Saturday, May 31, 2008

We Are Liberal????? Yet Conservative …..

Our society is very traditional, dominated by conservative ethos. At the same time western media influences our thoughts with liberal outlook towards relationship, social norms and to an extent culture or western dresses. Love to wear jeans and t shirt and feel liberal, without changing the thoughts because of conservative social and family influences.

At the same time, our state induces and experiments with various religious-social gamble to secure their rule. Every military ruler comes up with a religious or some kind of social baggage to confuse the nation.

Thanks to our education system, elite education system is creating pseudo Englishmen, knowing little about their own heritage, culture etc and no blame to government schools and Madressas …..They are meant to produce conservative and confused masses.

Going back to liberal yet conservative, I have noticed that people just do not get into the depth and pass judgments about people. These days especially women folks are exchanging a picture on email that shows Sherry Rehman whispering something in the ears of Mr. Zardari in a press conference in Islamabad. To many women folks, Sherry is getting too intimate with Zardari, hard for them to digest…………come on, it is absurd, on the one hand there is a big cry that women do not get their rights in male dominated society, if somebody is bold enough to climb the ladder in tough political milieu……it is a big achievement, why this mud slinging.

Some women believe that Sherry married three to four times, without knowing the background they think “Chehray Say Challooo Lagti Hay” they just forget that Islamic history is full of so many multiple women marriages. Shadi Karo Bhi Masla Hay, Nahein Karo tou People Blame She is Chaloo!!!!! She got married 3 or 4 times, what is wrong with it???? I just fail to understand, women also try to find fault line in other women’s personal affairs, why can’t they grapple successful women, they also think women bosses are BITCHES!!!!!

If a girl or women smokes cigarette we as a society brand her CHALLOOO. Yet we ignore prostitutes finding shelter in Burqa. At LUMS women smoking is acceptable norm, yet few raise their eyebrows.

We just forget, Sherry as a women political leader has shown courage…I still remember she was the Editor prestigious HERALD published by DAWN, her stand towards the terrorism in Karachi, her commitment to media reforms etc…women should be proud of her. I also know Sherry’s sister, Humaira Rehman, one of the leading professors at prestigious Stanford, contributing towards socio-political rights. One should respect other because of the contribution rather than just getting into personal affairs of so called MORAL CONDUCTS.

Why do we become moral police for society??????? Why?

If women is un-married, we just simply outcast her, its women folk who show their enmity. Enough of crying for male chauvinism please get rid of “liberal /conservative confusion” and have a life.

For God sake please stop this, no need to get into cosmetic liberalism….just live and let others live.

Disclaimer (If any of my friends reads it, just to inform, pseudo liberalism is generally observed, few examples have been quoted, no offense please.)

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