Monday, May 26, 2008

Vulgar Consumerism & Women Abuse is Disgusting!

We have heard a lot about vulgarity but these days vulgarity of consumerism haunts me. It is enough; people are running after satisfying material hunger, relationships are based on material fabric.

Consumerism has involved people into ‘more I see more I need rat race’, this means a blind eye to political and social problems and also people are apathetic to unethical things. Be it exploitation of women, environmental abuse and social fascism.

I was surprised to see an advertisement on an Indian TV, it was about a men deodorant ‘Wild Stone’…guy walks in, bump into female, coz of fragrance, woman feels as if she is being laid and screwed by the guy then she realizes its fantasy. Guy walks out and there comes the deodorant.

Come on, give us a break, this is no way of selling male products; it is simply the abuse of the sanctity of womanhood.

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zulqarnain said...

so fucking what?

aurat kay products kay ad main bhi to larka uss par khuwaar ho jata hai na. shampoo, face wash, deorant, lipstick etc.

the only difference is that bcos women are mostyl expecting a romantic type of attention from men but men want women to give them sexual attention in a straightforward way. so in mens ads they show women going crazy and horny.

but still whats wrong with that. sont women get horny over men. id rather have women going horny over me than some other dude.