Sunday, May 4, 2008

GLOBE TROTTING: Tokyo drift (My Travel Story in Dawn Newspaper)


Text and Photos By Imran Baloch

I was surprised to see men and women walking as fast as they could to catch their trains. It showed how much they valued time as they wanted to utilise each and every minute to its maximum.

Japan is historically known as the long-isolated eastern island and the country of the rising sun. I was extremely excited to explore the exotic island and started my journey in the first week of March this year.

I took a flight from Karachi via Dubai to Nagoya, a central Japanese city, capital of Aichi Prefecture. After the ten-hour-long flight, the plane approached the Nagoya Airport. As the plane started landing, it seemed the airport had been surrounded by water and the runway appeared to be a huge floating steel structure. This was my first impression of the engineering brilliance of the Japanese. ........................................

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