Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ufff so Much of Kareena and Katrina Debate

As usual our last night dinner at Chatkharay ended up with celeb talk. Unlike females we guys do not talk about People: P we love celeb talks one may term it whatever…..

My friend gave such an interest ting description and justification of liking Kareena because to him, she has got lively face and her face has got life whereas Katrina has real beauty. Kareena is rather Shauk & Chanchal to put it rightly but Katrina is gorgeous.

Anyways, but conclusion was …………. our vote goes to Katrina for the substance……..

But somehow I have started enjoying Kareena more than Katrina in movies. Her smile along with lively face makes the difference and it affects the senses so deep that one gets mesmerized.

I am hooked to Chelsea Football Team only Katrina and Kareena talk is powerful enough to distract me: P

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