Monday, May 19, 2008

Marriage of Convenience …Maujaaan Heee Maujaaaan

After writing about sleeping with the enemy, and after reading a lot about politics over the weekend….. I felt like writing about the marriage of convenience. After so much flirt, marriage of convenience rule the political scene. We saw Zardari and Nawaz flirting in Bhurbhan ‘signing Marri Declaration” then follow up dating in Dubai and London. Finally, relationship teetering at the brink of disaster ended.

Both of them have parted away, watchdog or someone to check former love in Punjab has appeared on the scene as governor i.e., business tycoon Salman Taseer.

It seems PPP has married to establishment, both of them understand that marriage is not just emotional attachment it is much more than that…it requires a lot of practical consideration. It seems that PPP stand on lawyers and subsequent withdrawal of cases as per NRO suggests that marriage of convenience is the order of the day.

How practical these political maneuverings are, alas who is going to convince the naïve emotional crowd “AWAAM” that interests and convenience rein supreme in material world.

Whole relationship game in politics makes me confuse and for me it is hard to differentiate between political flirt, infatuation and love.Ufffff it makes me think haaaaaaaard very hard.

I promised to myself, that I won’t waste my time thinking about the politics of Banana Republic of Pakistan but ufffffff I can not resist the temptation over the weekend…I just can’t hold it….it is always healthy to let it go :P sighhhhhh …(to my male readers only) don’t be pervert I am talking about releasing the political thoughts here ;-)

Zardari must be singing the song…Jag Sara Jag Sara Nikhar Gaya…Huun Piyar Hoa….Mauja heee Maujaaan……Hunnnn Maujaan heee Maujaan…..Sham Saweray Maujan hee Maujaan… (Waisay Kareena looks awwwwwwesom in the song, cute smile)

Enough of politics I am going to listen to the song…..….gotta move your body...Gotta move yaaa…waisay it’s a Hindi song…not English walla :P

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