Monday, May 26, 2008

Nandita Das; To me, is Thinking Men’s Heroin

Last evening I saw Nandita on Dawn TV Talk Back, I remember she came to Kara Film Festival and she is the one who produced bold movie FIRE. I am sad to hear from people that she brings forward Sex and Violence in her movies. To me she is touching the untouched reality and there is no harm in exploring the sexuality rather than portraying sex and lust and both are different.

I do not understand why people hide things and honestly to me our society as a whole has DOUBLE STANDARD, give me a break, don’t we have homosexuality in our society, doesn’t it exit???? Why not to talk about and touch the hidden reality.

To me Hindi movies take one in the world of fantasy and have no connection with reality .Only hope is Nandita Das who comes up with thought provoking movies that has strong connection with reality.

Hope to see more thoughtful and captivating Nandita masterpieces. I love her boldness and she has very very strong self belief that makes her my Heroin.

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