any instruments of fear and pleasure related to religion….it makes me think that our Stone Age fellow humans used to do the same and we still follow the similar path in a different way.

It makes me wonder and it makes me think……………Are we on the right path?

Whatever man does is activated by considerations of pain and pleasure. The fear of pain and desire for pleasure constitute his instinctive behavioral mechanism. Since death is man's worst fear, immunity from death, or eternity, ranks as the best favor.

Through fear, man began to believe that there is a god or goddess behind every force of nature such as the Sun, the Moon, the wind, the rain etc.; and if he submits to the deities they will show him favor by protecting him from disease, destruction and death. This is what gave birth to mythology i.e. the belief in superstitious gods and goddesses.

Modern religions could easily be understood and it doesn’t require similar notion of fear and pleasure…….or at least It doesn’t not require the similar notion which was practiced in the historical context, which gave birth to mythology…..

To me healthy personality is the foundation to understand the GOD…but it requires a rational sense of fear and favor. It involves training and to a large extent, control of personal behavior based on one's own free will. Since we constantly react to environmental stimuli, the healthy growth of personality requires a sound attunement of the individual to society, and vice versa.

What is healthy personality, it is the behavioral beauty of an individual, which constitutes a healthy personality, depends upon the harmonious working of one's likes and dislikes, attractions and repulsions, obsessions and vagaries, beliefs and disbeliefs and instinctive and learned judgments.

Believe you me, it is very simple notion…… to understand the religion and its importance for social balance even in contemporary world…..but so called religious pundits with tunnel vision always mislead people to acute confusion and prohibit people to question or rationally approach or understand the religion.

It is one of the worst dilemmas of our time.

I am glad at least my friends question everything and logically approach the religion and initiate healthy debate and exchange of views :-)

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