Friday, May 2, 2008

Miss Pakistan World 2007 , Big Fuss by Baloch Friends

Mahleej Sarkari, was crowned Miss Pakistan World 2007 in Toronto Canada .....she is originally from BALUCHISTAN.

She was born and raised in Canada, social norms and values are different and liberal vis a vis Baluchistani or Pakistani society. I am sad to see that my Baloch friends circle making judgements or being the moral police, deciding the right and wrong social conduct vis a vis Mahleej's participation in beauty contest or her dress code.

Why don't we accept the fact that one should have freedom and right to choose the way he or she wants to dress up and live long as there is no culture or value clash ' she lives in Canada'.

Revealing female may hurt the male ego, these male chauvanists love to screw around, party around and keep strict moral code at home esp for innocent weak sex i.e, female. One of my proud Wadera Friend accepts that he is conservative at home and liberal abroad.

What a double strandard ....big applause for the PAKI EOGIST MEN.

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