Friday, May 9, 2008

Groovy Artistic Hindi Tattoos; Awesome Non Verbal Expression

These days there have been discussions in my class regarding the power of non verbal expression. In my thoughts i was intrigued by the power of non verbal gestures, speaking volumes even without spurring a single word.

Recently I was watching a tennis match…….Italian tennis player Mara Santangelo displayed a Hindi tattoo saying "jeet" -- or "win" -- on her neck during a second-round match at the Bangalore Open in India , it was so powerful and encouraging message that invigorate the vigor to be on the top with big JEET “victory”.
I am so much intrigued by the trend for the translation of tattoos appeared to take off…it is a recent phenomenon. Individuals primarily opt for a translated tattoo as the art involved in reproducing the fonts is generally extremely elegant and the translations, once tattooed onto the body can look both artistic and attractive.

Second to this, is also the fact that the translations chosen are less likely to ‘go out of fashion’ The translation of a name, once tattooed onto a body is time insensitive.

I am thinking of getting a non permanent Hindi Tattoo……rather would be getting a tattoo box with so many non permanent foreign characters….feel like giving it a try and feel the elegance and power of non verbal expression.

It may sound weird; let it be…skeptics live in their own small little oasis.

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